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Chapter 22.2 Du Du is super witty╭(╯^╰)╮

Mo Yi Cheng thought for a moment, then said, “The first request, you can only eat a maximum of two boxes of ice cream per week.” This little thing was recently obsessed with Turkish ice cream, eating a box almost every day. If he didn’t give it to him to eat he would just look at him with those eyes and he really couldn’t defend himself against them, so he allowed him to eat it every two days, but he was still worried about it hurting his stomach and teeth.

Ice cream… can’t… can’t be eaten casually anymore? O….. okay. Yuan Suo nodded. Then he waited for Mo Yi Cheng to mention the second request.

Mo Yi Cheng put the pen in his hand down and said, “The remaining two… let’s save it first.” He couldn’t think of it now, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t think of it later.

“It’s okay to save it.” Yuan Suo didn’t express the slightest objection.

And so the battle of wits and negotiations ended. Mo Yi Cheng left the study, took Yuan Suo back to the bedroom, urged him to take a shower, brush his teeth, told him he wasn’t allowed to browse through weibo again, and that he should go to bed early.

Mo Yi Cheng was reading a magazine for a while when he saw that Yuan Suo had fallen asleep. He was curled up into a ball with only his small face exposed and he seemed to be having a beautiful dream, a smile on his face. So, he couldn’t resist… and took a picture.

After taking a shower, Chen Jiao lay in bed, tossing and turning. Normally he didn’t eat dinner at this time until his stomach screamed with hunger then he would usually drink a few mouthfuls of water to tide him over. However today, probably because of his emotions, he not only wasn’t hungry, there was even a feeling of revulsion. He touched his belly, it seemed to be a little bit smaller, and the change in his weight on the scale also made him more confident day by day.

It was just today that Qian He had pointed to his nose and scolded him, and he who thought that he had become incomparably strong inside a long time ago felt a little bit of a sting.

Now things had become so big and he had also involved Mo Yi Cheng. It was possible that the company would eventually replace him. He had already started to think about where he should go if he left his job. When he had entered the entertainment industry, it was with a dream, but after so many years, the little drive that he’d had been polished off.

He let his imagination run wild until it was nearly dawn before he finally mustered the courage to turn on his phone again and open Weibo.

As a result, he was surprised to find that things had already taken a big turn!

The water army that had previously sprayed him as a damn fat man with a couple of conspiracy theories thrown in had disappeared after a short video was used as ironclad evidence. The netizens who were following the twists and turns of the plot were excited. More than anything else, they were pointing at Qian He, disappointed at him.

“Qian He, this type of person, it’s better if he gets out of the entertainment industry!”

“He is really a real drama queen, a thief shouting to catch a thief!”

“I’m not his fan anymore, you can take it as I was blind before.”

“The little fatty has suffered an undeserved disaster.”

“Maybe my He He may have also been framed!”

Occasionally there were one or two comments that said they felt distressed for the fatty.

Chen Jiao was naturally happy that his innocence had been proven, but no matter how he looked at it, it was as if the video had been shot from his perspective, moreover it should have been with Mo Yi Cheng’s treasured phone.

Someone also discovered this and tried to discuss why Mo Yi Cheng’s assistant was able to record a video in such an emergency, and whether there was any conspiracy behind it, but at this point, everyone’s attention was basically drawn to the twisted clown-like Qian He, so it had few replies and likes.

In the end, the matter ended with Qian He issuing a formal apology.

He didn’t attend the release conference of the new film, and the PR also tried to avoid mentioning his name. The good thing was that his role didn’t have a lot of appearances, however many of the viewers still met the new film with high enthusiasm because of Mo Yi Cheng.

A few days later, it was rumored that Qian He’s good resources had been snatched away by another rising star, and some even said the producer had to replace him because of his notoriety.

In the meantime, Du Du had been upgraded again!

The system sent a message that because of his wise and kind act, getting a good result after getting rid of evil and promoting good in the real world, his level had jumped directly from 3 to 8.

Yuan Suo was so happy that he rolled around on the bed, causing the new Totoro one-piece fur pajamas that Mo Yi Cheng had bought for him to make him look even more… plump and round.

He had two more levels to go before he could have a new skin and regain his original appearance! At the same time, the system also opened up a nearby park as an active area for him.

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  1. Lil one already can go to the park!! More interaction!!!! (≧∇≦)/

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    1. Uwuuuuuuuuuuu kyaaaaaaaa…. I die at the fluffiness of du du!!!!
      Gad! The most fluffy of the fluffiest novel I have read so far ^=^

  2. Aww, Du Du was so cute when he heard he couldn’t eat ice cream every day anymore. And the MYC was also sweet for letting him do it every two days.

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