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Chapter 49.1 Peeking Du Du!

“Chen Sheng.” Likewise Mo Yi Cheng also dropped the ribbon in his hand, not even taking the time to see who the opposite person was clearly.

Chen Sheng swallowed nervously, wondering whether he should pull the brakes on the game now to save his life.

The host didn’t know the inside story, and seeing that everyone was already matched up, immediately announced with excitement that there were three male and female CPs, one all male CP and another all female CP in the CP combination this time.

“As usual, let’s invite the male and female guests to complete the challenge first!” The host had already locked on to his target.

Yuan Suo hid behind Mo Yi Cheng, a little lost and scared. Chen Sheng was a big liar. Didn’t he say that Mo Yi Cheng wouldn’t pull someone else’s ribbon? He didn’t keep his promises, no wonder… no wonder Long Bow called him… rookie… what… what a good rookie!

His defamation however didn’t prevent the progress of the game. In order to maintain his demeanor, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t quit the game on the spot, instead he waited to see what would happen.

Soon, the first two pairs finished the challenge by holding hands and kissing each other on the cheeks gently. One of the pair held hands firmly until the end. It seemed love had already arrived through this light kiss.

Seeing that it was Mo Yi Cheng’s turn.

Yuan Suo lowered his head sadly, not wanting to see Mo Yi Cheng put his arms on both sides of the wall to cage someone, kiss someone lightly, or hold someone else’s hand. Not to mention just looking, just thinking about it made him sad.

“Now we’ll invite the men to please take the initiative!” The host said when he saw that Mo Yi Cheng didn’t move. Although a look of joy appeared on the face of the girl on the opposite side, she still had to act more reserved in front of everyone, so she just blushed and looked at him.

When the crowd’s eyes fell on Mo Yi Cheng, Yuan Suo bit his lip subconsciously.

Mo Yi Cheng thought for a while, then turned sideways suddenly, whispered something in Yuan Suo’s ear, then straightened his shirt and walked forward.

Yuan Suo who was still stunned from Mo Yi Cheng’s words only saw Mo Yi Cheng walk to the center, walk pass the shy girl and under the astonished eyes of everyone, walked to a three legged flower stand.

“This… what is he doing?”

“The movie emperor wants to add his own flair to it?”

“You recognize Mo Yi Cheng?”

“Only a fool wouldn’t recognize him!”

Amidst the discussions, Mo Yi Cheng took a lily from the flower arrangement on the stand.

Then walked back to the girl holding the lily. The girl’s face flushed with surprise.

He smiled courteously, then said in a deep and nice voice: “This flower is for the most beautiful girl tonight.”

The girl opened her mouth in surprise then took the flower excitedly.

There was warm applause all around.

Chen Sheng also clapped with admiration. Mo Yi Cheng actually completed the ‘lover’s action’ without any physical contact, and also maintained the girl’s dignity with a very gentlemanly demeanor, really admirable!

However, he was afraid that it wouldn’t be so easy to solve Yuan Suo’s problem… If the little thing really suffered…. Cold sweat rolled down in his heart.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled lightly during the applause, then his eyes fell on Yuan Suo intentionally or unintentionally, then nodded gently.

Yuan Suo’s stunned nerves woke up immediately, the words Mo Yi Cheng had said to him before leaving sounding in his mind again, “You just learned how to faint in acting class, it will come in handy now.”

Taking advantage of the lively atmosphere in the venue, the host announced that the next CP pair should start the challenge!

“Next is the all male CP that everyone wants to see the most. Our fourth CP pair, please come to the center of the stage!”

The man who drew Yuan Suo’s ribbon didn’t walk directly to the center of the stage, instead he walked straight towards Yuan Suo, then reached out his hand like a gentleman, showing that he wanted to escort him onto the stage holding his hand.

This move caught the attention of those present, this was to meaningful, right! It was only at this time that they noticed the slender teenager. Half of his face was covered, so no one knew what he really looked like, however he had a very unique aura that was as warm and as clean as sunshine, which made it so that one couldn’t help but want to get close to him.

Looking at the hand that was extended, Yuan Suo’s face turned pale. As if he wanted to respond, he stretched out a hand slowly, but just as he was about to touch the other person’s hand, his body swayed twice suddenly, then he fell straight down.

Shocked, the man stretched out his hand to pick him up. Mo Yi Cheng was already waiting at the side and before the man could touch him, hugged Yuan Suo in his arms quickly.

Yuan Suo closed his eyes but his mouth was slightly open. It seemed he had a little difficulty breathing, looking very pitiful.

“Du Du! Du Du, what’s wrong with you?” Mo Yi Cheng looked very anxious, blue veins popping out on his neck.

The scene turned chaotic.

Chen Sheng was also very frightened. He thought Yuan Suo had really fainted, so he took his phone out to call a car to send them to the hospital.

At this moment, Mo Yi Cheng was already carrying in a him princess hold. Yuan Suo acted very well, one of his arm’s falling to the side, eyes closed tightly.

When Mo Yi Cheng felt the little thing trembling slightly because of the tension, his arms tightened. Although he knew he was acting, he couldn’t help but panic.

“He has low blood sugar, and will feel uncomfortable when he is hungry. I’ll take him upstairs to rest.” Mo Yi Cheng said to Chen Sheng who had moved forward, “He only needs to rest.”

Chen Sheng was taken aback. Yuan Suo had just eaten two plates of sushi. Why did he become hungry and have low blood sugar? This excuse was a bit too casual, right…

He put the phone down, his heart that was hanging falling into place as well.

“Alright, I’ll ask someone to prepare a room, and then… bring some food up.” He cooperated with their act. When the crowd gave way, Mo Yi Cheng whispered gently in Yuan Suo’s ear: “Hold on tight.”

“En…” Yuan Suo moved, then raised his arm that was hanging obediently, circling it around Mo Yi Cheng’s neck.

Mo Yi Cheng held Yuan Suo and walked up the stairs with ease, but their breaths turned harried. Even when they entered the room, Yuan Suo didn’t dare open his eyes, looking as if he was still dizzy and didn’t know anything.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, moved one arm and put the little thing’s feet on the ground, but the other arm was still around his shoulders. Then he looked at the little thing who was still pretending to be dizzy closely.

Under the mask, the little thing’s closed eyes made his eyelashes look extraordinarily long. He looked at his small chin and his pale fleshy lips that were pressed together nervously.

He tapped his nose with his finger.

“Hmm….” Yuan Suo opened his eyes cautiously, then looked sideways, as if afraid that there would be someone around.

Mo Yi Cheng was amused when he saw this. His fingers moved down, then tapped his slightly opened lips.

Yuan Suo was surprised, his body stiffening immediately. Mo Yi Cheng also noticed this ambiguous action, but didn’t let go immediately. Instead, he squeezed his face then said with a smile: “Let’s rest here for a while, then I’ll take you home later.”

The place where Yuan Suo’s face had been pinched was hot, but he nodded quickly, then turned around quickly and ran away like a little bunny.

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