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Chapter 64.2 Du Du who disappeared!

Rehearsal was over.

Mo Yi Cheng returned to the lounge to prepare for the final look.

Yuan Suo’s head was buried inside the snacks sent over by the crew, his mouth bulging like a little hamster, his eyes sparkling.

“The official recording session will probably take a long time, so take a break in between if you get tired. Also, your seat is beside Long Bow, Chen Sheng and the others, so they’ll take care of you.” Mo Yi Cheng looked at himself in the mirror and somehow couldn’t help but frown. He tugged at his collar twice, but it didn’t ease the discomfort that was blocking his throat.

Yuan Suo responded faintly and handed a small ball with a toothpick in it to him, “This is delicious, it’s the last one, I’ll share it with Mo Yi Cheng.”

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but poke the little thing’s cheek twice. Although his fleshy Q version was no longer around, the elasticity felt absolutely first class and was extremely stress relieving!

The event was recorded successfully. In four hours, all the staff, including the guests were very dedicated and focused, resulting in a particularly good effect. The audience enjoyed it even more as they interacted with their idols, unaware that so much time had passed.

Long Bow couldn’t laugh so much anymore, his cheeks very sore from laughing all night. He’d laughed so much that he fell on Yuan Suo a few times, but of course he soon felt the sharp glares coming from the stage and bounced back like a spring.

The event completely over, they all went out for a late night hotpot.

Mo Yi Cheng was worried that Yuan Suo wouldn’t have enough time outside with less than three hours left, so he asked the little thing to go back inside the game first, so he could take a break and wait until he ordered something good at the restaurant before coming out.

“Cell phone.” Mo Yi Cheng asked Cao Li.

Cao Li removed the backpack he was carrying in front of him hurriedly, took the two cell phones out and handed them over together. The moment he held the cell phones, Cao Li felt a little strange, but it only lasted a few seconds.

But when the phones were placed in Mo Yi Cheng’s hands, he only touched them for a split second before sensing something that was wrong, his gaze turning ice cold instantly!

“Mo Ge, what’s… what’s wrong?” Cao Li suddenly panicked. Inside the lounge room Chen Jiao, Chen Sheng and Long Bow also all looked at him.

The phone wasn’t right! Mo Yi Cheng regarded the phone with the game installed on it as the other half of his life, so he was extremely sensitive to the phone’s weight, hence even if he held it for a second he could tell the difference instantly. He clicked the screen quickly. The phone was off!

He suddenly felt as if something had hit his heart hard, the dull pain making the blood on his face recede instantly. It was impossible for his cell phone to be turned off!

The solemn expression on his face made everyone tense up. Yuan Suo even squeezed the corner of Mo Yi Cheng’s coat where no one else could see uneasily.

Fingers trembling, he switched on the phone. His mind went blank for a moment, it was as if all the blood in his head had flowed backwards — the phone had been swapped!

At this moment, Fang Gui, who had changed out of his work clothes had already taken the phone he had swapped out and hopped onto a bus to the terminal. He went back to the uncompleted building he had discovered earlier. He didn’t intend to return to S City where the Mo family was too powerful, but stayed in C City where he would have more advantages.

Going up to the first floor, he turned on the rechargeable desk lamp and in the dim light took out the cell phone that had originally belonged to Mo Yi Cheng, both hands trembling with excitement.

“Ha ha, if I don’t get seven figures this time, I don’t give a da**, I’ll smash this thing.” Nails filled with dirt and grime moved across the screen. The screen didn’t react in the slightest as he had processed it from the moment he got the phone to prevent it from being located.

Mo Yi Cheng and his group left the TV station through the back door as fast as they could, making the group of fans waiting at the door disappointed that they weren’t able to meet their idols.

Inside the hotel’s presidential suite, Mo Yi Cheng held Yuan Suo’s hand, his eyes having turned red from anxiety, full of anger but he could only suppress it. He couldn’t lose control in front of the little thing, he had to control himself and endure it all.

“We have no way of locating the phone.” Chen Sheng had already contacted the relevant professionals.

Mo Yi Cheng gritted his teeth, “How is that possible? The GPS system on the phone is the most advanced, even if it’s off, as long as the phone has a battery in it it can activate the location.”

“It seems that the perpetrator is an expert in this area or at least somewhat proficient.” Long Bow, as an elf, knew how powerful this was and no matter how he looked at it now, he could tell that this was premeditated. The person had swapped it with an identical phone to stall for time then dealt with the GPS system, not just for the phone, but for the game inside the phone.

“There’s only an hour and a half left.” Chen Jiao looked at clock on the wall worriedly. In another two hours, Yuan Suo would automatically return to the the game, which meant that the phone and Yuan Suo would be in the perp’s hands.

Who was it? What did he want? Mo Yi Cheng’s mind spined rapidly, his grip on Yuan Suo becoming a little tight. At the same time, he felt Yuan Suo trembling slightly, which made his heart twist like a knife had been inserted in it. The person he had promised to take care of for the rest of his life was now in great danger, but he could only watch and do nothing.

Mo Yi Cheng forced himself to calm down, he couldn’t lose his mind at this time, “Maybe….. we can start with the person who stole the phone.”

They all looked at each other and thinking it was feasible, called Cao Li who had been waiting apprehensively in the outer room over.

Cao Li was already pale and sweaty. He knew he was in big trouble, his legs becoming a little weak under everyone’s gaze.

“Describe the appearance of the person who stole the phone to us again.” Chen Sheng spoke.

In the end, everyone came to the conclusion that the perp should have infiltrated the tv station earlier by pretending to be a part of the cleaning staff. They would be able to find him in the station, but it was already late in the night, so even if they could find out, afraid it would take a long time.

“No matter what, let’s call someone to check it out first.” Having made up his mind, Chen Sheng made the call himself.

As time passed, Yuan Suo couldn’t help but peek at the wall clock. Everyone went to the outer room, leaving two people alone.

“Du Du.” Mo Yi Cheng called out, his throat clogging up as soon as he opened his mouth.

Yuan Suo’s face was white, the corners of his eyes red due to the prolonged shock and fear, but he still pretended to be fine as he smiled, puffing out his chest, “Mo Yi Cheng, don’t worry, it’s…. it’s fine, Du Du won’t be scared when he gets back inside the game! Because I know Mo Yi Cheng will be able to find me.”

“I’m sorry.” Mo Yi Cheng held him in his arms, feeling Yuan Suo’s thinness as he run his fingertips through his fine, soft hair.

The instant Yuan Suo felt the wetness on his shoulder, he felt a burning pain. Mo Yi Cheng was actually crying…

Yuan Suo’s eyes were hot and for the first time he took the initiative to kiss Mo Yi Cheng’s lips, his voice still shaking badly no matter how much he tried to control it, “It’s okay, it’s okay, Du Du is not afraid, so Mo Yi Cheng shouldn’t be afraid too, I believe…”

Yuan Suo was only able to say his words halfway throug when…..

Suddenly Mo Yi Cheng arms became empty, the person who had been hugging him tightly just a second ago disappearing into thin air, his fingertips, his arms, the residual warmth of his chest….

Just like that, he disappeared, he didn’t know where he went, what grievances he would suffer…..

Everyone gauged the time.

Chen Sheng pushed the door and stood in the doorway, looking at Mo Yi Cheng’s arm in the air that maintained an embracing posture, standing stiff like a statue.

Chen Sheng called out, “Yi Cheng.”

Mo Yi Cheng still didn’t move. After a long time, his voice cut through the air like a sharp blade, “Even if we turn this world upside down, we have to find that person!”

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