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Chapter 43.2 Spend the rest of our lives together!

When he got home, he clicked into the game. It just so happened to be a little before 8 o’clock. Almost three hours had been used for eating in the morning and in the afternoon, but now that the small stuff could get out, he could just rest for a while.

However, he found Yuan Suo sitting cross-legged on the sofa in his gray rabbit pajamas, looking down at the materials spread out on the coffee table, the look from his back showing that he was very frustrated. Marshmallow was sleeping and snoring on the side, completely oblivious to Mo Yi Cheng’s appearance.

But Yuan Suo was much more sensitive than Marshmallow in this regard, because as soon as Mo Yi Cheng appeared, he raised his head to greet him. Although there was a smile on the corners of his lips, he was obviously not as energetic he usually was.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yi Cheng thought he was tired from waiting for him. Elf school was at the end of the semester, and recently, there had been a lot of examinations, so the pressure from school work had increased significantly.

Yuan Suo frowned a little, pursing his lips, “It’s a scene that I can’t handle it well. I’ll be acting on stage in a few days, but I’m afraid I’ll drag everyone down.”

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “Is it the script you’re holding?”

Yuan Suo nodded, “Hmm.”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “Do you want me to help you with the lines?”

The brightening in Yuan Suo’s eyes was very obvious, “Rea… really?”

“Of course.” Mo Yi Cheng gestured for the little thing to come out, took off his jacket, loosened the collar of his shirt, and sat in an extremely relaxed posture on the silver-grey leather sofa that had a few light-colored cartoon pillows in it.

Yuan Suo was afraid of waking Marshmallow, so he got up quietly, left the game, and appeared on the sofa out of thin air.

He was now able to control his position when he entered and exited the game. Several times before, he would almost be sitting on top of Mo Yi Cheng, or sticking too close to him and every time that happened, Mo Yi Cheng would suddenly seem to frown unhappily…

“Is this the script?” Mo Yi Cheng looked at the paper in Yuan Suo’s hand.

“Hmm, this is the script.” Yuan Suo nodded. Because of the high temperature in his room, the two buttons on the collar of his pajamas were unbuttoned, revealing a beautiful and slender neck.

Mo Yi Cheng coughed, “What role do you play?”

“A college student.” Yuan Suo moved to Mo Yi Cheng’s side again unconsciously, turning to a page as he said, “It has a confession scene. I’ve already memorized the lines very well and also practiced for a long time, but I just can’t get into the scene. The teacher said my gaze was too empty when I acted.”

Saying this, Yuan Suo gave him the script.

Mo Yi Cheng took it and read through it once. It was a stage play of about 20 minutes. The plot and characters were well developed and the lines were also very good, but when he saw the character that Yuan Suo was going to act, he understood. No wonder he said that he couldn’t get into it. It was really difficult to ask such a silly thing to play the role of a senior who was confessing his love, moreover there were a lot of corny words that were really a little difficult.

Yuan Suo couldn’t see most of Mo Yi Cheng’s face as it was blocked by the script, but he still caught a glimpse of the curvature of his thin lips.

What was Mo Yi Cheng laughing at? Could it be that the role was too childish…

After reading the script, Mo Yi Cheng got up, went to his study, made a copy, and returned the original script to Yuan Suo.

Yuan Suo took the script and looked at Mo Yi Cheng nervously with a little bit of anticipatation.

Mo Yi Cheng, in a rare attempt to adjust the atmosphere, said, “Now, it’s the time for this movie emperor to teach you.”

Yuan Suo sat up straight immediately.

“If you want to be able to play a role well, in addition to skills, it is important to be emotionally invested. You have to believe that you are the character and are experiencing all his emotions.”

Yuan Suo nodded.

“Now, let’s rehearse this line of yours.”

Yuan Suo froze. They were about to start reciting the lines directly?

“Let’s start.” Mo Yi Cheng didn’t major in acting, his master’s degree was in finance before he entered the film industry to become an actor, relying more on his natural talent and extraordinary comprehension.

Yuan Suo followed quickly, opening his script.

Mo Yi Cheng said: “I’ll demonstrate first.”


“I’ll be the senior who is confessing, and you’ll be the school girl who rejects me.”

“…. Okay.”

Mo Yi Cheng read the lines twice, raised his head and looked into Yuan Suo’s eyes quietly.

Yuan Suo felt his heart race instantly. Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes were scorching hot and there seemed to be stars in his dark eyes that made it difficult for him to look away.

Mo Yi Cheng’s voice was low and deep, “The first time I saw you was at the beginning of school year. During military training, my brothers and I went through the playground and I saw the sun stretch out the shadows under your eyelashes and I seemed to have fallen into the vortex of that shadow, but you were the only sunlight that could shine into that shadow…”

Yuan Suo stared at Mo Yi Cheng. His voice seemed to reach the deepest corner of his heart and even though he knew that this was just a line, just a drama and that his acting skills were excellent, Yuan Suo still couldn’t help it as his breath came out in short bursts and a thin layer of sweat appeared on the palm of his hand.

Mo Yi Cheng lowered his voice again, his husky voice filled with deep longing, “So, can I hold your hand, and spend the rest of our lives together?”

Yuan Suo froze.

Mo Yi Cheng waited for two seconds.

Actually, Yuan Suo’s line was very simple, it was only three words, “I’m very sorry”.

But at this moment, he simply couldn’t bring himself to say the words when they reached his mouth.

Mo Yi Cheng said so temptingly, can I hold your hand, and spend the rest of our lives together… Was it really possible?

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3 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. Awww, so sweet! I’m getting the feeling DuDu is going to forget this is acting and say yes.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    And there was one small thing I wanted to note: at one point DuDu said a sentence which ended with “I’m afraid I’ll drag everyone back.” This is a mashup of two different sayings that have similar meanings: “I’ll HOLD everyone back” and “I’ll drag everyone DOWN”.

    1. I’ve seen it. At first I didn’t really understand it, but after going over it a few times, I got it. I’ve changed “drag everyone back” —> “drag everyone down”. Thank you very much.

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