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Chapter 42.2 Mo Yixu’s sister-in-law!

Yuan Suo was somewhat restrained as he stood to the side. Although the two had already met once in reality before, the time had been short so Yuan Suo was still inexplicably nervous as he faced a lively Mo Yi Cheng again.

“Du Du when did you upgrade?” Mo Yi Cheng had been waiting anxiously for the little thing to come out at level 20.

Yuan Suo said quickly: “Just today, the school announced the previous art results and because I was the first I was awarded a point. I originally wanted to give Mo Yi Cheng a surprise, but…I don’t know what happened just now, maybe it’s because I don’t know how to control my entry and exit from the game well. Did …. did I cause trouble again?” When Yuan Suo said this his whole momentum weakened, like a small snail ready to shrink back into its shell at any time.

Mo Yi Cheng sighed. It seemed that no matter how many times he promised, the little thing was scared by the last time’s glitch and was afraid of ‘causing trouble’. Thinking of the system’s malfunctioning, Mo Yi Cheng’s heart twitched. He raised his arm and his big hand landed on Yuan Suo’s head, his hair thin and soft… just as he imagined when he rubbed it.

“You didn’t cause trouble, Mo Yixu is my brother, it’s okay.”

“Then… that’s good.” After confirming that he didn’t cause trouble, Yuan Suo smiled again.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “Now, let’s take out the cake.”

Yuan Suo nodded, “Mm-hmm!”

Mo Yi Cheng picked up the phone, ready to operate the game to take out the cake. As a result, Yuan Suo suddenly pulled his sleeves, “I’ll go in and get it or else it’ll cost gold coins.”

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but laugh. It turns out that the little guy was thinking of saving money.

“Alright.” Mo Yi Cheng agreed to his proposal.

Then holding his breath, Yuan Suo followed the system’s instructions to enter and exit the phone autonomously for the first time. He fell steadily inside the apartment in the game. Marshmallow barked repeatedly when he saw his owner appear then disappear for a while very amused. Yuan Suo had to prepare snacks and toys for it before he picked up the cake and returned to Mo Yi Cheng’s side.

Facing each other, the two of them put the candles in, made a wish and then blew out the candles together. As they were making a wish, Mo Yi Cheng opened his eyes and looked at Yuan Suo’s delicate little face that had a very serious expression on it under the candlelight. Then he asked Yuan Suo what he had wished for. Yuan Suo hesitated, stammering as he said that the wish wouldn’t come true if he said it out loud, but his little face suddenly turned red.

By the time the two of them finished eating the cake together, it was already eight o’clock in the evening. Yuan Suo had been out of the game for almost three hours.

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “How long can you stay outside now?”

Yuan Suo answered: “Five hours.”

In other words, there were still two hours left to use.

“Du Du, let me take you outside to have a look.” Mo Yi Cheng suggested when he thought of Du Du’s restricted area of activity inside the game. He could only go to the park for a walk during vacations and only during the day.

When Yuan Suo heard Mo Yi Cheng’s words, he nodded excitedly, biting on the small fork he had used to eat the cake that was still in his mouth.

Mo Yi Cheng reacted quickly, grabbing Yuan Suo’s wrist and taking the fork out.

“In the future, don’t bite your fork and nod, it will pierce your gums, do you understand?” Mo Yi Cheng let go of his Yuan Suo’s white wrist as he admonished.

Yuan Suo nodded obediently.

Yuan Suo returned to the game and changed his clothes. When he came out, Mo Yi Cheng had already tidied up, so the two left the house together.

This was the first time that Yuan Suo was coming into contact with the real world!

Mo Yi Cheng’s floor wasn’t that high up, but he still needed to take the elevator. Yuan Suo had only ever seen it on TV before.

After entering the elevator, Mo Yi Cheng clicked on the first floor.

Yuan Suo got into the elevator, but the moment the door closed, he flinched. Mo Yi Cheng noticed keenly, so he leaned towards Yuan Suo, “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable?” He was worried that Yuan Suo was claustrophobic and had other problems he didn’t know, “If you’re uncomfortable we’ll get out right now and take the stairs.” As he said this he moved to stop the elevator.

“It’s, it’s okay.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s movements stopped, but he clearly felt a change in the little thing’s emotions. The moment the door closed, his face turned pale.

“Are you afraid because you haven’t been in an elevator before?”

Yuan Suo hesitated for a moment, “It’s, it’s not that. It’s just that I used to make mistakes when I was small and was punished to reflect in the confinement room. It’s a little bit like this place, but it’s not very similar. There are lights here, so it’s not very scared.” And Mo Yi Cheng is here too!

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t know about Yuan Suo’s life experience. Elves had to reach a certain level before they could tell their players, but every time he heard or sensed the little thing’s past, his heart broke.

“Then from now on, we won’t take the elevator anymore.”

“En. Thank you Mo Yi Cheng.” Yuan Suo moved carefully to Mo Yi Cheng’s side, this way he wouldn’t be afraid again!

Mo Yi Cheng drove Yuan Suo around for a while. As they passed by a nighttime amusement park, the lights inside the shown brilliantly and beautifully. Yuan Suo looked through the car window with a look of anticipation.

“It’s late now, I’ll take you there next time, ok?”

Yuan Suo turned his head back immediately, “Du….. Du Du is not a child anymore.” However he really wanted to play, that big mouse slide was really cute…

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but smile, “Even if you’re not a child, you can still play.”

“Re… really?” Yuan Suo was surprised. In the interstellar world toys were for children under five years old. If one was eighteen years old it meant that they had already reached the age for combat… No, he was nineteen years old now, meaning he could get married in the interstellar world… not right, he was thinking too much! Yuan Suo pulled his thoughts back hurriedly.

Mo Yi Cheng said: “Of course, we will come and play together next time.”

The car stopped by the riverside.

The two walked side by side along the riverside. One was tall and handsome with a cold temperament that came naturally, and the other was slender and sunny, his hands behind his back as he took walked with joy.

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