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Chapter 64.1 Du Du who disappeared!

The man who jumped on him took Yuan Suo by surprise, causing his heart to beat like a drum, but the process lasted only a few seconds before the man hanging on top of him was lifted up with great force and slammed to the ground! The older bodyguard, with a frosty expression on his face made a clean move, working in tandem with the other bodyguard to pin the man down with his great weight and physical strength.

“Ouch! Ouch! Help!” The dark figure landed solidly on the ground, writhing in agony like a dead leaf caught in an autumnal drift under a large leather shoe.

“Don’t move!” The older bodyguard rasped.

“Stop! What are you doing?” Another voice sounded and Yuan Suo looked up to see Chen Sheng walking over with an anxious expression on his face, the security personnel behind him having already rushed over first.

“Young master Chen?” The bodyguard relaxed his grip when he recognised the man.

Yuan Suo looked at Chen Sheng, then at the figure on the ground struggling and crying out in pain.

“Long… Long Bow?” But shouldn’t Long Bow look like a big yellow dog after he exited the game?

Long Bow clutched his aching arm, getting up with a grin on his face, “I wanted to surprise you, but this bodyguard is too strong!”

Only then did Yuan Suo confirm that it was really Long Bow. He blurted out, “Long Bow, why aren’t you a dog anymore?”

The older bodyguard: “….”

Chen Sheng: “He’s been upgraded so he can switch freely.” He didn’t want to explain too much for fear of being overheard by outsiders, he walked over to Long Bow, “Are you okay? Did you get hurt from the fall?”

Long Bow grinned and moved his arm, “I’m alright, but this big brother is too harsh. You could have just hit me, why did you have to sit on me in addition?”

The tall and sturdy bodyguard’s dark face flushed…

Feeling embarrassed, Yuan Suo apologised then asked Chen Sheng and Long Bow why they were here.

Long Bow responded, “Didn’t I tell you before that I’ll come to watch the variety show and have a little fun here? We flew over from the capital and landed at about the same time as you guys did and I saw you from afar. Little thing, you look great in that outfit!”

Yuan Suo took his sunglasses off shyly, “Then we can go to the studio together.”

Long Bow was about to say yes when Chen Sheng said, “Forget it, your Mo Yi Cheng has an eye-catching effect, everywhere he goes, there are a lot of people, we’d better not get involved.”

In the end, the three of them got into two separate cars. Chen Sheng and Long Bow went to eat first, after all, there was still some time before the real opening. Yuan Suo got into the car and it drove up to the main entrance of the airport, stopping just in time for Mo Yi Cheng who was flanked on all sides by a crowd to jump in as he waved everyone goodbye.

On the way, Yuan Suo spoke to Mo Yi Cheng about Long Bow, but Mo Yi Cheng frowned slightly after listening.

Surprised, Yuan asked, “Mo Yi Cheng, aren’t you happy for Long Bow?”

Mo Yi Cheng said, “I am, it’s just that I don’t think the security measures put in place were adequate. Long Bow was the one who jumped on you today; if it had been anyone else, there would have been trouble. It’s best to stick with me for the time being.”

“En.” Touched, Yuan Suo looked at Mo Yi Cheng but seeing his still furrowed eyebrows, he pulled his sleeves, winked at hin and whispered, “Don’t worry, Du Du is super strong, or how about I enroll in a boxing course next semester? When the bad guys see my biceps, they’ll be scared out of their wits!”

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the way the little thing was teasing him, the dark clouds in his heart lifting.

XX TV Station.

Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo met Chen Jiao in the dressing room. Although Mo Yi Yan didn’t accompany him this time, the man in black standing next to Chen Jiao was Mo Yi Yan’s personal bodyguard who had been with him for many years and seemed to be just as uneasy.

The hosts also came over to greet the guests, the atmosphere warming up quickly as everyone got to know each other and exchanged pleasantries. When someone noticed Yuan Suo, Mo Yi Cheng only introduced him as a friend and seeing that he didn’t want to say much, the hosts didn’t ask any more questions.

Mo Yi Cheng patted Chen Jiao on the shoulders, “Don’t be nervous, just follow my rhythm later.”

Although Chen Jiao was nervous, he still gave the impression of being gentle and strong, “I understand, Mo Ge.”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “Don’t call me Mo Ge, just call me Yi Cheng.”

The hosts looked at each other, a tacit mutual understanding between them that Mo Yi Cheng was saying this because he wanted to promote Chen Jiao. It seemed that the rumours of Chen Jiao having an extremely strong background wasn’t just empty talk.

The rehearsals that took place prior to the official recording of the show.

Mo Yi Cheng, as the main guest of the show, had relatively more rehearsals to do.

“There are two game sessions with a large range of action. One is climbing a large ‘Lego’ with a seemingly thrilling shape but a very stable center of gravity, and the other is the throwing of sandbags with your eyes blindfolded.” The executive assistant director explained to the guests, “So it’s best for everyone not to have keys, mobile phones or anything like that on them.”

Mo Yi Cheng took his cell phone from his pocket and handed it to Cao Li, instructing him to put it away and keep it very close to his body.

Yuan Suo sat on the stage obediently as he watched everyone rehearse, climbing up, throwing sand bags, singing and reciting lines, all of which he watched with great interest, sighing from time to time at how his Mo Yi Cheng could look so good. It was as if the man had become much more handsome again since he first saw him six months ago!

No one noticed the small episode that happened during this time.

Cao Li was carrying the backpack with the cell phone and a host of other items on his back, standing at one side respectfully, ready at any moment if Mo Yi Cheng called him.

Just as Mo Yi Cheng and Chen Jiao were working together on a singing game, a middle-aged man with a baseball cap on his head walked over, wearing the uniform of the TV station staff members, a broom in his hand.

“Excuse me, do you know which guest was at table number one in the guest dressing room just now?” The man’s voice was hoarse his bangs covering half of his eyes.

That dressing room had actually been used just now by only Chen Jiao and Mo Yi Cheng, and table No. 1 was naturally the main dressing table Mo Yi Cheng used.

“What’s wrong?” Cao Li asked, a little wary.

“Ah, I just picked up a cell phone when I was cleaning that place and wanted to find the owner.”

“Picked up a cell phone?” Cao Li was shocked, how was that possible? He touched his pocket subconsciously, his cell phone was there, could it be Mo Ge’s? That was also impossible, Mo Ge just gave his cell phone to him, it was right in the bag in front of his arms and the other phone was also inside the bag…. it couldn’t have been taken out, or Mo Ge took it out and used it but he just didn’t know?

“What kind of phone is it? Can you show it to me?” Cao Li asked. If it was Mo Yi Cheng’s phone, he would naturally recognized it.

The man waved his hand immediately, “No… no. Young man, don’t get me wrong, I’m afraid that someone would pretend it’s theirs, so check first to see if your phone is there. If it’s there, I’ll go and ask someone else, if it’s not, tell me what it looks like. If it’s correct, I’ll return it to you.”

Cao Li thought for a while. The man had a point, so he took the backpack he was carrying, found a shelf on the side where he could put the things on and opened it.

First, he saw the dark green printed film phone case that Mo Yi Cheng always carried with him. The other one… seemed to be underneath, Cao Li concentrated as he looked for it intently.

At that moment, the man who was fine suddenly cried out in pain, randomly covering his stomach as he went down, screaming in pain.

“Big brother, what’s wrong with you?” Cao Li was startled.

“Ouch, ouch.” The man leaned against the shelf limply.

“I… I’ll call someone over.” Cao Li panicked a little.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” The man gasped, the pain seeming to have eased up a bit, “It’s an old illness, I just need to take some medicine and I’ll be okay.” As he said this, he took out a small medicine bottle from his pocket, trembling as he poured two pills out, “Do you have water?”

Cao Li, already frightened by his appearance, turned around quickly and found half of the water he’d just drunk and placed not far away. He hurried to get it, brought it back and helped open the lid for the man. The man took the pills with the water.

“Thank you, young man, you’re really a good person!”

Cao Li wiped the sweat from his forehead, “You’re welcome, it’s good that you’re alright.” Then he began looking for the cell phone inside the bag again, only to discover another plain black case beneath. After confirming that both of them were there, he said to the man, “Big brother, I didn’t lose my phone, why don’t you tell me what it looks like and I’ll help you ask later when I’m free.”

“Then thank you very much young man, you’re a good person, big brother trusts you. I still have work to do so I’ll leave the phone with you first.” Saying this, he took a cell phone from his pocket and placed it in Cao Li’s hands.

Cao Li looked at the phone in his hands, it was a very ordinary XX cell phone, probably worth around two thousand yuan, it couldn’t belong to either the guests or the hosts. Thinking along these lines, he looked up only to find that the man had disappeared. After handing the phone to the person in charge, he didn’t ask any more questions.

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