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Chapter 59.1 Du Du meets the parents!

“Mo Yi Yan, let go!” Mother Mo had never felt so humiliated before. After ten minutes had passed, she had drunk water and the doctor had come to examine her, but Mo Yi Yan was still clutching Chen Jiao as if he was possessed.

Chen Jiao, who already had an expression that he was being bullied was standing by the edge of the bed like a scared little animal, not daring to move.

Mo Yi Yan maintained the same position stubbornly, only, the strength of his grip had loosened slightly.

“Chen Jiao?”

It was unknown how many times Mo Yi Yan had called out to determine the identity of the person in front of him, but Chen Jiao still responded patiently, “Yes.”

“You’ve been… following Yi Cheng around?”

Knowing that Mo Yi Yan still didn’t quite believe that he was the fat assistant from before, he nodded in a slightly awkward manner and tried to pull his wrist out again, “President Mo, why don’t I pour another glass of water for you?”

It was only then that Mo Yi Yan woke up as if from a dream. After making sure that he wasn’t going to leave and was only going to pour him a glass of water, he let go.

Mother Mo pulled Mo Yixu out of the ward, a stern expression on her face, “What exactly happened just now?”

Mo Yixu explained the whole story, “It’s probably because big brother is still a bit unstable after waking up. I just wanted to help brother Chen. Mom, don’t get any ideas.”

Hearing his explanation, Mother Mo relaxed a little. One son liking men was enough, another one would be too much for her heart to bear.

“But this Chen Jiao is quite pleasing to the eye. I’ve seen him working beside Yi Cheng a few times. He’s very down-to-earth, much better than the ones your brother had around him before.” She looked at Chen Jiao who was in the hospital room holding the water for Mo Yi Yan to drink.

Seeing the opportunity, Mo Yixu struck immediately, “Then your meaning is that you support big brother and brother Chen being together?” Seeing what had happened today, he had already guessed in his heart that his big brother and Chen Jiao were very close.

Mother Mo frowned thoughtfully then finally sighed, “You know your big brother is sick, so if I find out that he really likes him, mum won’t stop him, but you and your second brother must not repeat the same mistake, understand?”

Mo Yixu wasn’t worried about himself, but at the thought of Mo Yi Cheng and Du Du, he couldn’t help but worry a little. He forced a smile, “Mom, you… can rest assured.”

After hesitating for a few moments, Yuan Suo decided to agree to the interview, as drawing had always been his first love. Moreover the comics was based on his life with Mo Yi Cheng and it had a profound meaning. He didn’t want to miss the chance to communicate with his readers.

“Don’t worry, the choice of location for this kind of interview is flexible and I’ll be by your side when the time comes.” Mo Yi Cheng discovered that ever since the little thing had agreed to the live interview, he had been in a constant state of nervousness.

“Hmm.” Seeing Mo Yi Cheng’s encouraging look, Yuan Suo’s confidence grew immediately.

“Don’t be afraid when you see big brother later. He seems a little difficult to get along with, but he will definitely like you.” After the commercial shoot, Mo Yi Cheng took Yuan Suo to the hospital to visit the patient at the first chance.

Yuan Suo froze for a moment then asked, “Why… why will he definitely like me?”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled and moved forward, almost touching the tip of his upturned nose, “My Du Du is so cute, how could anyone not like him?”

Yuan Suo blushed and afraid of being overheard, glanced subconsciously at the driver in the front. The driver was still sitting upright, but the stiffness of his neck betrayed him.

The driver followed behind Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo with a fruit basket in his hand.

From a distance, the two saw the tall teenager standing at the entrance of the ward. Likewise, Mo Yixu also saw his second brother and approached him quickly.

“Yixu, why are you out here?” Mo Yi Cheng was a little surprised.

Mo Yixu’s mouth moved. He organized his words then said, “The situation inside… is rather complicated. You’d better go and see for yourself.”

Actually, based on Mo Yi Yan’s personality, with such an injury he would have been discharged from hospital last night and at the very least, would have returned to work today without a trace of vulnerability in front of others. But this time he was unusually cooperative with the doctor and stayed in hospital for observation, and after the doctor confirmed that he was fine and okay to be discharged at any time, he suddenly felt a bit dizzy and insisted on undergoing another round of tests. The doctor had no choice but to keep him in the hospital for observation after finding nothing unusual, besides, there were plenty of beds in the private hospital anyway.

Holding Yuan Suo’s hand, Mo Yi Cheng walked towards the ward and knocked on the door. A response sounded from inside, it was Chen Jiao’s voice, and the two entered.

He couldn’t help but raise a brow when he saw his big brother lying on the hospital bed strangely in a sick suit. There was unexpectedly no video with the remote control for today’s routine meeting?

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