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Chapter 21.2 Du Du solves a case and even has negotiations!

The corner of Mo Yi Cheng’s mouth twitched but he suppressed the smile, asking without emotion, “You have a photo album?”

Yuan Suo’s hand shook and a piece of small green leaf on the carrot button fell, “I, I… I, I… I only have a junior album.”


“Only 10 photos can be saved.” Yuan Suo said with disappointment flashing inside his eyes, obviously regretting the lack of storage space.

“Inside the album, are the pictures that you took?”

Yuan Suo’s two hands fingers entwined together as he hesitated, then like a deflated balloon, he decided to confess in order to be met with leniency, “Eh… I… I just took a little bit. No…. no sneak pics of Mo Yi Cheng’s privacy, well… they are not particularly private…. in fact, some of them are a little private, just a little.”

Mo Yi Cheng had basically determined the contents of the album. His fingers resting on his legs moved involuntarily rhythmically, the other hand’s index finger bent slightly, resting on his temple. A warm yellow light shone from behind him, coating his entire figure with a nice layer of light. The doting and pampering in his eyes could no longer be concealed.

“Can I see Du Du’s photo album?”

Huh? Mo Yi Cheng was asking for his opinion? He thought he would directly use his rights as a player to open the album, but after freezing for a while, Yuan Suo understood that this was a kind of respect from Mo Yi Cheng to him. He wasn’t smart, but he could feel the kindness around him, and he could also feel the warmth of those who gave it.

Originally, after being caught, he had been incomparable nervous but now he calmed down. He raised his head and looked straight into Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes, nodding, “Mo Yi Cheng can look at it.”

He took the initiative to bring the photos up.

From Yuan Suo’s perspective, it was displayed in an electronic photo album on the wall, but from Mo Yi Cheng’s perspective, it was a reduced photo album displayed in the lower right corner of his phone which could be adjusted manually.

Mo Yi Cheng flipped through the photos one by one, fingers sliding in front of the screen. With his every move, Yuan Suo’s heart beat violently, his pale face flushing, his temples also jumping. He suddenly regretted it a little, he shouldn’t have given him the photos. Mo Yi Cheng wouldn’t think he was a bad person right?

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the photos of himself.

The side profile of his face focused on a script under the light of the desk lamp, a photo of him in a costume at the scene of a filming, a sleepy-eyed person in the morning, and a… soft look, this one should have been when he was operating the phone as he made breakfast for Yuan Suo, the rising warm sun sprinkling in from the window, the tone of the photo particularly soft…

As he looked at the photo, his chest was filled to the brim with a strange feeling… and it seemed to be overflowing.

“Mo… Mo Yi Cheng.” Seeing Mo Yi Cheng not talking for a long time, Yuan Suo became very nervous.

Mo Yi Cheng was pulled back by Yuan Suo’s voice. His hand turned to the last page of the album then froze once again. It was unexpectedly a photo of him after he had fallen asleep. This should have been taken a few days ago when work was very hectic. He had slept heavily, and his movements were… bigger. Half of his face was buried in the pillow, his hair disheveled, his mouth half open, and even because of the angle that the photo had been taken, there was a little bit of the illusion of him rolling his eyes…

This little thing was too courageous! He closed his eyes. This was probably the least ‘decent’ photo of him in his whole 28 years of living! Even in his childhood photos, the little Mo Yi Cheng was densely filled with idol potential.

“Du Du.”

“En.” Yuan Suo leaned forward nervously.

“… This photo.”

“It… it should stay.” His voice was small, afraid that Mo Yi Cheng would be displeased and delete a lot of the photos he had worked hard to save after a long time of screening them.

“It can’t be kept.” What Mo Yi Cheng meant was that the last one couldn’t be kept.

Yuan Suo’s eyes turned red at once, so anxious that his small hands hanging on both sides clutched his soft pajamas tightly. “Woo…”

Mo Yi Cheng hesitated for a moment, but finally felt that it would be better to delete such an imageless photo. Subconsciously, in his mind, his image in the little guy’s mind wasn’t allowed to be flawed!

Seeing Mo Yi Cheng about to press the ‘delete’ button, Yuan Suo became anxious. His blood rushed up, his courage suddenly breaking through the sky.

“No… it can’t be deleted!”

Mo Yi Cheng’s hand paused. He only saw the red-eyed Yuan Suo inside the phone, his small fists clenched, looking like a small anti-tyrant warrior.

“Why can’t it be deleted?” If the little thing liked it, there was no harm in keeping it… it was just that he still asked, not knowing what kind of answer to expect.

But the answer that he said the next moment, was definitely not what he wanted to hear.

“Because….. because….. Mo Yi Cheng also took photos secretly!”

“Huh?” Mo Yi Cheng was stunned, when did he take photos secretly?

“You took… screenshots, lots and lots of screenshots.” Yuan Suo pursed his mouth after speaking, and for a moment it seemed as if he knew that he had been impulsive and was a little scared, but to defend his photos, he had to hold on. His little face was filled with stubbornness and determination, his pair of big eyes wet and moist.

Mo Yi Cheng instantly understood the little thing’s meaning, feeling a rare form of embarrassment. He covered it up with a light cough. It could be said that Yuan Suo had hit the nail on the head. He had indeed taken a lot of screenshots of him secretly, but they existed inside the phone, and he had saved a copy on the cloud, thinking no one was the wiser.

“Du Du wants to keep the photos?” After adjusting for few seconds, he decided to outsmart the little thing.

Yuan Suo nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, “Mmm!”

“Then… we’ll negotiate, it’s fairer that way.”

It took Yuan Suo a while to react, then he nodded with confidence, “Hmm, negotiations can be done.”

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