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Chapter 61.1 Mo Yi Cheng’s entertainment circle’s spraying cutie

The air was quiet for a few seconds.

Mo Yi Cheng quickly recovered from his surprise, saw that the little thing beside him had turned white with fear but had already turned off the microphone, so he said comfortingly, “It’s okay, don’t be nervous.”

Yuan Suo nodded, trying to calm himself down; he had only one thought at the moment: he had to protect Mo Yi Cheng! Although he couldn’t clearly assess the situation, his intuition told him that he couldn’t expose Mo Yi Cheng at this time, and just as he began to worry, a flash of light appeared in his mind. He had ‘sprayed’ people using Long Bow’s account, and Long Bow’s solution was to claim that his account had been stolen! That meant Mo Yi Cheng could do the same thing he could say his account had been stolen!

“Mo Yi Cheng, I know what to do, just keep quiet now and say your account was stolen later on!” Although his voice was still slightly shaky, he was much calmer because he had thought of a solution.

But the result was that Mo Yi Cheng rejected the solution without even thinking about it, “No.”

“Why?” Yuan Suo didn’t understand.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t answer. Yuan Suo wanted to protect him, but it wasn’t that he didn’t want to protect the little thing. He could avoid this issue by saying that his account had been stolen and with the company operating as well, it would work, but that would put Du Du in the spotlight. By that time, afraid that Du Du creating a hype and leg-holding would be ‘confirmed’.

Under Yuan Suo’s shocked gaze, Mo Yi Cheng turned on the microphone despite the obstruction and then spoke in a very calm tone: “Ha ha, I’ve been recognized by everyone, I’m actually Du Du’s fan and I like his comics very much, so as a friend I sincerely hope that he will get better and better, and I also thank everyone for their support and love.”

Mo Yi Cheng spoke naturally and appropriately, as if he had prepared for the interview beforehand, without the panic that came with being caught.

The comment section, which had already been bombarded once, boiled again. The comments flew by so fast that they almost looked like ghosts flying by.

[Σ(⊙▽⊙ “Is it really really great Mo?”]

[It has blown up! These two are together?]

[It’s not a prank, right?]

[Aaaahhhh it’s my Mo Mo!]

[So the movie emperor and the entertainment circle’s spraying cutie are really a couple?]


The host, whose skills were still subpar, was taken aback by this unexpected situation and unnerved, spoke several times without being able to stabilize the situation very well, luckily the interview smoothed out afterwards.

Mo Yi Cheng spoke once and then typed the rest of his comments as if they were gold. Even so, his unexpected appearance on the live broadcast became a hot topic, with articles flying all over the place, alongside another speculation about the ‘entertainment circle’s spraying cutie’, with some people comparing Yuan Suo’s voice to that of the original ‘entertainment circle spraying cutie’. The resemblance was striking, hence there was also speculation about the cutie and Mo Yi Cheng.

The interview was a great success, and the fans, black fans and passers-by were all very excited, most of all the freshly minted CP fans.

By the time the interview was over, hundreds of thousands of people had flooded the live broadcast room, causing the server to be nearly paralyzed with frequent lagging. A lot of people weren’t able to squeeze in at all.

After the interview was over, Mo Yi Cheng’s phone was bombarded with message after message and call after call, but except for the company and Chen Sheng, he ignored them all.

Chen Sheng sent two emojis of a charred black villain tired after being striked by thunder.

“Big brother, are you trying to promote your little brother’s platform?”

Mo Yi Cheng replied with a most gut-wrenching smiley emoji.

“This time, it’s on the books along with the last one.”

Chen Sheng replied with a voice message lightning fast.

“Don’t, big brother, you voluntarily registered this account, and giving you access to the highest nobility is an affirmation of your honorable status!!! Today’s issue is you using your account to support your wife, exposing your identity; it has nothing to do with me!”

Mo Yi Cheng seemed to be quite satisfied with the name ‘wife’, so this time there was no weird smiley face attached.

“Hmm, then I won’t take this time into count, just remember that there shouldn’t be a next time.”

Chen Sheng: “….”

After dealing with everything, he turned his head to see Yuan Suo still nestled in the sofa swiping through Weibo nervously.

“Alright Du Du, go and take a shower otherwise you won’t be able to sleep.”

“Um… okay.” Yuan Suo replied distractedly, clearly concentrating on his phone.

Mo Yi Cheng walked over, took the phone out of his hands and nudged the tip of his nose, “Don’t worry, no matter what happens, your Mo Yi Cheng can handle it just fine.”

Yuan Suo lifted his head and saw Mo Yi Cheng’s elegant and handsome face against the light and somewhat touched, nodded his head forcefully, “Mm!”

“Go on then, come back so you can go to bed.”

He jumped off the sofa barefoot and was about to run to the bathroom when Mo Yi Cheng carried him back, placed his feet in his slippers and took the other phone he had hidden inside his pocket before he allowed him to leave. He entered the bathroom with his red ears and head lowered as if he had done something wrong.

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