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Chapter 59.2 Du Du meets the parents!

“Mo Ge, Du Du, you guys are here.” Seeing Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo, Chen Jiao put the half peeled apple in his hand down and stood up.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “You’re tired, right?”

Chen Jiao, “It’s okay, I’m not tired.”

Mo Yi Yan on the hospital bed frowned unhappily, “Yi Cheng, Chen Jiao is older than you. It’s best if he doesn’t call you Mo Ge from now on.”

“Okay.” Mo Yi Cheng was rather puzzled, but still said, “This name is because of a misunderstanding at the beginning, and it is also long overdue to be changed.”

Chen Jiao made an ‘ah’ sound, a little embarrassed. He had already gotten used to calling him that, if he changed it, what should he call him?

Mo Yi Yan seemed to have guessed what was on his mind and said without the expression on his face changing, “Just call him the same way I call him.”

If he had been in the dark before, now it would be impossible to say that he hadn’t seen the clues. Mo Yi Cheng’s gaze swept over the faces of Chen Jiao and his big brother, but he kept his mouth shut.

Chen Jiao’s eyes dodged, but Mo Yi Yan’s eyes were open and honest. He sat up when he saw Yuan Suo standing behind Mo Yi Cheng.

Yuan Suo was a little frightened by Mo Yi Yan’s gaze. Although his eyebrows were similar to Mo Yi Cheng’s, the man in front of him was as cold as a piece of ice, making people not dare approach him.

“Big… big brother.” This was the title Mo Yi Cheng had taught him beforehand.

“Hello.” Mo Yi Yan judged from the voice and general outline that this was someone he hadn’t met before, but he unexpectedly called him big brother. He had originally thought that he was Mo Yi Cheng’s new assistant, but since he called him big brother, then it had a deeper meaning.

He turned to look at Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled and took Yuan Suo’s hand , “This is Yuan Suo, nickname Du Du, my lover.”

“What?!” The word ‘lover’ obviously struck a nerve in Mo Yi Yan, causing the man who was always calm and collected to be unable to help but raise his voice.

Chen Jiao’s eyes widened in surprise as well. There was nothing wrong with Mo Yi Cheng and Du Du being close on a daily basis, but the two falling in love was something he had never considered.

Mo Yi Cheng felt the small hand he was holding in his tremble a little. He squeezed it slightly then said: “Big brother, what are you so excited for? I’m just rehearsing meeting the parents here. If I really bring him home, is this the reaction he’s going to receive?”

Meet… meeting the parents? Yuan Suo’s mind went blank. The novels and dramas all said that an elder brother was like a father and Mo Yi Cheng’s father had passed away a long time ago. Mo Yi Yan was the eldest brother so that meant he was the father. He became even more nervous when he thought about this. He gritted his teeth hard so that they wouldn’t chatter, then in front of the shocked eyes of everyone — bowed deeply before Mo Yi Yan.

“He he hello big brother! I’m…. I’m Du…. Yuan Suo, meeting for the first time, please, please take care of me.” He gave a sincere ninety degree bow.

“Pfft…” Mo Yixu, who had happened to see this scene when he pushed the door in burst out laughing.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t expect that his comfort would backfire. He covered his mouth and coughed lightly in embarrassment.

The corners of Mo Yi Yan’s mouth twitched, “Get… get up.” This kind of big gift, especially lying on a hospital bed, it was better not to accept it.

The bangs in front of Yuan Suo’s forehead had become a little messy from the force of his bow just now and his little face was flushed red, “Thank you, big brother!”

After a few more minutes of small talk, Mo Yi Cheng asked to talk to his big brother alone for a few minutes. He told Mo Yixu to keep an eye on Du Du and not to let him run around. The expression on Mo Yixu’s face as he left the ward was, ‘too full of dog food, second brother, I don’t want to eat more’.

Chen Jiao followed them out as if he had been pardoned. Although he liked Mo Yi Yan, this kind of sudden and unexplained ‘passion’ was too much for him to bear. From yesterday when Mo Yi Yan woke up until now, apart from going to the bathroom, he hardly escaped Mo Yi Yan’s sight. It was fine if Chen Jiao helped to set up his food, but then he asked him to help peel the fruit. It was hard not to be nervous and exhausted from being watched attentively like this by the person you’ve always had a crush on.

Everyone had gone out.

Only the two brothers were left in the ward.

The two men asked almost simultaneously.

“Are you serious?”

After a moment of silence, Mo Yi Yan said first, “Do you know that the road of same-sex love isn’t a good one, especially with your status as a public figure?”

Mo Yi Cheng interrupted his big brother with a serious expression, “I know.”

“… Alright. You’ve grown up and can make your own decisions.” Mo Yi Yan said with a rare smile on his face, “Only I didn’t expect that the second daughter-in-law… that mum has been waiting for for so many years is a man.”

The corners of Mo Yi Cheng’s mouth couldn’t help but hook up as well, “Yes, I have to find the right time to tell mum, but it’s good to hear Yixu say that he has a girlfriend outside the country and that their relationship is very strong. He’s ready to bring her back after he graduates.”

Mo Yi Yan nodded, “It’s good news.”

Mo Yi Cheng curbed the smile on his face and became serious once more, “Big brother, are you… serious about Chen Jiao?” Mo Yi Yan had had a lot of people around him over the years, but it seems he’d never been moved to have true feelings for any of them, “Chen Jiao is different from those people. He’s soft natured and easy to bully. He treats the people around him very well and his feelings are very sincere, so if it’s the same as usual for big brother….”

“This time it’s different.” Mo Yi Yan didn’t wait for him to finish. A huge storm seemed to be brewing in his pair of cold eyes, “This time, I’ve finally found it.”

“Found it?” Mo Yi Cheng didn’t understand.

Mo Yi Yan wanted to say something but then stopped. Finally he pursed his lips and said, “There are certain things that can’t be explained clearly in a few words. Between him and I, what everyone, including myself, saw before was just the shards created by the blade on the ice, and what lay beneath the ice that was magnificent enough to shake the whole world….. has finally been broken through.”

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  1. What a beautiful description by Mo Yi Yan!
    Really glad I came across this novel. I just came from a rather dark novel, so this has been a refreshing palate cleanser. It’s just so sweet and filled with good people. Thank you for translating this book!

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