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Chapter 65.1 Matching a new player!

The day was dawning, the marble white color of the dawn sky appearing in the east.

Everyone had been up all night, and the water next to Mo Yi Cheng had cooled down after it had been changed for an unknown number of times. Long Bow rolled up his sleeves and sat down on the other side of the sofa.

“Mo Ge, I just went to Yuan Suo’s apartment again.”

“How was it? Are there any new changes?”

Long Bow shook his head, “No, the apartment was blocked and I couldn’t find it in the original location. I don’t think the other side has switched the phone on.”

Although he had expected this, he couldn’t help being disappointed. The whole process of swapping the phones had obviously been carefully planned and must have been aimed at the game, moreover it must have been another gamer or someone who knew the game extremely well who would know that by quitting the game completely and turning it off, the game would be temporarily paralysed and the elf’s range of existence would be confined to his apartment.

Just then, the outer door was thrown open and Chen Sheng hurried in, slamming a copy of the printout that had just arrived on the coffee table with a snap.

“S**t, it must have been him!”

Long Bow was startled by Chen Sheng’s appearance. He moved to take the paper on the table, but Mo Yi Cheng snatched it first.

When Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes read through the information, his eyes sank sharply and his face became unusually unsightly.

What Chen Sheng had just brought back was the staff information from the tv station of one of the recently hired temporary workers who was the most suspicious. Chen Sheng initially looked at the name and thought it was familiar, then it suddenly occurred to him that Long Bow had mentioned this person called ‘Fang Gui’ to him! He was Po Fei’s former proxy player!

He brought the picture to Cao Li for identification but after looking at it carefully for a while, Cao Li couldn’t confirm it, after all, the picture on the file was a copy of his ID card and a slightly distorted two-inch picture, with the man wearing a hat and mask, deliberately concealing his appearance in the background.

“Look more closely.” Mo Yi Cheng’s voice was on the verge of freezing.

Shocked, Cao Li picked up the file again, shaking as he looked at it once more.

Actually, even if Cao Li couldn’t identity him, they could already determine from the current situation that it was Fang Gui who had committed the crime.

“If it really is this Fang Gui, then it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I heard from Long Bow that he owes a lot of money from drinking and gambling, so the reason why he did this should be to ask for money.” Chen Sheng rationalised.

If he really just wanted money, he could give it to him, as long as he could ensure Du Du’s safety. However, he would never let this slide! Mo Yi Cheng clenched his fist, blue veins snaking up on the back of his hand.

Now that he had circled the biggest suspect, Mo Yi Cheng contacted Kan Ming first and Kan Ming, who was fast asleep when he received the call sat up straight in shock.

“Fang Gui, that bastard!” Kan Ming cursed and at the same time blamed himself inwardly. He had planted this hidden danger, if something happened to Du Du then he really couldn’t escape the blame.

At that very moment, there was another call coming in on Mo Yi Cheng’s cell phone.

It was an unfamiliar number local to C City.

Intuition told him that the person calling was the one who stole the phone!

Sure enough, the voice coming from the other side of the phone was that of a middle-aged man, hoarse and gloomy, “Mr. Mo, I picked up your phone and put it in an extremely secure place. If you still want it back, don’t you have to give me a little something?”

Mo Yi Cheng closed his eyes, suppressed the rage in his heart and asked directly, “How much do you want?”

Fang Gui didn’t beat around the bush, “Ten million and not a penny less.”

Mo Yi Cheng said without thinking, “Okay.”

Fang Gui obviously froze for a moment, coughed loudly, spat, then changed his words, “I mentioned the wrong amount just now, it’s 20 million.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s face was expressionless, “Okay.”

Fang Gui’s red eyes glowed with excitement then he smiled slyly again, “Mr. Mo, I’m sure with your skills you’ll be able to find out my identity sooner or later.”

“Yes, Fang Gui.”

“Yo, surprisingly so soon. Then I won’t beat around the bush, give me the money and I’ll return the phone to you, with the elf inside safe and sound. And don’t even think about doing something like calling the police or causing me to get arrested later. You should know that I’m Po Fei’s player. If you force me to destroy everything, no one will benefit!” Fang Gui dared to say this because he had already thought of a good retreat.

“You can deal with the matter between you and Kan Ming yourselves, I just want the phone. I can give you a lot of money, but if there is the slightest problem with the phone, I can’t promise you anything.” At this moment, throwing Kan Ming aside was best for both for Yuan Suo and Po Fei.

Fang Gui laughed, “When I get the money, the item will naturally be returned to its original owner.”

Hanging up the phone, Mo Yi Cheng was silent for a few seconds.

Chen Sheng sneered, “This Fang Gui is quite thoughtful, coming to you for money and relying on the fact that he’s Po Fei’s proxy player so we can’t do anything to him. But, what exactly do we do now?”

Mo Yi Cheng took a deep breath, “No matter what, we have to ensure that we can get our hands on the cell phone.”

It was already dawn, and Fang Gui was ready to go out and find a place to hide the phone as well as buy some more food and drink, as he hadn’t drunk in nearly 24 hours to ensure that the plan went smoothly. After some deliberation, he decided to take the cell phone with him to prevent any accidents.

He bought two bottles of high-grade white wine, a beer and a roast duck for twenty yuan and jogged back upstairs.

Just as he returned, he was so scared that the hairs on his body stood up, getting goosebumps. There were three people standing in a row with sticks in their hands, a fierce aura about them. They had obviously been guarding the stairs waiting for him to come back.

“You…. guys…..” He thought it was Mo Yi Cheng’s men who had found him, “Don’t mess around, be careful otherwise I’ll… I’ll drop the phone.”

The man standing in the middle wearing a gold necklace twisted his neck and spat out, “What is this fool saying?”

The sharp-tongued man on the side waved the stick in his hand, “You’re playing dumb right! Fang Gui, you’ve got balls, you owe Hao Ge money and you actually run away? We’ve have been looking for you for a long time. If it wasn’t because a brother ran into you at the supermarket just now, you’d have really slipped away!”

“Hao… Hao Ge.” When Fang Gui heard this name, his legs went limp and he almost knelt down, “Big brothers….. listen to me, I really didn’t run away, and I had no intention of not paying him back. I came here to get the money, the money will soon be in hand! Once the money arrives, I’ll pay it back right away, right away!”

“Heh heh, you’ve got the money? You’ve got the money and you still live in a place like this? That’s what you fucking said half a month ago! Hao Ge has already given the word that since you like to run, we should remove one of your legs. We’ll see if you can still run in the future!” Just as the man with the gold chain finished saying this, a baseball bat fell out from his wide sleeves.

When Fang Gui saw that things weren’t going well and that he wouldn’t be able to explain clearly to this group of people that he would get money because of a phone, he started running, not forgetting to throw the wine bottle backwards. The three men dodged, but one of them, the man with blond hair was hit on the forehead. Blood trickled down his face immediately as he rushed up with a cry of pain, cursing.

At this moment Fang Gui hated himself for not having more than two legs as he ran upstairs with a crawl.

When he reached the top balcony, he felt as if his breath was about to cut off but he still fought with his last bit of strength to close the iron door to the balcony then pushed a wooden barrel over to block it.

The moment he sat down on the ground and leaned against the barrel, he pressed the reload power button hurriedly. Curses rang out from the other side of the door.

Fang Gui’s scalp tingled as he wailed, “Big brothers, I… I’ll really get the money right away! Right away!”

“Even if you vomit the money right now, I’ll still smash one of your legs!” The blond haired guy was furious. At the same time, he hit the door with a little more force.

Fang Gui despaired. It seemed he wouldn’t be able to escape from his fate today, but.. he didn’t want to lose his leg! Right at that moment, he suddenly thought of the cell phone he was carrying in his arms.

Yes, it… it was now! His hands trembled as he pulled out the cell phone.

“Mo Yi Cheng, I’m being chased by loan sharks right now, I need money, I need money, send me two million dollars right now!” Fang Gui didn’t care what Mo Yi Cheng’s said as he continued, “Within ten minutes, otherwise if I die it won’t be a good thing for you guys!”

Mo Yi Cheng’s heart skipped half a beat when he heard the sounds on the other side of the phone as soon as he picked the call. Hanging up, he said to Chen Sheng, “Bring the cheque!” Then he grabbed the car keys from the table and headed outside.

Chen Sheng was confused but followed with his jacket. Chen Jiao and Long Bow also followed, however he stopped them with a wave of his hand, “Stay here and wait for my call.”

The two jumped into the car and as Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t familiar with C city as Chen Sheng was, he gave up the driver’s seat, “We need to get to Prosperity Road in Qingping district within ten minutes.”

Chen Sheng started the car then stepped on the accelerator. The car leapt out, “It will take at least fifteen minutes to get there from here…. but I’ll try my best.”

The veins on Mo Yi Cheng’s forehead bulged, not saying a word as he stared dead ahead.

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