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Chapter 63.2 The Mo couple!

Happy One Hundred Percent was recorded in C City, and the flight from S City to C City took about an hour and a half.

This was the first time Yuan Suo was boarding an airplane as he followed Mo Yi Cheng through the VIP lane. He was wearing the same sunglasses as Mo Yi Cheng was, black jeans with a small Chanel suit, and his temperament wasn’t inferior to that of movie emperor Mo the ‘walking clothes rack’.

Cao Li couldn’t help but sigh twice, “Du Du’s outfit is really nice.”

Yuan Suo blushed in embarrassment, however Mo Yi Cheng who was on the side frowned slightly when he heard this, “From now on, you should call him Mr. Mo.”

“Mr….. Mr. Mo?” Cao Li froze. When he had just joined the company, Kan Ming hadn’t mentioned his surname when he introduced Du Du and everyone also called him Du Du, so he hadn’t given it much thought.

At this moment, Du Du was as surprised as Cao Li was.

Mo Yi Cheng put Yuan Suo’s airline ticket and ID card in the little thing’s hand, which the system had automatically mailed to the player after Yuan Suo gained access to the world outside the game, perfecting the elf’s identity in the real world.

The name on the ticket was, ‘Mo Du Du’.

“This…” Yuan Suo bit his lips subconsciously.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled and said as he moved close to his ears, “Of course you’re using my last name.”

“Uhm…” Yuan Suo’s fingers tangled together uneasily, what… what did Mo Yi Cheng mean?

“It means exactly what you think it means.”

“Wha…. what?” Mo Yi Cheng was too close and Yuan Suo, afraid that others would see, moved back a little.

Mo Yi Cheng pushed his sunglasses back up discontentedly, “It’s called ‘taking on your husband’s name’.”

“… Oh.” The small face under the large sunglasses turned red from shyness, but there was a small ripple at the corners of his mouth.

Yuan Suo held his ID and ticket tightly in his hands until the plane took off, peeking at them from time to time when Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t looking.

The name on it was really Mo Du Du! He couldn’t help but reach out and rub his fingers over the word ‘Mo’.

As the plane took off, he looked at the buildings that were becoming smaller and smaller down below. There was a big difference between airplanes and the spaceships in interstellar space which were so fast that they didn’t even give people the chance to admire the scenery or prepare themselves.

“Mr. Mo, would you like something to drink?” The flight attendant recognised Mo Yi Cheng.

Before Mo Yi Cheng could say a word, Yuan Suo, who had been looking out the window curiously turned his head suddenly, “Yes.”

Flight Attendant: “….”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

It wasn’t until he noticed the two of them looking at him in surprise that he realized he’d made a mistake, “Sor, sorry.”

Mo Yi Cheng said, “It’s okay, aren’t you Mr. Mo? You didn’t do anything wrong.” Mo Yi Cheng emphasized the word Mo, creating a deep sense of entanglement.

In the end both of them asked for a glass of orange juice.

There were a few passengers in the first class cabin. Apart from Mo Yi Cheng and his party, there was only an elderly couple sitting at the far end. Because the air conditioning had been set to the highest level, Mo Yi Cheng asked for a small blanket and covered Yuan Suo thoughtfully, leaving only his head outside.

“The temperature in C City is relatively cooler, so I asked Cao Li to bring a thicker jacket, you’ll need to change into it when we get off the plane later.”


“I’ll take you out to eat authentic spicy crayfish and flavoured crab in C City after I finish recording the show, but they’re best served without wine. We can stay overnight for two days though, there are plenty of other delicacies in C City. I’ll allow you to drink a little wine then.” Mo Yi Cheng never quite understood how such a little thing, who looked so soft, sticky and looked like he would never grow up liked to drink. Whether it was red wine, beer or white wine he was satisfied and happy with any of them.

“Gulp,” Yuan Suo swallowed, nodding vigorously.

The hour-long journey was soon over and with the sweet orange juice, the view and the promise of crayfish and wine, Yuan Suo was really looking forward to the trip to C City!

The fans were already standing in two rows at the exit. Mo Yi Cheng had originally intended to go through the VIP exit with Yuan Suo, but couldn’t bear to disappoint the fans who had been waiting for so long, so he asked his bodyguards to take Yuan Suo through the VIP exit while he walked with his agent and assistant through the front door.

The two bodyguards, who were often with Mo Yi Cheng, weren’t very familiar with Yuan Suo, so communication was even more limited. The two bodyguards were tall and dressed entirely in black, making Yuan Suo appear thin and small in between them.

“Mr. Mo, this way.”

Being called Mr. Mo again, Yuan Suo couldn’t help the surge of joy that rushed through him, his footsteps as he moved forward even filled with joy.

When he came out of the passage, a car was already waiting outside.

“That, Mr Mo said you should do your buttons and stuff.” The older bodyguard said was gruff, obviously not very good at handling things like Mr. Mo’s instructions for Mr. Mo to do his buttons….

Yuan Suo obeyed hurriedly and fastened the buttons of his top. It was only then that he realized that the temperature in C City was a bit cooler and it looked like it had just rained, as the air was humid.

“Let’s move this way.”

Yuan Suo followed the bodyguard obediently.

When he reached the door, a dark figure suddenly jumped out from around the corner and wrapped his arms around his neck!

Mo Yi Cheng quickened his pace. The fans on both sides of the exit kept on giving him small gifts, he accepted a small doll casually and thanked the sender with a smile on his lips, but somehow in his heart, he kept on feeling a sense of uneasiness, a feeling he’d actually had from the moment they took off.

“Mo Yi Cheng! We love you!”

“Ahhhhhh, so handsome!”

“Brother Yi Cheng today is my birthday, can you send me a blessing?”

His footsteps paused. The person who had just spoken was a 15 or 16 year old girl with a bag on her shoulders, an expectant and eager expression on her face.

He took off his sunglasses and smiled at her, “Happy birthday and good luck with your studies. You’ve got this!”

The girl hadn’t expected Mo Yi Cheng to really stop to wish her a happy birthday. She burst into tears excitedly on the spot.

Mo Yi Cheng picked up his pace again amidst a chorus of shrieks, walking towards the exit.

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