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Chapter 8.1 (^▽^)Mo Yi Cheng was amazing, he could afford to study!

After 20 minutes of exercise on the treadmill, Yuan Suo came down, panting and dizzy, but he followed Mo Yi Cheng’s instructions not to drink water or sit down right away, but to continue to do some stretching exercises…

He was wearing a small gray sweatshirt with white sneakers which, unbeknownst to him, was exactly what Mo Yi Cheng wore when he exercised.

His hand had almost recovered, but Mo Yi Cheng still couldn’t let go of his worry, forbidding him to clean up his room by himself except for simple washing and he wasn’t allowed to touch the water for a long period of time.

After resting for a while, the sweat on his body subsided. He changed his clothes, sat cross-legged on the floor, and took out the “drawing paper” that he had saved little by little which was actually some food wrappers and product manuals. Mo Yi Cheng didn’t know that he liked to draw, so he didn’t think to buy some drawing paper for him, however Yuan Suo wanted to save money so he naturally wouldn’t ask for it.

However drawing on beautiful wrapping paper like he was doing now, was something new for him.

He drew for a while then held his chin, thinking for a while.

Ding! The system beep sounded again.

System message: Elf Du Du, you have an email from the first Elf college.

He tapped to open the email.

To his pleasant surprise, it was a letter of admission.

Letter of Admission.

Student Du Du:

You have been accepted to the school as approved by the Elf Rebirth Program Ministry of Education Secondary School Admissions Office. Please report to school on September 1st with your tuition fee of 12,000 gold coins together with this letter of notification for registration.

Office of Secondary School Admissions, Ministry of Education, Elf Rebirth Program.

August 2, 2018

Also: The attached table shows the departments and subjects of the university. Students may voluntarily choose the subjects they wish to study, each subject is worth 3 credits and students require 6 credits per semester to pass the course.

Receiving this admission notice, Yuan Suo was a bit excited. In the interstellar space, he couldn’t enter the military and political academy together with his brothers because his IQ was too low. Later, when he wanted to enter the Academy of Fine Arts, he was scolded by his father for being unproductive, with his brothers also saying that it would disgrace the royal family, so he had no choice but to give up.

Opening the schedule, he found many different majors. On it, he saw ‘Fine Arts’ and then ‘Cooking’, which was his mother’s favorite thing and which he had also been interested in since he was a child.

It was just… the tuition amount on the notice was really not low.

The money that was spent on his food and clothing now was a lot, if he went to school…

Just then, another message came in.

It was sent by Mo Yi Cheng.

He was surprised, this was the first time Mo Yi Cheng had sent him an email. Mo Yi Cheng was still on set and had received the admission notice the same time as Yuan Suo. Knowing that Yuan Suo would be anxious about the tuition fees, he wanted to tell him as soon as possible not to worry, but with the previous experience with Li Meng Xue, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t want to let others see Yuan Suo, so he chose to send him an email.

Mo Yi Cheng’s email had only one sentence: Go study, there’s one thing I’ve been forgetting to tell you, and it’s that the gold coins in the game is different from reality, one yuan can buy 100 gold coins.

When Yuan Suo received this email, he counted on his chubby fingers. If that was the case, then his tuition would be 120 yuan. (^▽^)Mo Yi Cheng was amazing, he could afford to study!

In the evening, Mo Yi Cheng, like a parent who was sending his child to school for the first time, carefully helped Yuan Suo choose the subjects to study together.

With him respecting the majority of Yuan Suo’s ideas.

Two majors: Fine Arts and Cooking.

For the rest, Mo Yi Cheng proposed that two more elective subjects should be chosen so that more credits could be taken, but of course he didn’t say that this could be used to make up in case he didn’t get full credits for the two majors. He wanted to make sure that the little guy could graduate successfully without getting tired.

“Let’s add flower arrangement.” There was only one class per week, and the class exam only required the preparation of a bouquet of your own design.

Yuan Suo was silent.

Mo Yi Cheng guessed that he didn’t like it so he asked, “Then what about the book review?” One class a week and and the exam required only one pre-reading.

Yuan Suo shook his head a little.

Mo Yi Cheng asked patiently, “Then what else do you like?”

Twisting his fingers, he asked on a whisper, “Mo Yi Cheng, what do you do?” Art was what he liked, cooking was what his mother liked, so if he wanted to learn anything else, he wanted to learn what Mo Yi Cheng liked.

Mo Yi Cheng: “I’m an actor.”

Yuan Suo was slightly surprised. No wonder Mo Yi Cheng was so good looking, he was an actor.

“Then… I’ll learn actor.”

Mo Yi Cheng was startled, then understood why he wanted to learn “actor”, and with a warm feeling surging in his heart, he explained: “An actor is not a subject.”

Disappointment flickered across Yuan Suo’s face.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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