After the secret marriage to my top star partner

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Chapter 3.1

Editor: Jodi

The next day was a non-stop recording day. Mu Nan got up at five in the morning to do hair and makeup, and it wasn’t until nearly ten o’clock that the recording ended.

He and Cheng Han were judges on the show, also acting as “class advisors”.

All the students who passed the auditions were divided into two classes, with Mu Nan and Cheng Han each leading one. There was competition within the classes, and also between them.

The show’s organizers really knew what they were doing, leveraging the popularity of Cheng Han and Mu Nan to the fullest. Originally at odds, fans of both sides were now going all out to support their idols’ classes and vote for them.

While cursing the show’s organizers for their tactics, Mu Nan still did his best to mentor these juniors.

Having been an idol himself, although he hadn’t gone through auditions, he understood that each of these boys who came on the show carried dreams, and maybe some were risking it all. Watching them, Mu Nan didn’t feel threatened by the younger generation. Instead, he saw a reflection of his past.

As a result, after a day of recording, Mu Nan was more tired than those singers and dancers.

But even though he was exhausted, he didn’t want the recording to end because if recording was a form of torture, then what was coming next was going to be even worse —

He had to go home with Cheng Han to meet his parents.

Thinking about it, Mu Nan, the prince of flow, the leader of the party, the live golden voice, the favored son of the investors, felt a pang of dread.

He was just a fool married to Cheng Han now.

Mu Nan sat in the back seat, looking utterly disheartened.

His agent, Wilder, bored in the driver’s seat, played with his mobile game, “You are the one who agreed to this marriage yourself, right? No one dragged you to the Civil Affairs Bureau. So what’s the point of complaining now?”

“Hey!” Mu Nan nudged the seat with his knee indignantly, “Whose side are you on anyway? Think about who signs your paycheck!”

Wilder had long discovered his strong in appearance but actually weak in reality exterior, “This is my car. If you kick the seat and break it, I’ll take you to a horror  variety show tomorrow.”

At the mention of a horror  variety show, Mu Nan instantly turned into a cat that had been grabbed by the nape of its neck, shrinking into the seat silently.

But not ten seconds of peace later, he started muttering again, “Is he a tortoise? It’s been half an hour, why isn’t he out yet?”

Speaking of the devil, there he was. Before Mu Nan could finish, Cheng Han opened the other door, his long legs encased in black pants, looking like he’d been forced into the car.

Mu Nan shifted away disdainfully, wishing he could hang out the window to avoid being contaminated by the “Cheng Han” bacteria inside the car.

But he couldn’t help but glance at Cheng Han’s legs. He was only five centimeters taller, but his legs seemed to stretch for miles.

Seemingly sensing Mu Nan’s gaze, Cheng Han gave him a sidelong smile. Mu Nan quickly averted his eyes, showing no sign of embarrassment at being caught.

“Thanks for your hard work.” Cheng Han turned to the agent in the driver’s seat and gave him the address.

“It’s my own house, do I need you to say it?” Mu Nan also turned to Wilder and repeated the address, but loudly.

“Thanks, I’m not deaf, but I’m almost getting there now.” Wilder replied.


On the way, there was initially a long silence, with both ancestors doing their own thing, ignoring each other.

But in the end, Wilder couldn’t take it anymore. He turned on the car stereo, filling the car with “melodious” music.

“The vast horizon is my love, endless…..”

“Turn it off!”

“Just turn it down, thanks.”

Cheng Han and Mu Nan said simultaneously.

“Ahem.” Wilder rubbed his nose awkwardly, “My mom rode in my car last week.”

Mu Nan’s skeptical gaze met Wilder’s eyes through the rearview mirror. Wilder retorted angrily, “You two classically trained vocalists don’t allow others to have down-to-earth hobbies?”

Mu Nan shrugged while Cheng Han smiled.

Though neither of them attended music school, Mu Nan knew Wilder wasn’t wrong.

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