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Chapter 13.2 Mo Yi Cheng, for you.

Going upstairs and taking out his phone, Mo Yi Cheng entered the game. Yuan Suo was sitting on the bed, head buried in front of the tablet, typing with two chubby fingers.

Seeing Mo Yi Cheng, he withdrew his hand in embarrassment, “Mo Yi Cheng, are we home?”

Mo Yi Cheng, “En, we are home. What are you doing?”

He rubbed his fingers, “Reply…. replying to Weibo messages.”

“Really? Du Du also has Weibo?” Mo Yi Cheng asked knowingly. 

“Mhm.” Yuan Suo nodded.

Mo Yi Cheng took off his jacket and moved his neck somewhat tiredly, “You’ve spent too much time with the screen today, you’re not allowed to look at it anymore. Now go clean up, have a glass of milk after, then go and rest.”

Yuan Suo said obediently, “Got it.”

Mo Yi Cheng put his cell phone on the coffee table, switched on the gas to heat up a glass of milk and turned around to put the clothes in the closet, when Mother Mo called.

He picked up the call and walked to the balcony of the bedroom.

“Yi Cheng, I went out for afternoon tea today with your Aunt Lin and we spoke about you and Meng Xue. Your Aunt Lin said that when Meng Xue went home, she sang praises about you. Your Uncle Lin also said that he dealt with you at a charity event before and admires you very much. I also like her. Meng Xue, that girl, has good upbringing, high education and she’s beautiful, if…”

Mo Yi Cheng knew that the call would never end until she finished her sentence, so he listened silently, but he had no intention of going out with Lin Meng Xue. He didn’t know if it was because he’d been too busy with work these past few years, but his love life had been in a state of limbo, making it difficult for anyone to enter his heart, and he didn’t seem ready to call anyone into his life.


After listening to Mo Yi Cheng’s words, Yuan Suo turned off the tablet obediently and prepared to go to the washroom. Before going to wash up, he cleaned up the junk on the coffee table. After he finished, he was about to go into the bathroom, when he suddenly discovered that the phone was facing the direction of Mo Yi Cheng’s kitchen, and the milk inside the milk pan had bubbled out.

He yelled out twice, but Mo Yi Cheng was too far away to hear the anxious cries that came out through his cell phone.

He turned around in a circle. Uh… he had seen a movie before…… it was about a man who forgot to turn off the water in his house. The water extinguished the gas, and the owner was poisoned….

The more he thought about it, the more he became afraid. He called out a few more times but didn’t get any response. Where exactly had Mo Yi Cheng gone to? Would it be like the TV show? Mo Yi Cheng would be poisoned, then faint…. then, the more he thought about it, the more he got scared.

The fire above the stove looked like it was about to be extinguished….

Yuan Suo was like an ant in a hot pan. He knew it was useless, but he reached out towards the kitchen and tried to turn off the gas stove.

“Puff— tong.”

He fell on the thick carpet with a muffled sound, not feeling any pain, but the sensation of falling with his one foot hanging out onto the ground caused him to be a bit confused.

Getting up hastily, he was surprised to find himself outside the phone, standing inside Mo Yi Cheng’s living room!

He lowered his head and stretched out his hands, slender and fair. Through the reflection of the TV, he saw himself as he was now, slender body, white skin, clear eyes, red lips and white teeth, dark brown hair, with particularly soft bangs covering his eyebrows. He was exactly as he had been before…

I… I have recovered?

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