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Chapter 22.1 Du Du is super witty╭(╯^╰)╮

Mo Yi Cheng browsed through the photos repeatedly in an unperturbed manner while saying calmly and freely: “Since this is a negotiation, both sides must put forward their opinions, discuss together and finally come up with a result that is acceptable to both sides.”

After he finished saying this, he saw Yuan Suo’s eyes widen with conviction.

Mo Yi Cheng was so professional! He shook his head, Mo Yi Cheng was now his opponent, he had to calm down! He had to force himself to look at Mo Yi Cheng as a negotiating opponent, as an enemy, so as not to be confused!

“En.” Yuan Suo agreed.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo’s serious expression and couldn’t help being amused. He was probably finally seeing a more vivid expression on this overly well-behaved face.

“Then, let’s get started.” Mo Yi Cheng used a motion that was commonly used at the negotiation table, his aura becoming completely bitingly cold.

Yuan Suo thought for a while, then went to the side and took the small chair used for painting and sat on it, his small face tight, full of seriousness. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he was wearing a one-piece bunny pajamas, he would really have the temperament that was used at negotiation tables.

The air froze for a few seconds.

Yuan Suo finally couldn’t help it and spoke tentatively, deliberately lowering his voice to appear mature, “My…. my opinion is to not to delete the photos.”

Mo Yi Cheng was non-committal, “My opinion is to delete.” The last one.

“Um… I, I stand by my opinion, to not delete the photos.” He copied Mo Yi Cheng, also putting his two hands together, but he couldn’t cross his small short legs, so he could only give up.

Mo Yi Cheng suppressed the smile at the corners of his mouth, “Then what bargaining chips are you using in this exchange?”

“I… ” Yuan Suo choked, suddenly realizing that he didn’t seem to have any bargaining chips to use to negotiate with Mo Yi Cheng. What he ate and what he used, even the hope of survival had been given to him by Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng also didn’t intend to make things too difficult for the little guy. If he teased him too much, he himself wouldn’t feel much better.

“How about this, since you can’t think of a particularly good bargaining chip, why don’t I help you think of one?” Mo Yi Cheng guided patiently.

Hmm! So good, Mo Yi Cheng was really good! Yuan Suo couldn’t help but praise him again, but his little face was still tense, he had to maintain the seriousness of the negotiation!

“Please… go ahead.” He straightened his back, copying the appearance of the superboss that he had practiced in acting class.

Mo Yi Cheng also pretended to be serious, but after thinking about it, he realized surprisingly that he didn’t have anything to ask of him. Du Du had many advantages, he was kind, innocent, and cute, but he also had a lot of small shortcomings… He froze for a moment, was there any? It seemed…. everything was very good.

“You…” He slowly spoke.

Yuan Suo listened carefully.

“Is there anything you’d like me to ask of me?”

Huh? Yuan Suo’s originally tense nerves turned around a little. Wasn’t Mo Yi Cheng helping him to think of ‘bargaining chips’, how come he was asking him what he wanted?

“No… nothing.”

“There is really nothing?” He knew that sometimes he didn’t do well, and that there were a lot of things that the little thing was afraid to speak to him about.

“No.” He said sincerely, “Mo Yi Cheng is the best person I have ever met and who has treated me as well as my mother.”

Mo Yi Cheng raised his hand and tapped the screen twice. Yuan Suo felt a warm touch on his forehead and raised his head, his face blossoming into an incomparably sunny smile.

It seems that this negotiation was destined to have no winners, and of course, no losers.

But now that the game had started, there had to be a result.

Mo Yi Cheng thought about it and said, “Let’s do it this way, if you promise me one thing, you can keep nine of the photos.” The movie emperor who was still trying to delete that photo, stated his condition.

Yuan Suo thought about it, the ten photos, he couldn’t bear to delete any of them….

“That, I want to bargain!” He got up from his chair, feeling that the time had come to use his talent for negotiation.

“……” Mo Yi Cheng was a little surprised, then pursed his thin lips, “Alright.”

“The ten photos should be kept, I….. I can promise three requests!” Yuan Suo bargained generously then looked at Mo Yi Cheng expectantly, seemingly very satisfied with his own wit.

Mo Yi Cheng shifted his position slightly, picked up the pen on the table and turned it deliberately, his handsome eyebrows slightly grave, as if he was thinking, but the corners of his mouth had risen at a faintly undetectable angle beneath the shadows.


“Huh… ” Mo, Mo Yi Cheng agreed? That was really great! His two small fists that were crossed over his chest shook slightly twice.

Mo Yi Cheng: “Then let’s talk about the requests now.”

Being able to keep the photos, Yuan Suo was satisfied, nodding happily. In fact, if it wasn’t that they were talking about conditions, anything that Mo Yi Cheng asked of him, he would do, so whether it was three or thirty three hundred requests, he could do it all! (:з”∠) he was really super witty!

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