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Chapter 67.2 Mo Yi Cheng’s second condition!

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but smile, the little thing had really matured. He rubbed his head, “Only twenty days or so have passed over here.”

“Only twenty days?” Yuan Suo was surprised. He initially thought the time was in sync when he saw how thin Mo Yi Cheng had become.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “Yes, but it’s been a long time over there, I’m sorry, I didn’t take care of you.”

Yuan Suo said comfortingly, “It’s not Mo Yi Cheng’s fault. Besides, haven’t you found me now?”


“Right, now that I’ve returned to the game, the system is being converted and upgraded, so I can’t go back into the game for a few hours.”

“Isn’t that even better, or could it be that you want to go back?” Saying this, he raised Yuan Suo’s head that was down and stared at him and the face of Yuan Suo that was being stared at burning hot as he backed up.

Mo Yi Cheng leaned down and pressed him beneath him. They were both agitated, and the atmosphere became extremely ambiguous for a while, with the air burning hot.

However just at that moment, there was a sudden knock on the door.

“Second Brother!” Mo Yixu had sent Mother Mo to bed, grabbed a bottle of red wine, and was ready to chat with his second brother.

Startled, Yuan Suo struggled to get up but Mo Yi Cheng raised his hand and covered his mouth gently, “Shhh, he’ll leave soon.”

“En En.” Yuan Suo whispered in response.

Mo Yixu knocked twice more, but still no one answered. He frowned, muttering to himself, “Is second brother asleep? Impossible.” These days, he often went his second brother’s apartment because he couldn’t stop worrying, moreover second brother usually had trouble sleeping all night, so he would stand by the window in the early hours of the morning, so how could he be asleep this time?

“Second brother? Second Brother? I want to talk to you, let me in.” Mo Yixu guessed that Mo Yi Cheng must be in a bad mood at the moment, which made him even more unwilling to give up!

Inside the room.

Mo Yi Cheng’s hand was on Yuan Suo’s mouth, but he didn’t dare use force; instead, he only gently covered it, but because Yuan Suo was very nervous, his nose suddenly felt very itchy and he couldn’t help but let out a loud sneeze! Then he apologized subconsciously, “So… sorry!”

Mo Yixu froze. This voice didn’t sound like second brother’s voice! There was someone inside the room? How was that possible? He had been with Mother Mo in the living room the whole time, besides if someone really came to visit, wouldn’t the housekeeper and the others know! Could it be a thief?

He immediately became nervous, knocking hard on the door a few more times, “Second brother! Is something wrong? I’m…. I’m going to kick the door in!”

Just as Mo Yixu was about to kick the door, the door opened from the inside…..

Mo Yi Cheng’s clothes were slightly disheveled and he looked at his brother with a stern expression.

“Second brother, why did you only open the door just now, you scared me to death. Right, I heard voices just now, your room…”

Mo Yi Cheng said, “You heard wrong.”

“Impossible, it was particularly clear and… quite familiar.” Second brother couldn’t have really brought someone back home right? A rich expression appeared on Mo Yixu’s face.

Mo Yi Cheng guessed that this kid must be thinking wildly, and thinking that Du Du would appear again before everyone’s sight tomorrow anyway, he simply didn’t hide it, calling out to the side, “Du Du.”

Yuan Suo was hiding against the wall, afraid of being discovered by Mo Yixu, but when Mo Yi Cheng called him, he moved to the door nervously. Then there was the absolutely brilliant sight of Mo Yixu’s jaw dropping.

“That…. hi~,” Yuan Suo greeted with a raised hand.

Mo Yixu gulped, rubbing his eyes, “Is this… Du Du?” Looking at his appearance, the voice was undoubtedly Mo Du Du Du’s, but he kept on feeling that something wasn’t right…. Of course, most importantly, didn’t he disappear for some time? Because of this second brother was melancholic and just an hour ago when he was downstairs sitting on the sofa he had gloomy expression on his face as he poured glass after glass of red wine, so how come he had appeared here?

“It’s me.” Yuan Suo nodded good-naturedly.

Mo Yixu had a head full of question marks, then his gaze fell sharply on Yuan Suo’s white neck, on the densely light red traces… on….. he’ll just regard them as mosquito bites.

Mo Yi Cheng on the other hand had no intention of explaining, “You’ve seen him, we’ll talk about the important things tomorrow, you can go back now.”

Mo Yixu: “Oh.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “Don’t let mum and the others know yet.”

Mo Yixu: “Oh.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “Go on, and close your mouth as well.”

Mo Yixu raised his chin: “En.”

“Wait!” Mo Yi Cheng called out to Mo Yixu who had turned around to leave.

“Second brother, is there anything else?”

Mo Yi Cheng said, “You can’t call him Du Du, call him second sister-in-law from now on.”

Mo Yixu: “Oh.”

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