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Chapter 14.1 System notification: There was a system malfunctioning, but it has been fixed automatically

Yuan Suo didn’t have time to get excited, striding over to the kitchen. No sooner had his hand touched the gas switch than he felt a tremendous force pulling at him. He threw himself forward with all his might to turn off the switch at the last moment.

At the same time, Mo Yi Cheng, who heard the noise in the living room, entered, with Mother Mo still talking on the phone.

As he listened to her nagging, he checked his phone for the first time, but Yuan Suo was sitting on the carpet safe and sound.

Had it been an illusion?

He said a few more words then hung up. Only then did he realize that the milk was still warm in the kitchen, but when he walked into the kitchen, he discovered that the gas stove had been turned off at some point.

He frowned, when had he turned it off?

Glancing around the living room in confusion, his eyes finally settled on his cell phone, where Yuan Suo was holding a cup and brushing his teeth as if nothing had happened.

The system had already given warning, that this had been a system malfunction, and that he couldn’t reveal it to the player.

“Yuan Suo.”

“En…” Yuan Suo was aggrieved. He didn’t like lying, especially to Mo Yi Cheng, but he couldn’t go against the system.

“When did I turn off the gas?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Yuan Suo shook his head desperately.

Mo Yi Cheng faintly guessed something, but he couldn’t be sure, so he finally had to give up, “Okay, go to bed after washing up later, don’t walk around barefoot.”

“Got it.” Yuan Suo nodded.

In the evening, as Mo Yi Cheng looked through the messages, he found a system notification.

[System notification: There was a system malfunctioning, but it has been fixed automatically]

It was finally the day when Yuan Suo officially enrolled in school.

The school bus that picked up and dropped of the elves stopped at the gate. The driver was a middle-aged NPC wearing a professional uniform with a friendly face. The bus arrived at the elf’s residence on time and stopped for three minutes. Within three minutes if the elf didn’t get on the school bus, the bus would leave, and the elf without permission to leave the apartment on his own would have to miss class. The elf school rules stipulated that more than three tardies per semester and two absences would result in the deduction of all credits and the elf would have to repeat the semester.

Afraid to miss the school bus, Yuan Suo set the alarm clock the night before, but opened his eyes before it went off. After dawdling on the bed for a while, the day dawned outside the window…

Mo Yi Cheng also had this matter on his mind, so he woke up a little earlier than usual. When he clicked into the game, he found that Yuan Suo was already fully dressed, and his school uniform had a shiny name tag with the word “Du Du” written on it.

“Mo Yi Cheng, good morning.” Yuan Suo greeted, carrying a small school bag in his arms.

“Morning.” Mo Yi Cheng asked, “When did you get up?”

“Half an hour ago.”

“You’re afraid of being late?” Mo Yi Cheng guessed what he was thinking.

“Mm-hmm.” Yuan Suo nodded, Mo Yi Cheng was really smart.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the time, “It’s still a full hour before the school bus arrives, we won’t miss it, let’s eat breakfast first.”

Mo Yi Cheng was now able to operate the game with ease, hence he heated up a cup of soy milk, made two small buns, a boiled egg and a few sliced oranges.

Yuan Suo’s appetite had decreased due to the stress, so he left half of the small buns and boiled egg. Mo Yi Cheng also didn’t force him. He asked him to wash his hands, and then helped him check if he had forgotten anything in his small, bulging backpack.

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  1. Uh, I’m not sure if it’s a typo or something, but MYC called YS ‘Yuan Suo’ instead of Du Du (the part where he was askinh about the stove)

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