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Chapter 41.2 Birthday gift!

Emotions accumulated in Yuan Suo’s heart so much that tears rolled in his eyes, “Thank….. thank you Mo Yi Cheng.”

“It’s good if you like it.” Mo Yi Cheng said.

After seeing Mo Yi Cheng’s gift, apart from being excited and happy, Yuan Suo was suddenly a little nervous. Compared with Mo Yi Cheng’s intentions, weren’t his gifts too ordinary?

Unexpectedly, after the small picture frame was taken out and transmitted, Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t put it down as he kept on praising Yuan Suo.

“It can be placed by the bedside, there is a stand behind the frame.” Yuan Suo clutched the corner of his clothes out of habit nervously as he explained in a low voice.

“Really?” Mo Yi Cheng looked at the small stand that folded up delicately behind it, loving it even more. He hesitated suddenly, not knowing whether to put it on the bedside or put it in the safe.

“There’s… there’s cake too.” Seeing that Mo Yi Cheng liked the picture frame, Yuan Suo’s confidence increased greatly as he took his second gift out and lifted the lid on top of the cake.

The cake wasn’t big. It was only the size of a plate, with three layers of chocolate buttercream, stacked with creamy white mousse and authentic Belgian dark chocolate on the surface. Mo Yi Cheng could taste the rich flavor from across the screen.

“Du Du did you make it yourself?” This was the first time that Yuan Suo had brought back his work from school.

“Hmm.” The school cooking ingredients were usually not allowed to be brought back by the elves without authorization, but because it was a birthday gift for his player, Yuan Suo applied for permission in advance and brought back the ingredients only after approval.

“Thank you, Du Du.”

“You’re… you’re welcome.”

“Now, should we eat the cake and make a wish?” Mo Yi Cheng decided not to take out the cake he had prepared.

“Hmm, ok!” Then Yuan Suo realized that the birthday candles Anie had given to him were still in his school bag, so he turned around to go and bring them. When he returned, he still had a third gift to give to Mo Yi Cheng. That was, he had upgraded again and could now enter and exit the phone freely, although he hadn’t mastered it yet!

Just as Yuan Suo left to fetch the candles, Mo Yi Cheng’s other phone sent a video call notification. Looking at it, he saw that it was Mo Yixu who was studying in France. He hesitated, but still picked it up and tapped to connect it.

“Second brother! Happy birthday!” On the opposite side of the screen was a handsome-eyed teenager, whose eyebrows retained the handsomeness of the Mo family, but he was a bit more casual than the othet two brothers, and seemed easy to get along with. It was still noon over there in France and he had just finished playing football, so he was wearing sportswear, beads of sweat dotting his forehead.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled. He hadn’t seen Mo Yixu for some time, “Thank you.”

“Second brother, I originally set an alarm to remind me to send you a happy birthday text message at twelve o’clock according to the time at home, but my cell phone fell into the toilet a few days ago and the records were destroyed…”

“Cough, cough, cough…” When Yuan Suo, who had brought the candles back heard that his phone had fallen into the toilet, he was so shocked that he choked on his saliva, coughing several times.

“Huh?” Mo Yixu’s eyes swept to the corner of the screen suspiciously the moment his sharp ears heard the noise coming from Mo Yi Cheng’s side. He asked, “Second brother, are you in your own house?”

“Mhmm.” Mo Yi Cheng frowned slightly when he saw Yuan Suo choking, but it was difficult to show it in front of Mo Yixu.

“Mom called just now and said that you had dinner at home in the afternoon, then said that you have an important thing to do tonight so you couldn’t stay. Second brother, this is your first time in years saying that. Previously, as long as you were in S city, even if it was your birthday and you were in a crew, you would go home and stay overnight.” Mo Yixu looked carefree, but his mind was actually very quick.

Mo Yi Cheng paused, “It’s something very important.”

Mo Yixu narrowed his eyes, “Second brother, I have a sister-in-law right?”

“Cough…” Mo Yi Cheng was unable to hold back as he coughed, glancing at Mo Yixu coldly, “No.”

Mo Yixu refused to give up, “Then second brother, are you alone now?”

Mo Yi Cheng hesitated, “Yes.”

Mo Yixu was now more sure than ever that there was something fishy going on. “Not right, second brother, I think I heard someone else’s voice just now.”

Yuan Suo who was in the phone was so shocked that he covered his mouth quickly, not daring to even breathe.

“No.” Mo Yi Cheng denied it crisply.

“Second brother, you aren’t… you aren’t also taking the route of building a magnificent house for your mistress, right? And that girl couldn’t possibly be Lin Meng Xue who is spoken about widely online right?” Mo Yixu had been abroad for a long time and knew little about the things going on at home, so he started to guess wildly.

When Yuan Suo heard Lin Meng Xue’s name, his delicate eyebrows furrowed. Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t with Lin Meng Xue, that news was fake!

Naturally, Mo Yi Cheng denied it dryly, “If you don’t have anything else to do, stop guessing blindly. I’ve received the birthday wishes. Take care of yourself over there, and call home if you have nothing to do.” As he said this, he was about to hang up.

“Hey hey… Second brother, I haven’t finished speaking yet. Actually, I think Lin Meng Xue looks really good…”

Yuan Suo bit his fork. Just… no, Mo Yi Cheng said that Lin Meng Xue wasn’t a very good friend… the more Yuan Suo thought about it, the more angry he became and not knowing why, he felt that his body seemed to be out of control.

It may be because he had just reached level 20 and had never entered or exited the cell phone autonomously, so Yuan Suo couldn’t control this function well, hence after his emotions reached the peak, he followed his subconsciousness and activated the function of his body leaving the game.

He was ‘thrown’ out unpreparedly by the system and fell directly onto Mo Yi Cheng who was about to hang up the video call. Mo Yi Cheng was caught off guard, falling down to the floor together with Yuan Suo and the chair he was sitting in when he pounced into his arms.

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