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Chapter 60.1 Du Du’s first interview

It had been some time since Mo Yi Yan was discharged from the hospital, but Mo Yi Cheng’s assistant still hadn’t returned to his post. The movie emperor had already informed Kan Ming that he should help him find a suitable life assistant.

“Is Chen going to be singing in the future? That’s why he’s not coming to work here.” Yuan Suo was still a bit uncomfortable not seeing Chen Jiao for a few days in a row.

Mo Yi Cheng put the fruit plater on the coffee table and sat down next to him, “Chen Jiao’s future music career will get better and better, so leaving us is a good thing. But…”

“But what?” Yuan Suo’s fingers which were replying to comments paused.

“But, he’s not working right now because he’s trapped.”

“Trapped?” Yuan Suo was a little worried, “Is it dangerous?”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, his eyes narrowing suddenly with a dangerous light in them, “It’s a little… dangerous.” As he said this he moved his body forward. Yuan Suo’s ears became hot as he felt the heat of his breath. He dodged backwards in embarrassment, his neck shrinking in timidly.

“Then… then should we, should we help?” Yuan Suo still didn’t understand what Mo Yi Cheng meant by ‘dangerous’.

“Want to help?” Mo Yi Cheng’s hunting-like gaze burned into the little thing as he leaned against the corner of the sofa, shrinking into a ball.

Yuan Suo felt vaguely that something was wrong, but he still nodded, “I want to help.”

“But,” Mo Yi Cheng’s voice lowered abruptly, “You already don’t have time to take care of yourself now.”

“What do you mean?” Yuan Suo was unable to retreat. Being encircled firmly, it wasn’t until he suddenly felt a chill on his shoulders that he realised that the buttons of his pyjamas had been unbuttoned at some point.

Mo Yi Cheng grinned, “This question is too profound, I’m afraid it’s difficult to explain clearly in words, it’s a matter of practice…”

The next day.

Mo Yi Cheng’s biological clock woke him up. The person in his arms was still sleeping heavily, his body was warm and the scent of the shower gel coming from him was refreshing.

His slightly calloused fingertips rubbed Yuan Suo’s pink earlobe gently, and his brows which furrowed sightly due to the disruption of the beautiful dream he was having was so delicate and adorable that Mo Yi Cheng had to take a deep breath to keep himself from biting down.

Last night, he finally didn’t have the heart to take the final step, and as he looked at the little thing who was terrified, he could only tell himself to wait a little longer, that this kind of thing couldn’t be rushed.

“Uhm…” Feeling the movement around him, Yuan Suo woke up in a daze and seeing Mo Yi Cheng looking at him, his somewhat dazed eyes cleared up gradually. Thinking about what had happened last night a blush crept up on his face immediately, even his neck was tinged with a layer of light pink that was the same color as peach blossom petals on a spring day.

Mo Yi Cheng pinched his ears, amused, “Alright, you don’t have to be like this, come out, it’s just the two of us, no need to be shy.”

Yuan Suo didn’t agree. Mo Yi Cheng was like a big bad wolf yesterday, the kind that would eat a little rabbit with his fangs showing.

“Don’t you have a live interview with ZZ platform today? Won’t you get up and get ready?” Mo Yi Cheng patted the small mountain bump wrapped in the quilt twice lightly.

Yuan Suo’s muffled voice came out, “The interview isn’t until the evening.”

“But you have to prepare ahead of time, maybe you’ve gotten new feedback on that elf party strip you posted yesterday, don’t you want to check it out?”

Mo Yi Cheng succeeded in persuading him… out, then pinched his tiny chin and like the good bully he was, revealed his fangs once again…

In the evening, the interview on the platform started on time.

Although the interview was conducted at home via a live chat, it was after all Yuan Suo’s first time…. that is, apart from that time when he did a part-time job in the water army, this was the first time he was being interviewed and was interacting with people in public.

Mo Yi Cheng had a tablet ready to facilitate easy communication with him.

“Don’t be nervous, I’m here. Just say whatever comes to mind.” Mo Yi Cheng comforted.


The event started promptly at 19:00, and the number of people online was about 20,000. Apart from the ones who came because of Yuan Suo’s popularity, the show’s original viewers accounted for the majority of the audience.

The host was a girl with a very sweet voice, “I’m happy to have Du Du, the author of the comic ‘The Best You’ which has been a hit online recently, here today. Du Du, please say hello to everyone.”

As soon as the host’s voice fell, the comment section was immediately filled with ‘hug’ emoticons, a symbol of welcome.

Yuan Suo turned the microphone on, his heart beating like a drum, but when he turned his head and saw Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes which were filled with confidence in him, he suddenly calmed down a lot. He definitely couldn’t lose face in front of Mo Yi Cheng!

“Hello everyone, I’m Du Du, author of ‘The Best You’.” His voice still had a hint of nervousness in it, but the audience ignored this completely and instead turned on a frantic screen flooding mode.

[Wow, the author is actually a boy, I thought it was a young lady!!!]

[My three views has been overturned, the author is actually a boy!]

[The author’s work is so cute, of course it’s a boy!]

[Your attention is so skewed, the author’s voice is so soft and cute!]

This voice is so flirty! (﹃)

[I’m carrying you home, I’m carrying you home!]

[Author, I love you!]

Looking at the various fancy confessions in the comment section, the corners of Mo Yi Cheng’s mouth sank slightly. He typed a few words in the comment box then clicked send.

[Sorry, the law states that users must be logged in to be able to comment.]

It was only then that he realized that he wasn’t logged in at all, he was just browsing as a visitor.

While the movie emperor was debating on whether he should register for an account on the platform immediately, Yuan Suo had gradually adapted to this style of conversation, and the host was also very accommodating, cracking small jokes from time to time with a good sense of proportion, and the comment section was again abuzz with excitement.

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