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Chapter 48.2 Dance party game!

“Du….. Du Du doesn’t want to play.” Yuan Suo felt that the sushi that he hadn’t swallowed yet was tasteless.

“Then Mo Yi Cheng can only go and play by himself!” Chen Sheng took advantage of Mo Yi Cheng’s absence to make a counter-move to cheat him. His ‘suggestion’ had just been rejected by Mo Yi Cheng and unwilling to give up, he moved to Yuan Suo’s side to try again. This evening, from the moment they got out of the car until now, every eye movement between Mo Yi Cheng and the little thing had been indescribable. This ignited the gossipy soul in young master Chen.

Yuan Suo’s eyes widened, “Mo… Mo Yi Cheng wants to play?”

Chen Sheng nodded, “Yes, he just said that I should help you win in the second game!”

The first game in the field had just ended. There had five pairs of female to male CP and the remaining pairs were — female and female CP and male and male CPs. The female pair kissed each other calmly, but the first male pair who didn’t know each other could only do an arm blocking both sides on the wall due to the difference in their height. The other pair of male CP were brothers who had grown up together. Both of them were extremely embarrassed then dissolved into laughter in the end as the princess carried each other.

Yuan Suo pursed his lips. He didn’t… he didn’t want Mo Yi Cheng to play. Thinking that Mo Yi Cheng would have to put his arms on both sides of the wall to cage someone, or hug others, his heart felt stuffy and his stomach became uncomfortable as well.

Chen Sheng continued to tempt him, “But if you also play, I guarantee that Mo Yi Cheng will not pull anyone else’s ribbon.”

“Then… then who will pull it?” Yuan Suo’s eyes are full of doubts.

Chen Sheng: “… You of course.”

Du Du will pull it? Yuan Suo’s hand that was holding the plate tightened suddenly.

Soon, Mo Yi Cheng who came back with a glass of juice noticed that something wasn’t quite right with the little thing, “Are you uncomfortable? You ate too much tonight, so you’re not allowed to eat anymore, drink a little something.” Saying this, he took the plate out of his hand and set it to the side.

Yuan Suo looked at Chen Sheng who had retreated to the side and was pretending to be looking somewhere else then looked at the second game that was about to start on the field. He swallowed, grabbed the corner of his clothes, then said with difficulty: “Du… Du Du… Du Du wants to play.”

What? Mo Yi Cheng thought he had heard wrong. After reacting, his cold knife-like gaze fell on Chen Sheng.

Chen Sheng shrugged quickly, spreading his hands.

Yuan Suo said it again pleadingly.

“You really want to go?” Mo Yi Cheng asked helplessly.

He nodded. Chen Sheng said just now that if he went to play, Mo Yi Cheng won’t draw someone else’s ribbon. If he didn’t go, Mo Yi Cheng will be hugged, or even possibly kissed…

“Alright then.” Mo Yi Cheng could only agree, then he looked at Chen Sheng.

Chen Sheng who understood immediately snapped his fingers smartly, then said with confidence: “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!”

With that, Mo Yi Cheng took his little guy to the field.

Seeing Mo Yi Cheng signing up, some of the girls who had originally retreated… and some of the boys rushed forward.

When he saw everyone scrambling to be the first, Yuan Suo secretly felt that his decision was really correct. Of course, Yuan Suo who was moving slowly didn’t notice that among those who were rushing to sign up, there were also some who set their eyes on him, eyes so hot that they were about to burn holes. In response, Mo Yi Cheng glanced at Chen Sheng warningly again.

Chen Sheng responded with a confident OK gesture immediately, then called the person in charge of controlling the ribbons in the gift box for confirmation. He had a feeling that if the ribbon that Mo Yi Cheng pulled out today wasn’t little Du Du’s, a layer of his skin…. or two, would definitely be plucked.

The game started.

“Please choose carefully, and then tighten the ribbon in your hand and leave the field without regrets!”

Although Chen Sheng had assured him, Yuan Suo was still very nervous, especially when everyone’s eyes fell on him as he stood in the center of the stage, more so when a girl and a man moved closer to touch him just now. Luckily, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t hesitate to stand in the middle.

Yuan Suo really couldn’t make up his mind, and finally chose one with his eyes closed.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw that he had chosen a ribbon, he picked up one at the closest position, and then tugged it three times with his hand, then seemingly wanting to help Yuan Suo tidy up the ribbon kindly, tugged three times again with a force that wasn’t too light or to heavy.

The lights flashed.

The music, along with the beats hit everyone’s hearts.

“5, 4, 3, 2…..1!” The host counted down, then the lid on the gift box was opened!

The people around the box tightened the ribbon in their hands subconsciously, then pulled eagerly, trying to figure who the person on the other end of it was.

Because Mo Yi Cheng was standing close to Yuan Suo, he was sure that the little guy’s ribbon was in his hand, so he expected that the time it would take to unravel the ribbon would be a little longer.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the box opened, he felt the other person’s pull immediately!

His eyebrows furrowed heavily, not good!

He looked at Yuan Suo. The silk ribbon in his hand had also been pulled, and it was obviously pulled from the opposite side. He followed the length of the ribbon to see a very tall man. Although he was wearing a mask, Mo Yi Cheng still recognized that he was the person in charge of a technology company he had dealt with before. He saw that the moment the man realized that he had pulled Yuan Suo’s ribbon, the corners of his lips rose immediately.

Mo Yi Cheng’s face turned blue and Yuan Suo dropped the silk ribbon in fright.

And Chen Sheng, who was standing on the side, wished that he had two rollers under his feet, preferably two super fast wheels, so that he could leave this problem spot quickly!

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