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Chapter 14.2 System notification: There was a system malfunctioning, but it has been fixed automatically

The notice report, a set of self-provided chef’s uniform, a drawing board, paper and pencil. Mo Yi Cheng also put a piece of fruit in it, and although the school would distribute lunchboxes in the afternoon, he was afraid that Yuan Suo wouldn’t be used to it, so he simply prepared another lunchbox.

When Yuan Suo came out of the bathroom after washing his hands, he noticed that his small backpack was bulging even more.

Di Di Di.

The school bus had finally arrived.

He picked up his small backpack, waved goodbye to Mo Yi Cheng, opened the door and ran out. The door of the school bus opened automatically and Yuan Suo, grabbing the bag straps with both hands tried his best to move his short legs up, but couldn’t do so even after two tries when a slender, wheat-colored hand stretched out from inside the bus. He hesitated, then grasped it timidly and was immediately pulled up.

The door closed.

The school bus moved away gradually.

As Mo Yi Cheng watched the school bus disappear into the distance, the apartment became…. empty for the first time. Because of the game’s regulations, public areas other than the apartment weren’t open to players until they reached a certain level, so he wasn’t able to see Yuan Suo’s life in school.

He turned the game off, feeling lost. Chen Jiao had already been waiting downstairs for him for a while. Today was his first day of work again, shooting a mini-movie for an internationally renowned fashion brand.

When Yuan Suo entered the school bus, he found that there were already five elves on the bus besides him, and that he was the last passenger.

“Hello.” The one who greeted him was the boy who had just helped him get on the bus just now.

Yuan Suo had to tilt his head back to see the boy’s appearance clearly. The boy’s black hair was trimmed very short, his skin wheat-colored, his white teeth very sunny when he smiled.

“Hello, thank you.” Yuan Suo extended his hand politely.

The boy smiled and shook his hand. “You’re welcome. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new elf in school. I’m Long Bow, what’s your name?”

“Du Du.” Yuan Suo’s chest puffed out, the name tag that Mo Yi Cheng had obtained for him still on it.

“Your name is very cute.” Long Bow said.

“Thank you.”

A girl sitting in the back row suddenly exclaimed, “Wow, you’re the cutest junior elf I’ve ever seen,” As she said this, she was about to get up.

The driver immediately used the radio to remind her not to walk around randomly in order to ensure safety while driving.

The girl sat back down reluctantly, but she still waved at Yuan Suo, “Little cutie, how old are you?”

Yuan Suo sat in the front row, but the back of the seat was so high that only a pair of eyes were visible when he turned back, “Hello, my name is Du Du, I’m 18 years old.”

The girl said immediately, “Du Du hello, my name is Su Yi, but you can call me big sister. If you follow me in the future, I, your big sister will take care of you.”

Long Bow laughed, “Didn’t you say you were 17 years old yesterday, how come you’re a big sister today?”

“You!” The girl who was exposed was angry.

The few other people in the car also laughed, but only one person in the corner, who was wearing a peaked cap with a gloomy face, glanced at Yuan Suo’s limited edition LV bag, snorted coldly and turned his head to look out the window.

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  1. If someone bullies DuDu I’ll start breaking knees 😤😤 y’all better watch out

    Thank you for the chapter♡

  2. I thought the elves were pure souls? Or is the gloomy person a pure soul that sometimes has a bad attitude? Like they’re not a bad person just a bit of a brat??

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