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Chapter 62.2 Bubbling of dark undercurrents

Finally, before going to bed, Yuan Suo completed the four-frame Chinese New Year mini-episode series. When he posted it on Weibo and saw the praise and love, his back and wrists which had been sore and stiff all night, relaxed.

After finishing his shower, Mo Yi Cheng received a notification from Yuan Suo’s account informing him that he had updated his Weibo, so he clicked in and was amused to see the same Q-version of Du Du sitting in a bathtub filled with dumplings.

Just after, Yuan Suo discovered that Chen Jiao had left a message for him and pulled Mo Yi Cheng to read it.

“Brother Chen said I’m very smart!”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “Hmm, indeed, Du Du is very smart.”

“I have to reply seriously!” Saying this, Yuan Suo lowered his head and replied speedily with his two index fingers.

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “You haven’t seen Chen Jiao for a few days, do you miss him?”

“Yes.” Chen Jiao was a good person and he usually took good care of him, so he did miss him after not seeing him for a few days.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “We will see him again soon.”

“Huh? Is… is he coming back to work? That’s great….”

Yuan Suo hadn’t yet finished his words when Mo Yi Cheng said, “No, we’ll see him on a variety show, I’m going over to participate for a segment and he was also invited to sing as a guest because of ‘Galaxy’, so we’ll be able to meet then.”

“Okay!” Yuan Suo gestured happily in victory, before asking, “What kind of variety show is it?”

Mo Yi Cheng said, “Happy One Hundred Percent.”

When Yuan Suo heard this he became even more excited. The show was a high quality interactive game show that aired every Saturday night on NHW TV, and Yuan Suo was a big fan.

The recording was in three days’ time and Yuan Suo was practically counting the days on his fingers. At the same time, he told Long Bow about his upcoming visit to the site of the show and Long Bow immediately threatened to go on a hunger strike, obtaining a promise from Chen Sheng that he would be allowed to be there that day as well.

“But are dogs allowed in the audience too?” Yuan Suo chose to ask this in conformity with the spirit of asking questions if one didn’t understand something.

Long Bow on the other side was silent for a moment, then, “Du Du, have you been corrupted by Su Yi?”

“Uh… no, no I haven’t been corrupted!”

“…. Anyway, Chen Sheng is resourceful!” Long Bow grunted, putting on a real-life version of ‘using his position to bully others!’

Fang Gui swept the floor of the studio to the sound of scolding, fawned unctuously then asked the person in charge if he was permitted to leave and only after receiving permission was he allowed to leave work. Taking a look at the time, it was already after 9pm.

In the dressing room, he folded the clothes he had been wearing all day into a ball, threw it into the locker and changed into his own clothes. Having eaten very little for dinner, his stomach was already rumbling with hunger, and he was feeling quite uneasy after not having a drink for two days in a row.

He clicked on his phone and searched for “Mo Yi Cheng’s “Happy One Hundred Percent”” and once again confirmed that Mo Yi Cheng’s recording session was in two days and breathed a long sigh of relief. Two more days, three at most, then he would be free from this kind of life!

Today, after Tian Yao’s care center called to inform him that the patient had been transferred to XX Hospital, he knew that it must have been Po Fei’s new player who did it.

He shivered and took a cigarette out from his pocket, the fingers he often used to hold the cigarette already yellowed. He hadn’t been to see his vegetative wife for a long time, he couldn’t say why, whether it was because he was afraid to see his wife who was getting thinner and thinner almost like a skeleton, or afraid that his wife, who used to be proud of him, would see him in this da** state, even if… she did see…

After stubbing off his cigarette, Fang Gui stood up, his eyes red and his face waxy. Rubbing his yellowed hands, he took a folded piece of paper from the pocket of his trousers and spread it out. On it were some arrangements he had secretly copied down for the recording event two days later, including the lounge arrangements for the guests, the rehearsal time and so on.

At this moment, Po Fei was by the hospital bedside, talking as he held Tian Yao’s hand.

Previously, family members weren’t allowed to stay overnight at the care center, and the visiting hours were limited, moreover as he was working as he stayed with Fang Gui and attending classes in the game, he had always been pressed for time.

Now as he looked at his sister in the hospital bed, his eyes suddenly turned red, “Sis, please wake up soon, I have now fulfilled my promise to become a great cook! I occasionally skip classes at the Elf Academy….. but it doesn’t matter. I know everything they teach me, I just get docked credits and lose my grade, but it’s okay, it’s just losing it, it just so happens that I can spend all my time with you.”

Po Fei said softly, a smile on his face, as he spoke about ordinary daily life.

“Sis, I’ve grown up, and now I have… a good proxy player too…”

Just as Po Fei was rambling in a low voice, the fingers he held in his hand suddenly moved!

He shook, his whole body freezing as his eyes widened incredulously!

“Sis…” He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, even though it had happened right before his eyes.

Suddenly, Tian Yao’s fingers moved again!

He jumped straight up this time and pressed the buttons on the bed frantically as he shouted, “Doctor! Doctor!”

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