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Chapter 48.1 Dance party game!

The masquerade party had already begun, with the handsome men and women half-hidden masks making the whole scene more mysterious and enchanting.

After the host opened the show, the first dance was a more leisurely and steady blues dance, similar to a ballroom dance. Generally speaking, the tune was elegant, slow and easy to dance to.

People entered the dance floor with their dancing partners one after the other. Yuan Suo who had never seen such a scene before, stared in awe as he stuffed a piece of snack into his mouth, holding a tray of food he had taken from the buffet area in his hand.

“Mr. Mo, can I invite you to dance?” The person who spoke was a very tall girl with a shapely figure, wearing a long silvery white fishtail dress with a red mask on and a pair of flaming red sexy lips.

Mo Yi Cheng replied politely: “Sorry, I already have a dance partner.”

A light indicating that she was to determined to win a dance shot out of the girl’s blue pupils with cosmetic contact lenses, “But I’ve been watching you for a long time. Except for this boy, there is no one else beside you.” Mo Yi Cheng was such an eye-catching target that even with a mask, it was difficult to hide his light, and she came here today for this movie emperor who had never been captured, because she was extremely confident of her charm.

Mo Yi Cheng said lightly, “I really already have a dance partner.”

“Stop joking, is Mr. Mo trying to… loosen the reins only to catch me well?” The girl lifted her chin slightly as she said this, a hint of seduction overflowing from her slightly opened lips.

Yuan Suo chewed on a small snack, looking at the girl with a confused expression.

Due to Mo Yi Cheng’s public status, it would indeed cause some troubles if he said directly that Yuan Suo was his partner, but he didn’t want to wrong Yuan Suo.

Mo Yi Cheng frowned and just as he was about to refuse again, Yuan Suo suddenly swallowed the snack and said, “That… Mo Yi Cheng can’t dance with you, because he already has me.”

“Wh… what?” The girl was startled, her face under the mask twitching visibly.

Yuan Suo nodded and explain seriously, “This is my first time coming to this kind of occasion, so I’m a little nervous. Mo Yi Cheng said that he will always be by my side, so he can’t dance with you.”

The girl was puzzled, not knowing how to continue.

After his initial surprise, Mo Yi Cheng’s mouth hooked up as he looked at Yuan Suo in a relaxed manner.

The girl finally left angrily. Chen Sheng who had seen everything clearly from the side, came over with a shocked expression and bumped Mo Yi Cheng with his shoulder, “Hey, good for you, this little thing of yours is very protective of his food!”

Hmm… Wasn’t the food of protection used to describe dogs?

Yuan Suo corrected: “Protect… protecting of food is used to describe people like Long Bow.”

Chen Sheng: “….”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

The innocent Long Bow who was dozing off on the second floor that attacked: “Ah-choo….. Bark…”

After the opening warm-up, Chen Sheng delivered a short speech as the host in a very graceful, personable and witty manner. Then the host announced the first mini game of the dance party.

Actually, Chen Sheng had been planning to use this little game to trap Jiang Ge.

A huge gift box was placed in the middle of the hall, with five colored ribbons placed in the center inside the box. They were placed in different positions, with both ends hanging outside. Those who were single and willing to participate in the game had to pull one end of the silky ribbon each outwards. In the end, the two people who pulled the same ribbon would become the CP tonight and must perform an action that could only occur between lovers in front of everyone. Of course, there would also be bugs such as male and male CP or a female and female CP, but this was also the risk and fun factor of the game, which they could only think of as a ‘big adventure’!

Chen Sheng sighed in a deserted spot. He had planned this mechanism all day, but now Jiang Ge suddenly had something to do, shattering his dream of being a CP with him.

After the host announced the rules of the game, some people started moving forward, eager to try.

Chen Sheng glanced around and found that Du Du was holding a dinner plate and eat energetically. It seemed he wasn’t interested in the game and Mo Yi Cheng was even less interested.

“Yi Cheng, won’t you try?” Zhang Yuan who had recently broken up with his girlfriend rolled up his sleeves, ready to play.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “No.”

He shrugged. It was even better if he wasn’t going, otherwise he could guess that all the girls would rush to him.

At that moment, Chen Sheng came over and said, “Yi Cheng, are you really not going to play?”

Mo Yi Cheng shook his head, his eyes sweeping intentionally or unintentionally over the little thing who was eating seriously as he left.

Chen Sheng felt something inexplicable and then tried to test it out tentatively. He pulled Yuan Suo to the side, “Bro, do you want me to give you a boon?”

Yuan Suo looked shocked.

Was he going to play the game?

But if he played, what if he couldn’t pull Mo Yi Cheng’s ribbon?

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