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Chapter 55.3 (Po Fei’s owner) Po Fei’s final destination A

Po Fei didn’t understand what Kan Ming’s words meant at first. It wasn’t until he saw the phone clearly, including the small scratch on the upper right corner of the screen which really confirmed that what Kan Ming was holding in his hand was the phone that operated his game.

“You… you…” He was surprised speechless.

“Why don’t we go inside the room and talk about it.” Nursing staff and family members who came to visit passed by from time to time on the corridor, so it was really not a good place to talk.

Po Fei’s brain was blank at this moment, so he just followed Kan Ming into the room.

“What exactly is going on here?” He held the phone tightly as he looked at Kan Ming warily.

Ten minutes later, he sat somewhat dazed on top of the plastic chair by the hospital bed, his hand shaking slightly as he held the phone. He glanced at Kan Ming then moved his eyes away quickly.

“One last question, why did you do it?” Po Fei bit out the word ‘you’ heavily. He wasn’t asking why Du Du or Du Du’s player did this, but why Kan Ming did this. He spent such a large amount of money, just to exchange for a useless elf like him. What exactly were his intentions?

Kan Ming seemed to have seen through his thoughts as he spoke slowly: “Because your appearance the first time I saw you, when you were carrying a handy bag as you looked up at the sky, then down at the kitten’s is engraved in my heart. You and Du Du are alike and should both have a happy life. I didn’t take over the game to control you and won’t restrict you. You have an independent personality and we can get along like friends.” Of course there were many things that Kan Ming didn’t say. Like he had seen Po Fei squatting alone under a tree crying, seen him almost get hit by a car as he handed out leaflets wearing a doll costume, and also seen him spread the little bit of the money he had earned flat then put it away, and then drooling at the food stall not even able to afford to buy an oden that cost one yuan.

“….. Thank you.” It seemed as if Po Fei had accepted this outcome calmly but at this moment, it was as if a tsunami was surging in his heart. He had never imagined that his life would change so drastically. He had always thought his end was to sink with Fang Gui and one day return to the darkness… but before that, he had wanted to do everything he could to give Tian Yao the best.

Neither of them noticed, that as they spoke, Tian Yao’s dried fingers on the hospital bed moved a little.

Having received Po Fei’s approval, Kan Ming took the phone and held it in his hand solemnly as if he had just received the best treasure in the world.

“Can I click on it?”

Po Fei nodded, somewhat uncomfortably although he didn’t know exactly where this embarrassment came from.

Kan Ming smiled then clicked on his profile.

Elf information:

Name: Po Fei

Gender: Male

Age: 17 years old

Origin: 3077 A.D. War Zone A

Personality: introverted, loyal

Level: 21

Skin mode: Advanced version

Po Fei had already changed owners once and compared to the time he came to the game, his level was surprisingly only comparable to Du Du’s.

He seemed to be a little embarrassed, “If… If you skip classes or don’t have enough credits, your level will drop.”

“Oh, so I’ve taken over a bad boy.” The tone with which Kan Ming said this was relaxed.

Po Fei’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, making his feigned expression of anger much more vivid than usual.

“Alright, should I take you to lunch?” Kan Ming patted Po Fei’s somewhat hard shoulder then secretly decided to raise him the same as when Du Du was in his Q version, then immediately felt that it was a pity afterwards to have missed his Q version.

Although Po Fei was still a little unaccustomed to such intimate actions, he didn’t avoid it.

“What do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat oden.”

The two ordered a super spicy pot at a small oden restaurant, sweating profusely as they ate.

Po Fei’s pale face finally had a little bit of blood in it, making Kan Ming happy, but he still instructed, “Drink something, or else your stomach will hurt later.”

The two ate once again until their stomachs became round before they chatted quietly.

“Actually, my real player isn’t Fang Gui.” Po Fei revealed.

“What?” The cigarette in Kan Ming’s hand almost went out.

It turned out that Po Fei was only eight years old when he came to this world and was reborn in the game, and his owner was Tian Yao who was still in university at the time.

Tian Yao was a high achiever in the art department and despite the fact that she came from a middle-class family and her parents died early, she still completed her studies through perseverance and hard work, then became a very accomplished designer in the industry.

Because there hadn’t been any parental relationship since childhood, Tian Yao loved her ‘brother’ in the cell phone very much and the two get along very well. Po Fei called her sister, but in his heart he had long regarded her as a mother.

Later, Tian Yao married Fang Gui, and because the two were very much in love and happily married, she shared the secret of Po Fei being an elf with her husband, and Fang Gui accepted his existence.

But the good times didn’t last long. The second year after their marriage, Tian Yao had an accident. That day she took the 12-year-old Po Fei out and Po Fei, seeing a lost little boy crying in the middle of the road for his parents rushed to save him, but didn’t notice the speeding truck coming towards them. The moment before the tragedy occurred, Tian Yao jumped and pushed him and the little boy aside and was knocked far away….

He was still a child at the time and didn’t know what to do as he almost lay by Tian Yao’s side as she, his big sister was covered in bright red blood all over… in the moment when she was dying, she chose to transfer Po Fei’s player ownership rights to her husband and Po Fei naturally agreed.

Fang Gui used all the family’s assets to save Tian Yao’s life, but she never opened her eyes again. Fang Gui sank day by day, gradually becoming addicted to alcohol and gambling, lost his job, then blamed it all on him, making Po Fei who was already guilty feel even more that everything was his fault.

Kan Ming rubbed his hair, distressed, “It’s not your fault. Tian Yao loves you so much that in order to save you, she didn’t even mind exchanging her life for yours. She would definitely not want you to live in self-blame. Living happily, is the greatest reward you can give her.”

Po Fei was silent for a while, then nodded.

“Then according to what you’re saying, your real player is Tian Yao…”

“Hmm, because although my sister transferred the player’s rights, she hasn’t… passed away, so Fang Gui is just a proxy player and my sister is the real player.”

After listening to Po Fei’s words, Kan Ming was shocked: “That is to say, your ownership rights is actually in Tian Yao’s hands. As long as she becomes conscious she has the option of undoing your relationship with Fang Gui!”

Po Fei replied, “Yes.”

But Tian Yao had been in a coma for so many years, wanting her to wake up to solve all this was easier said than done.

Kan Ming said, “Don’t worry, I’ll find the best doctor to give her the best treatment, I hope…. she can recover soon.” Although the hope is slim, they still had to try.

“Then…. you’ve helped me so much, how do you want me to repay you?” He didn’t like to owe favors, even though he knew that what Kan Ming had done for him couldn’t be repaid in this life anyway.

Kan Ming froze, then pretended as if he was thinking then finally said very seriously: “How about in return, you promise me your body.”

Po Fei froze for a few seconds and was about to rush up to beat him when Kan Ming burst out laughing. He put the last string of tripe inside Po Fei’s bowl then took a deep breath, “You don’t have to think about repaying me, helping you is a choice I made based on my own beliefs. Of course, if you really want to repay me, I’ve never liked strangers entering my room, so in the future I won’t be hiring housekeeping.”

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  1. Ahhhh PF is so cute. I love the idea of a sister brother relationship. Careful though, I don’t think KM wasn’t being at least a bit serious 😘

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