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Chapter 7.2 Sorry, I’m not very good at sharing

Lin Meng Xue didn’t live far away, less than half an hour’s drive but as the two people sat in the back row, the atmosphere was dull. She tried to start a conversation several times, but she found that Mo Yi Cheng was staring at his phone intently, very focused, discouraging her again and again.

Because of Lin Meng Xue’s presence, Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t express his emotions hence he could only watch Yuan Suo who was doing sit-ups in a bunny pajamas with a cold face. Every time he did it, the buttons on his belly would open, squeeze the soft flesh on his small belly, then deflate, then he would continue, over and over again…

It was a new feature Mo Yi Cheng had discovered today, the ‘player stealth mode’. Once this mode was enabled, the elf in the game wouldn’t be able to see the player.

Yuan Suo was so tired that his face was red as he panted for breath, arching around on the thick carpet as he tried hard to remember the movements his mother the queen did when she was working out.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t know why the little guy suddenly wanted to lose weight and thought to himself that he would ask later when they returned to the hotel only to hear Yuan Suo say the answer as he muttered to himself: “Hmm, I can’t get any fatter otherwise I can’t wear the clothes Mo Yi Cheng bought, they are so expensive…”

He gave a short but quick laugh, then turned his head sharply to face the window, making Lin Meng Xue suspect that she was hallucinating.

Mo Yi Cheng’s hand tilted a little, making it so that Lin Meng Xue was just in time to see Yuan Suo rolling around on the ground on the screen. She yelled out subconsciously, “Ah! So cute!”

Chen Jiao who was driving was so shocked that his hands shook.

Mo Yi Cheng turned the screen back towards himself calmly.

Lin Meng Xue’s inner little girl nature was suddenly aroused, “Yi Cheng, what was that? The little thing in the video is so cute.”

Mo Yi Cheng said expressionlessly: “It’s just a video someone sent to me.”

“That…. can you send it to me? The little one is really cute.” And she could also add Mo Yi Cheng’s WeChat, killing two birds with one stone.

“Sorry, I’m not very good at sharing.” Mo Yi Cheng gave an answer that had a double meaning.

She lost her smile. Mo Yi Cheng’s cold attitude today made her very frustrated. She had a good family background and looked sweet and nice. Moreover in the circle of the rich families children she was very popular. How come in front of him it was as if she didn’t exist at all? However she still liked him.

After sending Lin Meng Xue home,
Mo Yi Cheng returned to the hotel, changed his clothes, turned on his phone and cancelled the ‘player stealth’ mode.

In the game, Yuan Suo was pinching the meat on his stomach as he sighed again and again, his little face looking both funny and cute.

“Why did you start working out?”

Seeing Mo Yi Cheng suddenly appearing, Yuan Suo quickly retracted belly, buttoned up the carrot-shaped buttons and pinched his clothes nervously, “I… I want to become stronger.”

Mo Yi Cheng was unable to hold back his smile, this little guy had learned how to lie.


Being pressed by Mo Yi Cheng, Yuan Suo immediately lowered his head with a guilty conscience, “Actually… it’s because when I was wearing the new clothes today, I found that the buttons… that the buttons were a bit tight. The clothes are very expensive, it would be a pity if I couldn’t wear them because I have become fat.”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at his dejected appearance, with both of the bunny ears drooping listlessly and comforted him: “Actually, it’s not that you have become fat, but that the size of the clothes is too small.”


“It’s the dress that won’t fit. You can change it for a larger one.”


“Hmm. And you’re not fat at all, so you don’t need to lose weight.”

Yuan Suo subconsciously sucked in his fleshy belly.

Mo Yi Cheng laughed, “But you can try working out, it will make your body healthy.” Mo Yi Cheng himself had a very reasonable workout plan. Working out alongside the little thing him would make it more fun.

The next day, his personal gold medal fitness trainer received a task to develop a fitness plan suitable for a very cute, very adorable, chubby 18-year-old beautifully proportionate teenager.

Fitness trainer: “…”

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  1. Ahhh I kind of would love a little elf but I have kids soooo I will just stick with them. I wonder if he’s like a lil chibi?

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  2. I would like to think so – that he is a lil chibi that is-
    I’m glad you like it

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