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Chapter 8.2 (^▽^)Mo Yi Cheng was amazing, he could afford to study!

It wasn’t that it wasn’t impossible for the little thing to take acting lessons, it was just that the acting classes were a little difficult, and he was afraid that he’ll become too tired.

“Then… what do I need to study to become an actor? Where I used to live, there were no movies.” Yuan Suo asked.

 Where he used to live? That was a very informative statement, what was the place where the little thing supposedly used to live? Could it be that it was really an interdimensional life?

But no matter how much he asked, Yuan Suo wouldn’t talk and in the end, he even held his mouth, tears about to fall.

“I really… really can’t say.” The consequences of revealing one’s identity without reaching a certain level were serious.

“Okay, we won’t talk about it.” Mo Yi Cheng was afraid that Yuan Suo’s tears would fall.

After Mo Yi Cheng spoke, he tried to hold back his tears, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault, it’s mine.”

“Woo….. Then can I study acting?”

Mo Yi Cheng:”….. “If he didn’t know that Yuan Suo was as simple as a blank sheet of paper, he would have suspected that he was just being a spoiled brat, but in the meantime, he didn’t rush to agree. He spoke about the learning time and the difficulty of the acting course, stealthily looking at his chubby short hands and feet.

Yuan Suo watched as Mo Yi Cheng clicked on acting, full of anticipation, but when he saw him frowning, he clenched his small fist nervously.
“I’ll tell you what, take the acting first as a tryout, if you don’t like it then, give it up.” Mo Yi Cheng’s heart softened.

His tears hadn’t yet dried, but Yuan Suo laughed again and nodded his head as he wiped them away, “I’ll try my best.”

Mo Yi Cheng sighed indistinctly. He was just afraid that this little guy would take it too seriously, it would be bad if he got tired.

Yuan Suo took the subjects seriously and confirmed that there was still a month to go before he could report.

Seeing his joy and excitement at having something to do, Mo Yi Cheng realized that Yuan Suo’s normal life was too monotonous.

Hence he charged another 50,000 yuan into to the account generously, bought a laptop and a tablet, then taught him how to operate it by himself.

Yuan Suo counted on his fingers, silently calculating the amount of gold coins he had spent today. 58,600 gold coins, which would be 586 yuan when converted into Mo Yi Cheng’s money.

Mo Yi Cheng pretended not to see his small movements, saying as if it was seemingly unintentionally, “Actors’ salaries are very high.”

“How… how high?” Yuan Suo asked.

Mo Yi Cheng, “One movie can earn us tens of millions of yuan.”

⊙ ⊙! His chubby fingers trembled, Mo Yi Cheng was so rich! Then, one by one, he counting with his fingers, but then started wondering what he was calculating again.

Mo Yi Cheng was unable to help laughing. He thought about it, then clicked into the store and bought some things for painting, with the customer service recommending a few things for beginners.

Yuan Suo used a lot of effort to place a small desk with paper and pencil on it, and even a drawing board that he may use in the future in the corner of the window in a regular manner.


Yuan Suo sat at the small desk, upright, with his two legs so short they couldn’t touch the floor even after sitting on the stool. He was engrossed in the movie [A Dog’s Duty] on his notebook.

Mo Yi Cheng entered the game stealthily in between filming and saw the little thing with red eyes, crying then laughing for a while. He personally hadn’t gotten around to seeing this movie yet, and he didn’t know the details, but seeing the little guy watching it so seriously, he decided to also watch it tonight when he went back.

“Wow, quick, look, that guy is so handsome!” One of the girls on the costume team who was holding a costume almost forgot to walk!

“Which one?” Looking over her shoulder, the lady from the prop team also looked over, “Ah, that’s Mo Yi Cheng’s brother.”

Costume girl: “No wonder, there is some similarity between the eyebrows and eyes, this must be the power of genes!”

Props girl: “But I still like Mo Yi Cheng better, and this…. guy looks a bit fierce. His aura is too overwhelming, you can’t even breathe, he is a big boss.”

Costume girl: “So this is a visit to his brother’s workplace?”

The props girl explained to the newcomer patiently, “It’s an open secret in the circle that he’s not here to see his brother, he’s here to see that one.” The little sister pointed with her chin.

The second male in the drama, was already moving to greet him with a smile. When Mo Yi Yan saw his lover greeting him, a trace of a smile appeared on his cold, hard, ultra-low-pressure handsome face.

Mo Yi Cheng also happened to see Mo Yi Yan. He had no problem with his big brother’s sexual orientation, but he didn’t have a good feeling about this new youngster, Qian He, who has been with him for almost half a year. Qian He looked white and had eyes with an air of charm inside, and his acting was okay, but unfortunately he was narrow-minded and liked to marginalize newcomers.


Chen Jiao hand shook as he bought some freshly squeezed juice to Mo Yi Cheng. The juice fell to the ground, splashing on his gray pants. A lot of people looked over, making him became very nervous. He crouched down wretchedly, but because he was too fat, his posture looked ridiculous. As he picked the things up from the floor in a frenzy, his hands and sleeves became sticky. Pushing up the heavy frame of his glasses, he apologized to Mo Yi Cheng, “Mo Ge… I’m sorry, I’ll go and buy another one.”

Happy happy holidays!!!

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  1. Awww 🥰 the film emperor is building a gentle heart. Hope the brother will have a good love.

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  2. I feel solike bad for the poor assistant, getting bullied im each ghapter like this lmao 😭😭😭 he may be fat but he is filled with love!

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