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Chapter 43.1 Spend the rest of our lives together!

“Isn’t….. isn’t that Mo Yi Cheng?” A girl who was catching loach by the river rubbed her eyes.

The friend who had come with her was holding a canned bottle in her hand as she bent down, looking for prey, “Please, beside your bed, on your cell phone, and everything you have is full of Mo Yi Cheng, everyone looks like him to you.”

“Se… seriously…” The girl pulled the corner of her friend’s skirt, “And there’s a very beautiful boy next to him!”

When her friend heard that there was a beautiful boy next to a handsome guy, she lifted her head immediately, “Where? Where?”

She raised her hand and pointed.

Although she didn’t know whether it was Mo Yi Cheng, from his figure and vague outline, she could tell that he was definitely a handsome guy, and the boy next to him was very cute. The two were simply a match made in heaven!

“Ahhhh! Let’s go and take a look!”

“Go, go, go!”

Mo Yi Cheng noticed the two girls who were running towards him, arms open with an indifferent expression on his face. This situation wasn’t new to him, but it was the first time that Yuan Suo was seeing this type of situation as he grabbed Mo Yi Cheng’s arm nervously.

“It’s okay, don’t be nervous, they don’t mean any harm. But it’s also very troublesome to be caught, so follow me later, ok?”


After receiving Yuan Suo’s reply, he raised the hood of Yuan Suo’s jacket, fastened it tightly and grabbed his wrist, “Run!”

Before Yuan Suo could react, he had already been pulled a few steps away. After reacting, followed behind hurriedly. The two ran wildly all the way, the moist wind from the riverside fanning across their faces. There was obviously a trace of coldness in the air, but Yuan Suo’s face became more and more red, and Mo Yi Cheng’s hand became tighter and tighter.

It wasn’t until the two girls were no longer visible that the two of them stopped. Panting heavily, they sat by the side of the river. They looked at the neon lights in the distance, then at each other, then finally burst out laughing together.

After they finished laughing, Mo Yi Cheng rubbed Yuan Suo’s soft hair, “Happy 19th birthday.”

A cluster of fireworks exploded in the sky, reflecting as trailing lights in their eyes.

“Thank you, and happy birthday to you too Mo Yi Cheng!” Only, after Yuan Suo’s voice fell, Mo Yi Cheng’s hand became empty. The person in front of him had disappeared before his eyes…

Mo Yi Cheng froze for a moment. He knew very well that it was time for the little thing to return to the game, but he didn’t know why his heart felt so empty.

As another firework exploded in the sky, he took his phone out and said to Yuan Suo: “On your next birthday, I’ll take you to see the most beautiful fireworks in the world.”

As Yuan Suo stood in his living room and looked at Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes that were as deep as the night sky through the screen and the mesmerizing fireworks in the starry sky, he nodded solemnly.


After a while, Yuan Suo was able to get in and out of the phone proficiently, but the time was relatively short. It was only five hours a day, hence the two had to calculate how to use it every day, but they were more cautious when they went out occasionally, afraid that Yuan Suo would suddenly disappear into thin air in the middle of a crowd when the time was up.

They would have dinner and watch a movie together today, go out for a walk with their puppy tomorrow, and go to a snack street together the day after. In short, there was very little time, but the feeling of urgency every second made the two cherish their time together.

Mo Yi Cheng finished late today, hence Chen Jiao drove him back to the hotel.

In the car, Mo Yi Cheng flipped through a part of the script that was to be shot tomorrow, a focused expression on his face.

Chen Jiao drove very steadily and as Mo Yi Cheng didn’t like for music to be playing while driving, the atmosphere in the car was very quiet.

Chen Jiao was wearing a casual white shirt and a black jacket. After losing weight, his chubby shoulders had become a lot more thinner and because his shoulders were somewhat narrow, after losing weight, the slightly wider clothes he wore made people feel that he was particularly weak.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang, breaking the silence in the car.

He had originally set it to vibrate, but he didn’t know when the volume had been turned on. Perhaps because the phone was a little old, it had began to have all kinds of small problems. In short, the sudden ringing made Chen Jiao a little confused, but as the phone was inside his pocket, it was inconvenient to get it out so he said in embarrassment, “Mo Ge, I’m sorry.”

Mo Yi Cheng turned his head, making it so that one couldn’t see his expression, but his ears were turned slightly to the side and he seemed to be listening carefully.

Mo Yi Cheng said: “This voice is very familiar.”

Chen Jiao was a little embarrassed, “Ah, it’s… it’s my voice.”

Mo Yi Cheng asked: “Is it your song?” This kind of deep and slightly husky voice was very rare, and the style of the song fit very well with the feeling Chen Jiao gave, warm and comfortable.

Chen Jiao was a little embarrassed: “…It’s a demo from a long time ago. I found it by accident the other day and set it as the ringtone at random.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “I didn’t know you liked music.”

A helpless smile touched the corner of Chen Jiao’s lips: “I entered the entertainment industry because I like music.”

Mo Yi Cheng asked: “Why didn’t you continue singing?”

At this moment, the ringing stopped. Chen Jiao gripped the steering wheel tightly, “I don’t have the talent, so I gave up.”

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t say anything else, his eyes returning to the script. After a while, he looked up at the scenery on the street that was passing by through the window.

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