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Chapter 41.1 Birthday gift!

Today was Mo Yi Cheng’s birthday.

Yuan Suo came back from the park early, and stored the little wooden horses Grandpa Abel had given to him carefully on the bottom of the cabinet of the bookcase. The little wooden horses were exquisitely carved and lively, arranged in different shapes.

After putting them away, Yuan Suo wrapped the picture frame he had made with colorful wrapping paper and put a small note inside. Then, while Mo Yi Cheng hadn’t entered the game yet, he took out the piece of cake he had made at school and put it on the table, the candles on it given to him by Anie.

Moreover, he took the first place in class in the art quiz test today and received a credit point for it, which meant that the system opened up the permission for him to enter and exit the game, but he deleted the notification quietly… however he wasn’t sure if this should be a surprise or not!

Ten minutes later, after getting everything ready, Yuan Suo rubbed his hands as he sat on the sofa, waiting for Mo Yi Cheng to return anxiously and expectantly.

Would Mo Yi Cheng like his gift? The picture frame he made himself and the cake that he had worked so hard on for so long, he didn’t know if it would be to Mo Yi Cheng’s taste.

After sitting and waiting for only ten minutes with Marshmallow, Yuan Suo began to feel anxious. Mo Yi Cheng was going home for dinner with his family first, but he had promised to come back early. Thinking about something, he got up from the sofa, walked to the front of the screen, looked around it, then ran to the window to look outside and found that there was nothing unusual. It couldn’t be a system failure again right?

Just as he was about to sit back on the sofa and wait for Mo Yi Cheng to log into the game, the faint sound of a running engine suddenly came from behind him.

He turned around subconsciously and saw a remote-controlled indoor aircraft hanging in the air, more than a meter away from his position, a blue colored silk on top of it and a small box tied below.

Yuan Suo was stunned for a moment, then realized that the beautifully wrapped small box must be a gift from Mo Yi Cheng! “Bark, bark, bark!” Marshmallow jumped up to bite the gift box. Yuan Suo ran over in surprise, reached out to take it, but stopped suddenly when he was about to touch the box, looking around.

“Mo….. Mo Yi Cheng, are you there?” He suddenly realized that Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t displayed on his side of the screen, so who was controlling the machine?

Suddenly, the standby screen glowed and Mo Yi Cheng, with a doting and gentle smile on his face appeared on it and as expected, the remote control for the aircraft was in his hand.

Mo Yi Cheng used the remote control to bring the aircraft closer to Yuan Suo and said: “This is the game’s stealth mode.”

“Stealth… stealth mode?” Yuan Suo was shocked!

“It’s been there since a long time ago.”

“Hmm…” Then didn’t this mean that Mo Yi Cheng appeared sometimes, but he didn’t know? Yuan Suo became nervous immediately, quickly recalling in his mind whether he had done anything embarrassing before.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled lightly, “You don’t have to think about it, there are a lot.” For example, squatting in front of the refrigerator and drooling as he watched the ice cream, then finally digging a small spoon into it secretly and smoothing the surface after, like the first time he mistakenly thought there was a mouse in the house when he saw a sweeping robot…

Yuan Suo flushed at Mo Yi Cheng’s words, before finally stammering in retort, “Peep… peeping is wrong!”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at him for a moment, then nodded, “Yes, so today is the last time I would be using this function. I will respect your privacy and choices in the future. This is your first gift today.”

“….Thank you.” Yuan Suo’s eyes were slightly hot. This was his first time hearing Mo Yi Cheng say that he would respect his privacy and choices.

“Next, it’s time to look at the second gift for today.” Mo Yi Cheng motioned for Yuan Suo to open the small box.

Yuan Suo untied the box nervously. Mo Yi Cheng landed the aircraft to the side as he watched Yuan Suo intently, waiting for him to open the gift.

Yuan Suo opened the box and found a very delicate key lying inside. He took it out and was examining it carefully when suddenly, another box, half a man’s height appeared behind him with a lock on it.

“Open it and see.” Mo Yi Cheng instructed.

Yuan Suo walked over curiously, inserted the key into the keyhole carefully, turned it, then looked back at Mo Yi Cheng. Mo Yi Cheng nodded, signalling for him to open the lid. Yuan Suo had to use a little force to open the lid and suddenly his mouth couldn’t close from the surprise, little stars in his eyes.

Mo Yi Cheng actually gave him… a box full of comic books! A lot of them were rare and extremely precious collector’s editions that were on the market. Such a large pile in the box here was enough to show his intentions.

Yuan Suo stretched his arm into the box, and stroked the books gently with his fingertips, his love for the books showing. He loved to draw, but no one in the interstellar world supported him. Even if his mother loved him so much, she only considered it as a pastime entertainment.

“Thank you, Mo Yi Cheng.”

“You’re welcome. There’s one last gift waiting for you.” Mo Yi Cheng pointed to the box with his chin.

It was only then that Yuan Suo discovered that the box was not only filled with comic books, but there was also a coffee-colored envelope in the upper right corner, on which was written “Du Du, happy birthday.” It was Mo Yi Cheng’s signature, the handwriting resplendent and magnificent.

There were so many surprises today. Yuan Suo’s hands shook a little as he took the envelope and opened it, and found that it was only a paper shell the size of a name tag.

Written on the paper shell was the name of a person Yuan Suo didn’t recognize: Ming Zhao. There were two numbers of different lengths below.

Seeing the confusion on his face, Mo Yi Cheng explained: “Ming Zhao is the editor of Feng Yun magazine, responsible for the illustration of articles. This is her contact information. If you want, you can contact her through this number.”

Yuan Suo froze. I can work part-time? No… won’t he cause trouble again?

Mo Yi Cheng saw worry on Yuan Suo’s face, “This is the third gift today, you can pursue it if you want and even if you really get into trouble, you still have me.”

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5 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. Awww, Mo Yi Cheng is so sweet to our Little DuDu. 🥰

    Thanks for the update!

    And I wanted to say that this has mistakenly been uploaded twice on NU. Once as 41 part 1 (which it is) and then again as 42 part 1.

  2. It’s nice to see that Mo Yi Cheng has reflected on how he’s treats Yuan Suo. He’s been super nice to him overall, but he’s also been overprotective in ways that stunt Yuan Suo’s growth as a person.

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