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Chapter 60.2 Du Du’s first interview

The registration required cell phone verification, hence Mo Yi Cheng entered his number.

[This number is already registered.]

Registered? How could… He slapped his forehead, remembering that the time he had gone to help Chen Sheng promote his platform by playing a game, Chen Sheng had used his phone to register for an account.

He clicked into the interface again, entered his phone number and because he didn’t have the password, just used the verification code to log in.

“So Du Du, some fans have noticed that your Weibo account profile says: Mo Yi Cheng’s elf. May I ask if Mo Yi Cheng is your idol?” The host started asking fan picked questions.

“Yes.” Yuan Suo had come across such questions in the comment section before, and every time he had answered honestly. Mo Yi Cheng was indeed someone he liked and admired!

“So did you get the inspiration for the character creation for your comic from him? Because we noticed that the main character of the comic is also an actor.”

How should he answer this question? He looked at Mo Yi Cheng for help.

Mo Yi Cheng on the side had finally succeeded in logging in to his account but hadn’t even had the time to enter the live stream on his computer.

He typed on a blank document: No.

This question really needed to be answered with caution, because if he gave the wrong answer, afraid it would make people say that he was trying to create a hype and clinging onto his thigh.

“No, he’s not my inspiration.” Although Yuan Suo felt a little lost, he knew that Mo Yi Cheng was protecting him, so he answered obediently.

“Alright. There are some netizens who want to know if you can reveal a little bit about the plot for the next episodes, everyone is very curious!”

Yuan Suo thought about it for a moment, then based the outline on the, uh, trouble he caused…

“Next, the elf is going to cause trouble.” Thinking of his experience as a navy, he was a little embarrassed.

“Trouble? But the elf is so obedient! This is a big surprise. Is it convenient to reveal the kind of trouble he’ll get into?”

“Uh….. he got tricked into selling expired biscuits!”

“Selling… biscuits?” The host wasn’t quite sure she’d heard it right.

“En! He also had a confrontation with a customer and… and said in an argument that he was a mouldy little biscuit….” The more he spoke, the lower his voice became.

Suddenly, someone in the comments section sensed something.

[Why does this little biscuit sound so familiar!]

[Yes, not only that, the author’s voice sounds very familiar too!]

[Where have I heard it before!]

[It’s the biscuit cutie from before, the voice that I’ve set for my current alarm is the audio of the spraying cutie!]


When Yuan Suo saw the guesses in the comments, he immediately covered his mouth in shock… how could he have been so stupid! Why did he say biscuit? What if they found out? It would be a disaster!

And just at that very moment, a wave of people suddenly entered the live broadcast somehow, probably dozens of them at the same time, using some [poo] [vomit] emoticons and certain words which contained personal attacks that looked like they had been prepared in advance.

The massive flood disrupted immediately the rhythm of the live broadcast. The admins acted quickly, banning and kicking the accounts out of the live broadcast room, but those abusive words and expressions were like needles stuck in Yuan Suo’s eyes and heart, causing him to feel both hurt and sad.

[Not any good drawing, but still rubbing of on the popularity of an influential person, my Cheng Ge is really unlucky in this life!]

[At a glance you can tell that the author is a sex crazed weirdo who imagines himself as an elf. Relying on others to feed himself, what a parasite!]


If it was a mere personal attack, Yuan Suo probably wouldn’t have been so upset, but the language of those attacks really seemed to come from the mouths of people who had read the comics, that was to say, the readers, and this was the most deadliest, fatal blow to a young and inexperienced new creator!

This wave of attacks came in a fast and furious manner, but the admins also moved quickly, furthermore, the over 20,000 real cuties in the audience worked together to quickly suppress the sunspots.

Mo Yi Cheng frowned as he watched Yuan Suo suddenly sink lower in his seat. He put his hands around his shoulders in silent encouragement, inevitably blaming himself in his heart for not being thoughtful enough to have prepared for contingencies before the show.

The tips of Yuan Suo’s two fingers that were on his lap turned cold as he clutched his trousers nervously, but he smiled lightly at Mo Yi Cheng to show that he was okay.

The host apologised sincerely like the interviewer she was then continued with the interview.

The live broadcast returned to normal, but the atmosphere was obviously a bit low.

Mo Yi Cheng took out his cell phone and sent Kan Ming a message. Kan Ming’s complexion had darkened by two shades after his vacation, and he was buying appliances for Po Fei’s apartment in the game’s mall when he received the message. He replied immediately: Understood, I’ll find out who did it in the shortest possible time.

He put his phone down, still a little worried, but at this moment he didn’t know what to do. Looking at the scrolling comments in the comments section, he clicked on the comment box.

[The Best You, The Best Du Du.] He clicked send.

A purple light flashed across the screen immediately and his comment was embedded in a purple light, appearing prominently in the centre of the screen.

He froze for a moment, could… could everyone see his comment? Then he discovered that Yuan Suo’s mouth was open wide, shocked by what was on the screen. He stiffened then turned his head to look at him.

At the same time, the comments section of the live broadcast was practically bursting at the seams!

[Ahhhhh, did I go blind just now?]

[It’s Mo Yi Cheng’s account!]

[Fck, fck, f*ck, I’m going crazy w(Д)w]

[I took a screenshot, it’s his real account!]

[Stolen account?]

“Mo….. Mo…..” Yuan Suo’s lips trembled.

Mo Yi Cheng was also stunned as he stared blankly for a few seconds before reacting to the fact that his account was actually different from others, and that due to a special feature every comment he made would be displayed in an extremely spectacular form in the eye-catching area above the comment section!

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