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Chapter 63.1 The Mo couple!

Kan Ming was in Mo Yi Cheng’s study when he received the call from Po Fei. Kan Ming had no choice but to take on more work as Chen Jiao wasn’t around and the new assistant wasn’t proficient in many areas yet, moreover he had to be observed.

“Tian Yao is awake?” Mo Yi Cheng was shocked to hear the news.

Kan Ming replied, “Po Fei didn’t make it clear, just that there was a reaction in her limbs and that the doctor was doing further tests.”

“Then go to the hospital quickly.” Mo Yi Cheng got up and Yuan Suo, who had been holding a martial arts novel in the game and reading it with relish, also jumped up hurriedly when he heard it was about Po Fei.

He stopped the two of them, after all, they didn’t know the situation at the hospital yet and Mo Yi Cheng’s identity was special, so it was best to avoid public places.

“It’s better for me to go there first. Second young master, with your status, it’s not very convenient for you.”

“Then if anything happens, tell us immediately.” Mo Yi Cheng said.

“Okay!” Kan Ming responded, grabbed his coat and left quickly.

When he arrived at the hospital, the doctor had just finished the examination and and was exiting the ward. Po Fei was clutching his arm nervously.

Kan Ming ran over and put his arm around Po Fei’s shoulders, only to feel the teenager tremble.

The doctor had good news, Tian Yao’s condition had indeed improved. It was already a miracle that this kind of patient who had been in a vegetative state for many years and had been neglected was able to regain consciousness, but the patient had been in a coma for many years and many of her organs had degenerated rapidly, furthermore her muscles and limbs had problems of varying degrees, so he was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to recover completely in just a short period of time.

“So what’s the situation like now?” Kan Ming asked.

The doctor answered, “The patient has regained some of her senses and can understand and respond to what we say, but there are still some problems with her speech and communication is not smooth.”

However this was already a blessing from God.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. We’ll find the best doctors and use the best medical treatment, we’ll definitely be able to help Sister Tian Yao recover as soon as possible.”

“En.” Po Fei’s eyes were red but he tried his best to hold back the tears in his eyes.

After the two of them got the doctor’s permission, they entered the ward and when Po Fei saw Tian Yao, who had opened her eyes straining to look at him, he flung himself over and knelt down beside the bed, choking back tears.

Tian Yao strained to open her mouth, “Don’t… don’t cry.”

“Hmm-mh, Po Fei won’t cry, Po Fei won’t cry.” Po Fei wiped his tears quickly, but his face that had clearly been wiped became wet again in an instant.

“Little P, Little P…” Tian Yao called out repeatedly. Raising her hand, Po Fei held it hastily and the two siblings gazed at each other, countless words and thoughts in each other’s eyes.

“Little P… has… has grown up.” Tian Yao said with a short pause in between each word.

“Sis you’ve been sleeping for a long time.”

“I’m sorry about… that.” Although Tian Yao had been in a vegetative state for many years, she was still able to receive signals from those around her, so she remembered everything Po Fei had told her; it was just that her brain couldn’t receive accurate information completely.

“Sis, it’s Po Fei who should apologise.” If he hadn’t been too impulsive in trying to save someone’s life and ignoring the road conditions, his sister wouldn’t have had the accident.

Kan Ming couldn’t help but move forward when he saw Po Fei’s pained expression. He knelt beside him and comforted him gently before introducing himself to Tian Yao on the bed. But he didn’t say anything about him being the game’s temporary player; after all, Fang Gui’s current appearance would come as quite a surprise to Tian Yao, so it was best to keep the truth hidden for the time being.

Tian Yao’s condition was still unstable, so she was exhausted after talking for a while. Po Fei hummed by the side, watched his sister fall asleep before following Kan Ming out of the ward gingerly.

“Little P?” Kan Ming asked, noticing that Tian Yao kept calling Po Fei by this name.

Po Fei nodded, “Sis likes to call me that.”

“Is it because it’s the initials of ‘Po’?” Kan Ming asked.

Po Fei hesitated then said, “No, actually my name is a harmonic translation of my English name.”

Harmonic translation? Kan Ming repeated the name twice in his mind before it suddenly dawned on him!

“Perfect?” Meaning perfect.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Po Fei scratched his hair with his index finger, “… En.”

Kan Ming smiled, “It suits you quite well.”

Tian Yao must have adored the little elf who appeared in her life, that was why she named him ‘Perfect’ with such care, while Po Fei did his best to keep his original heart and protect his sister with his own hands, despite the fact that there were times when he made mistakes.

For several days in a row, Po Fei stayed at the hospital and Kan Ming also spent a lot of time on Tian Yao’s case, contacting doctors to discuss follow-up treatment.

Mo Yi Cheng’s new assistant was recommended by a company manager. His name was Cao Li, he wasn’t too old but very steady, and he’d done some logistical work in crews before.

Cao Li felt a bit strange, the first thing he was instructed to do after he started working for Mo Yi Cheng was to protect the luggage in any situation, and the movie emperor’s two cell phones could be said to be fully armed as they both had various protective cover measures against water and fire.

Of course, the reason why Mo Yi Cheng had taken such care with his other phone was because he wanted to confuse the public, not wanting the phone that Yuan Suo was ‘living’ in to stand out.

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