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Chapter 70.3 The Mo family’s hide and seek!

The expected sound of Mo Yixu’s triumphant voice didn’t appear as he lifted the quilt up…

Only two pillows were piled under.

He turned his head suspiciously and Mo Yi Cheng raised his eyebrows, “To rest, one naturally needs pillows.”

Mo Yixu searched the cloakroom for a while, he even measured the thickness of the wall and the length of the cloakroom and finally determining that there was no hidden space, left resentfully to continue searching, but as he was leaving, he grumbled in a very confused manner, “How is it possible that you guys are hiding separately?”

When Mo Yixu left the room, Mo Yi Cheng turned his cell phone on and discovered that Yuan Suo had already returned to the apartment in the game and was standing in the living room, slightly nervous.

“I wasn’t discovered, right?” Yuan Suo whispered.

Mo Yi Cheng replied, “No, Du Du was very smart. But didn’t… say that we shouldn’t cheat, why did you suddenly change your mind?”

Yuan Suo grumbled in a small dissatisfied voice, “I… my IQ is over 80.”

“Pfft…” So the little thing was angry because of Mo Yixu’s remark, no wonder, “Hmm, ignore him, I know Du Du is very smart.”

“… I’m okay.”

“Ha ha!” Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

And that was when the door to the room was suddenly slammed open and Mo Yixu shouted, “Aha! I got you guys!” He thought he would catch them in the act, but all he saw was Mo Yi Cheng holding his cell phone and talking to himself.

Maybe he was sending a voice message?

“Mo, Yi, Xu.” Mo Yi Cheng’s voice suddenly turned cold.

Mo Yixu, who was in a victorious stance, immediately felt as if lightning had struck him. His face turned white and he ran out in a huff, head in his hands.

Yuan Suo stayed in the phone until lunch, during which he went to the pet sitting centre to take Marshmallow. The little thing had been raised so well at the centre that it had become so chubby and white. When it saw Yuan Suo, it whimpered and wagged its tail.

When it was time to take the little thing away, a little short-legged Corgi barked furiously inside the cage, and Marshmallow pounced on it with a look of being unwilling to part with it. The care centre staff said that the little corgi, whose name was Little Cloud, came into the care centre around the same time as Marshmallow and the two dogs got along very well.

Yuan Suo was tempted to take Little Cloud home too, but the procedure for adopting a pet from the centre was extremely complicated and couldn’t be done in a short time, so the matter had to be put on hold.

The housekeeper came knocking on the door to call them down for dinner.

Mo Yi Cheng went downstairs with his cell phone in his hand in a relaxed manner.

When Mother Mo saw him, she asked, “Where’s Du Du?”

Mo Yi Cheng, “He’s hiding.”

Mother Mo didn’t understand, “Hiding? Did you bully him?”

“No, he’s playing hide and seek with Yixu.” Mo Yi Cheng said as he sat down at the dining table.

“Really, where is he hiding?”

Mo Yi Cheng shook his head, “The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed.”

“Ah ah ah ah!” Old Third, who was hiding in the shadows ready to eavesdrop on Mo Yi Cheng’s automatic report of the location, freaked out completely as he jumped in front of Mo Yi Cheng, “Second Brother, I admit defeat, tell him to come out.”

“You won’t look for him anymore?”

“I won’t look!”

“Du Du’s IQ is only less than 80?”

“It’s definitely over 80! It’s 180!”

“What of your New Year’s red envelope and pocket money?”

“As long as second brother tells me where he’s hiding, I…. I just want the usual amount. Woo woo woo….. if I keep looking I’m really going to be driven crazy o(╥﹏╥)o”

Mo Yi Cheng pretended to think, then looked at his phone, at Yuan Suo who was snickering with his mouth covered inside the game.

Mother Mo’s curiosity seemed to have been piqued as well, “Where is Du Du hiding? That it has driven Yixu crazy like this.”

“Actually, he’s not hiding in a hidden place, it’s just that Yixu is too careless.” Mo Yi Cheng said lightly.

Mother Mo asked, “Oh? Then where exactly is he hiding?”

“In the kitchen.” Mo Yi Cheng answered.

“No way, I even looked inside the kitchen cabinet.” Mo Yixu retorted.

“I told you, it’s you who didn’t look carefully.” With that, Mo Yi Cheng got up and seeing that Mo Yixu was about to follow him, he raised his hand to stop him then walked into the kitchen alone, and after making sure that there was no one around, called Du Du out.

Mo Yixu watched Mo Yi Cheng walk into the kitchen alone, and then really bring Du Du out with him. A million alpacas ran through his heart, not counting that the whole group sneezed!

“I… I… I really searched everywhere! Du Du, could it be that you know how to shrink your bones?”

Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo laughed at the same time but didn’t say anything. This mystery was destined to haunt the hide-and-seek black hole in Mo Yixu again.


At Chen Jiao’s flat, Mo Yi Yan finally got his way.

The two men, who had eaten two frozen persimmons and one frozen autumn pear in a row, sat shivering on the sofa, watching the re-run of the Spring Festival Gala together with two thick quilts around them.

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have eaten so much.” Chen Jiao began to miss the hot bed of his childhood home.

Mo Yi Yan nodded solemnly, “En.” Then wrapped the quilt around a little more tightly…

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