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Chapter 70.2 The Mo family’s hide and seek!

“Really?” Mo Yixu looked towards his second brother for confirmation.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “What he says, is what I say.”

“Alright then!”

It was a done deal!

The three person hide and seek game officially begun.

Mo Yixu, in his accustomed role of finding people, volunteered, “Second brother, how about this, if I find the two of you, how about you double my allowance for next semester?”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “Alright.”

Mo Yixu crouched down in a corner honestly and started to count.

“Where should we hide?” Yuan Suo whispered, excited because it was the first time he was playing this child-like game.

“Follow me.” Mo Yi Cheng took his hand and the two of them walked upstairs with lighter steps, not forgetting to take a mahjong tile and throw it in another direction to divert Mo Yixu’s attention.

The most dangerous place was the safest. Mo Yi Cheng took Yuan Suo back inside his room and holding hands, went into the cloakroom.

“Hiding under your clothes?”

“That’s not safe enough.” Mo Yi Cheng took the quilt from the bed smoothly and placed it on the already carpeted floor, so that the two of them could rest against the shelves in the cloakroom later.

“I remember your apartment has a wardrobe, right?” Mo Yi Cheng said.

Yuan Suo nodded, “I remember!” The wardrobe Mo Yi Cheng bought for him at the beginning wasn’t very big, but he had always cherished it, so he didn’t change it even after he moved to a new apartment.

“Then, don’t you think it’s just right to put it in here?” Because the cloakroom had been made in a U-shaped space, by putting a wardrobe in the way, it would be perfectly possible to create an extra small enclosed space that wouldn’t be very easy to spot without one looking closely.

“Doesn’t that count as cheating?” Yuan Suo was a little worried.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “Of course not.”

“Oh oh!” Then that was good. Yuan Suo trusted Mo Yi Cheng 100 percent.

Mo Yi Cheng spent gold coins to take the wardrobe out, created an enclosed space and then the two of them sat on the floor. Because there was a section of cover and not enough light, the atmosphere suddenly turned a little ambiguous.

Mo Yixu finished counting to 100 honestly, then went to ask the housekeeper to make sure that they hadn’t left before he started looking for them with his arms crossed.

Mo Yi Cheng’s judgement proved to be correct, as Mo Yixu ruled out his bedroom first, searched the guest room and study on the first floor, then went to Mother Mo’s room on the third floor, where he was thrown out of the room in anger.

Only then did he lock his eyes on Mo Yi Cheng’s bedroom.

At this time, Mo Yi Cheng was already hugging his little thing and the two of them had been browsing through Weibo for a while. Yuan Suo also took advantage of this time to return to the game and posted the last comic he had drawn online. The fans rejoiced as the long-lost author of their popular comic strip had returned.

They’d finally waited for him to come back!

[This is the best gift of the new year, I’m so happy I’m crying!]

[So great! The little elf finally reunited with his owner after waiting for so long!]

[Happy New Year! Welcome back!]

[@Mo Yi Cheng. Great Mo, are you the one who summoned him back?]

Yuan Suo replied to the popular comments that had been bumped up one by one, but when he saw the message Mo Yi Cheng had left earlier, he almost shed tears.

Mo Yi Cheng took him into his arms, “No crying, it’s unlucky to cry on the first day of the new year.”


“Hmm, really.”

“Then I won’t cry again.” Yuan Suo sniffled.

At that moment, there was the sudden sound of a door being pushed.

“It’s Yixu.” Mo Yi Cheng lowered his voice.

“Uh…..” Yuan Suo covered his mouth hurriedly, afraid that he would make a little noise.

“Cough, cough….. second brother, I’ve seen the two of you! Come out!” Mo Yixu bluffed.

Yuan Suo was surprised, “We’ve been discovered!”

“Shh—” Mo Yi Cheng shook his head and let him rest his head on his chest “He’s lying.”

“Lying…” They could even lie in this game oh!

Mo Yi Xu searched the room, then finally moved to the cloakroom, but after a round of searching he still didn’t see anything… except for the small cabinet across the middle… how come it looked so abrupt? Second brother’s aesthetics was really…..

After two more turns, they was still no one.

“Second brother, then I’m leaving!” After saying this, he waited for a while but there was still no sound. This was the last room and there was still no one….. In the end, he decided to resort to his ultimate tactic, although it was dishonorable, it was the only way to win!

He took his cell phone out, found Mo Yi Cheng’s name and clicked on it!

Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo were waiting with bated breath for Mo Yixu to leave when the screen of the phone, which had been switched off, suddenly lit up, followed by a ringing sound!

Yuan Suo was so shocked that he trembled, almost screaming out loud. Mo Yi Cheng’s hand turned the phone off hurriedly, but it was too late. Mo Yixu caught the source of the sound quickly and was already walking towards the cloakroom with a strange laugh.

“He cheated!” Yuan Suo was furious!

The footsteps were getting closer…

“Get back inside the game!” Mo Yi Cheng wanted to save one person.

Who expected that Yuan Suo would refuse, “He cheated, we can’t.”

At this moment, Mo Yixu had already exerted all his strength to move the modest wardrobe belonging to Yuan Suo out of the way, causing a beam of light to shine in.

Quick as a flash, Mo Yi Cheng picked the quilt from the floor and covered Yuan Suo who was sitting curled up on the floor.

“Ha ha ha ha ha, second brother, you were being clever, but I still found you, didn’t I!” Mo Yixu saw only Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng snorted coldly, “Your tactics weren’t very honourable.”

“You’re the one who didn’t think it through. Why didn’t you mute your phone when playing a game like this!” Mo Yixu argued.

He actually…. had a point. Mo Yi Cheng had thought about it at first, but when Yuan Suo saw him reaching for his phone, he immediately raised the idea of wanting to take a look at his Weibo, and with this interruption, he forgot about it.

“But you’ve only found just one person.” Mo Yi Cheng said this purely in the hopes of keeping the little thing inside the quilt behind him through psychological warfare.

Mo Yixu immediately laughed out loud three times, “Second brother, I just found such a highly intelligent and alert person like you, with little sister-in-law’s IQ of just 80 at most, is that still a problem?”

As soon as his words fell, he felt a chill creep up his tailbone to his cervical spine, causing him to feel a chill all over his body.

“Cough, cough, cough… second brother, you, you, you don’t look at me like that, hitting people is against the law, besides it’s New Year…” Mo Yixu backed up repeatedly.

At this moment, Mo Yi Cheng also came out from the gap in the wardrobe.

“Second brother! I was wrong!” Mo Yixu apologized immediately, then a brilliant light flashing in his eyes, he side-stepped him and squeezed in towards the gap in the cloakroom!

Mo Yi Cheng instinctively moved to block him with one hand, but ended up missing.

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