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Chapter 81.3 Love you for a lifetime [End]

There was a saying that the dead were great 1The dead are great — it’s like saying that the dead can enjoy the privilege of avoiding blame or criticism. and although it wasn’t certain whether Chen Jiao had really passed away, to treat a seriously injured person with such vicious words was unacceptable and showed the poor character of a person.

Soon, people dug up Qian He’s previous black materials and the video of him scolding his assistant in the dressing room and deliberately bumping into someone was also turned up. It was then that everyone realised that the fat assistant he had bumped into was Chen Jiao, and with such a connection, everyone’s dislike for Qian He soared.

It was still raining torrents and thunder was roaring.

As Yuan Suo looked at Chen Jiao who had finally regained his breath in the hospital bed, the strength in his body left him abruptly and his eyes went dark.

Mo Yi Cheng was the first to rush into the room when he heard the sound. Holding Yuan Suo who had fainted in his arms, he checked him over in distress then shouted at Mo Yixu to call the doctor.

Mo Yi Yan, on the other hand, was the first to check on Chen Jiao, who had all the equipment removed from his body and still had his eyes closed tightly, but the ashen and dead look on his face from before had receded as much as possible, with a faint hint of red on his cheeks and a noticeable rise and fall in his chest.

The doctor on duty rushed over quickly.

After some tests, the final conclusion was that Yuan Suo had only been overexerted and that all the indicators of his body were perfectly normal.

Mo Yi Xu was relieved to hear this, but for some reason, he felt that his second brother wasn’t happy to hear this news at all, moreover his deep eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist, carrying a deep sense of despair in them.

At the same time, news of what could be called a miracle came from Chen Jiao.

After a meticulous examination by the doctors, the patient, who had been determined to be brain-dead, had survived miraculously and not only that, all the indicators showed that his body had recovered, the only thing left was is a few traumatic injuries.

However, because of the great damage to his body, he was still in a deep sleep for the time being, but according to the doctor’s observation, he would wake up within three days.

[System Alert: Mo Du Du, the elf, saved game player Chen Jiao and leveled up to 100. Congratulations to the elf for reaching the full level.

The elf is now free to choose to stay in the game permanently or leave the game.

Note: 1. If you choose to stay in the game permanently, you will acquire NPC status and have no permission to leave the game.

2. If you choose to leave the game, the elf will be given 12 hours of free disposal time, after which the system will no longer prompt and will directly send the respawn quota]

Yuan Suo felt like he was in a long, narrow corridor with no end in sight. The only sound in his ears was the wind and the sound of running water and his feet were so wet and greasy to the touch that every step felt like he was walking on top of a bath.

There was a door in front of him and Yuan Suo recognised it as the place where he and Mo Yi Cheng had gotten married yesterday.

Mo Yi Cheng was in there!

Feeling hope and light, he quickened his pace and pulled the door open with a jerk!


Was the deserted Ninth Region of the Interstellar World, the cold and dilapidated buildings filled with the corpses of the people of the Ninth Region, mechs battling on the ground and battleships roaring….

“Yi Cheng!” Yuan Suo’s eyes snapped open.

Mo Yi Cheng was sitting on a stool next to the bed and when he saw that he was awake, he asked how he was doing eagerly and if he was feeling uncomfortable anywhere.

Seeing the blue under Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes, Yuan Suo couldn’t help but raise his hand to touch them, “I’m fine, the operation… was successful.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s body trembled, then he said, “I know, Chen Jiao hasn’t woken up yet, but the doctor said he was out of life threatening danger and big brother is with him.”

“Hmm, what time is it…?” Yuan Suo remember that it was 2:30am when the operation was completed, which meant he was promoted to full level at 2.30am.

Without looking at his watch, Mo Yi Cheng replied directly, “It’s six o’clock.”

Yuan Suo had been asleep for over three hours, leaving the two men with less than ten hours to spare.

“Should we go to see the sea?” Yuan Suo’s voice was a little hoarse, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile, but his eyes couldn’t hide their redness.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, coaxing softly as if he was afraid that Yuan Suo would cry, “I’ve already asked someone to get everything ready, we can board the plane anytime and go on our honeymoon.”

“Is it the Caribbean?”


The sun was rising just as the plane took off.

Crushed gold was spread at the junction of heaven and earth, with another layer of bright pink haze cascading down, as dreamy as a fairy tale world.

Their fingers were intertwined, one dark and one light skin tone, their ring the same style.

Although Yuan Suo had passed out for a while in the hospital, it simply wasn’t enough to recover from the huge physical exertion, so he had to lean on Mo Yi Cheng’s arms lazily.

Mo Yi Cheng told tale after tale, and Yuan Suo hummed a few interstellar ballads…

When they got tired, they just looked at each other in silence.

It was quiet on the private jet, hence Mo Yi Cheng ordered a song without deliberately choosing anything, but the song that came on was none other than Chen Jiao’s ‘Galaxy’. It seemed like it was meant to be.

“Marshmallow, you’ve gained a bit of weight recently, you should lose weight and exercise more.”

“Hmm, I’ll take it out for more morning runs in the future.”

“He had a lovey-dovey buddy at the shelter earlier, a corgi, you can adopt him if possible.”


“I’m going to stop working on my comic, but I have the next chapter drawn out, it’s in the mailbox.”


“I helped Brother Chen Jiao recover his memory while his cells were being reconstructed.”

“… Thank you.”

“But I don’t want him to know that I reached full level because I saved him, if they ask where I am…..”

Mo Yi Cheng suddenly covered Yuan Suo’s mouth with his fingers and after two seconds of silence, he said softly, “You haven’t gone anywhere, you’re right by my side. And, you owe me a request.”

When he had kept the ten pictures, Yuan Suo had promised to meet three of Mo Yi Cheng’s demands. And now only the last one remained.

Yuan Suo, “I remember, what’s the last request?”

Mo Yi Cheng said his last request: “After you return to your world, live well and don’t forget to….. draw our story.”


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  1. Even if it works out somehow, I feel like this sorrow is gonna kill me.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

  2. This author is really through with the details, everything comes back eventually! I thought Little Cloud had been forgotten. I hope the two dogs can keep Mo Yi Yan company until the lovebirds are reunited :'(

  3. My eyes are sweating buckets!

    Btw, I know they’re in fictional China, but a flight from PRC to the Caribbean is 17 hours, which is more than the approx. 10 hours they have left.

  4. I want to raise my blade 1000 levels to whoever said this novel is fluffy and sweet. All I get is angst combined with sweetness. QAQ I cant read through these tears of mine.

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