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Chapter 61.2 Mo Yi Cheng’s entertainment circle’s spraying cutie

When Mo Yi Cheng’s phone rang, it was already the next morning. Fearing that it would wake Yuan Suo who had slept restlessly yesterday up, he got up and went to the living room to answer it.

“You handled the incident last night impulsively.” Mo Yi Yan’s voice was still ice cold.

Mo Yi Cheng poured himself a glass of water and took two sips, “Not impulsive, impulsive means regret and having a better solution, but no matter how I think about it this is the best outcome.”

“You mean for Du Du, it’s not the best for you.” Mo Yi Yan said.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “What’s best for him is what’s best for me.”

Mo Yi Yan was silent for a while, as if he was thinking about what his brother had said, “Hmm.”

Mo Yi Cheng was a little surprised by his big brother’s affirmative response. It was really true that love could change a person, “Big brother.”


“How is Chen Jiao…. doing these days?” He’d heard from Mo Yixu that Chen Jiao was getting close to Jiang Ge these days due to music issues, and that a Qin Tian Min had appeared out of nowhere, stalking Chen Jiao, giving Mo Yi Yan a headache.

Mo Yi Yan let out another ‘hmm’ sound, but he didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “What’s wrong?”

He sighed, “Nothing, just take care of your own side of things, don’t worry about ours.”

Hanging up and returning to the bedroom, he saw that Yuan Suo was already awake, only that he was sitting up dazedly on the bed as he held the quilt, looking at Mo Yi Cheng sleepily.

“It’s still early, you can sleep for a while.” The little thing had tossed and turned most of the night last night. It was only after it was already past one in the morning that he quieted down in his arms.

Yuan Suo shook his head, his tousled hair making him even more adorable, “Du Du has woken up from his nap.”

Mo Yi Cheng shook his head helplessly, walked over, went under the quilt and took him into his arms. When Yuan Suo’s head fell on his chest, he was inexplicably at ease.

“Rest a little longer, I’ll call you later, there’s no work until tonight. Go to sleep…”

Mo Yi Cheng’s voice was very gentle, making the sentence ‘go to sleep’ have a hypnotic effect as Yuan Suo leaned on him peacefully, breathing in deeply. It was as if there was a huge mountain behind him, and that no matter what kind of hardship or danger he encountered, this mountain would stand up for him.

Mo Yi Cheng freed a hand and clicked on the phone. Sure enough the heat of last night’s events had dropped, but it was still on the hot search…..

Forget it, it was better not to look at it. It was more important to have a good rest with the little thing in his arms. Thinking of this, he switched off his cell phone and hugged him a little tighter. The thick curtains blocked the sunlight from coming in, but it didn’t stop the warmth of the sun in their hearts.

At that moment.

In a living room that smelled of alcohol and tobacco, a man lay on his back on the floor, vomit still on his clothes and bottles of hard liquor piled up on one side.

The man’s face had turned white, his bloodshot eyes wide in horror but he didn’t dare to make a sound.

Was it a debt collector? Fang Gui didn’t even dare to breathe. He didn’t expect that the one million he got from Kan Ming would be lost again so soon, and not only that, he had been dragged into a bigger scam by a group of friends.

He had already contacted Kan Ming, but he had been very tough and refused to give him any more money, however he seemed to have sent someone to secretly protect his life, that was why he had dared to hide from his debtors at home.

The person at the door knocked a few more times, then a thick foreign accent rang out, “Collecting health fees!”

He staggered back to his feet and looked outside through the peephole. He was relieved to see that it was the man who used to come to collect the sanitation fee.

He decided to call Kan Ming to try again, and again if he didn’t pay he was prepared to threaten to jump off a building! If he died, the elf wouldn’t be able to get away with it either!

He picked up his phone and dialed, but Kan Ming didn’t answer, making him curse. Suddenly a series of news feeds came in. He hadn’t planned to pay any attention to it, but his hand slipped and he clicked on them.

Although he was a degenerate, he still had a good head on his shoulders. He read a little — the story of the movie star and the elf, Mo Yi Cheng and an artist called Du Du. After browsing a lot of pictures of Mo Yi Cheng, Fang Gui finally found a familiar face in a group picture of a charity event – Kan Ming! Although he couldn’t find his figure in almost every picture like Chen Jiao’s, he could be sure that Kan Ming was also one of Mo Yi Cheng’s staff members!

The expression on his face grew richer and richer until his bloodshot eyes glowed with excitement and greed.

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