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Chapter 57.1 Mo Yi Yan who fainted!

The new year was approaching and a rare scene of snow falling appeared in S City.

The red wine rotated along the wall of the glass, the fingers holding the glass slender and strong, the wrist clean without any scars, but for some reason, in a lot of midnight dreams, Mo Yi Yan would feel a stinging pain under his skin, the pain of his flesh and blood vessels being cut into seemingly trying to suggest something, but after waking up, there was only the corner of an increasingly blurry world…

Over the years, he had left a lot of people by his side, perhaps because of a certain gesture they made, or because of a certain gaze, or because of an unexpected miracle like a ‘clear’ eyebrow, stirring the warmth he wanted to but couldn’t achieve. However no one could really enter the labyrinth inside him or unlock the dusty shackles.

It had been… many years since he’d seen snow in S City. The last time…. he couldn’t help but clasp his temples with one hand.

He unlocked his cell phone, tapped into the music playing app and didn’t even bother to search because ‘Galaxy’ was on the recommended list on the front page. The cover was a long silver river with a lone boat on it.

The room was chillingly cold and he seemed to have gotten used to this feeling, but once the music started playing, it seemed to have lost it’s ability to cast loneliness.

Mo Yi Yan dialed a number.

“Mr. Mo.”

Mo Yi Yan’s voice seemed distant in the empty room, “Send the information of the online hit song ‘Galaxy”s singer’s to me as soon as possible.”


Early the next morning, sunshine sprinkled on the earth. Opening the curtains, the snow had already melted most of the snow, but it was still visible due to the snow that fell in full force last night.

“Ah! It snowed!” Yuan Suo exclaimed in awe when he saw the snow scene outside the window after coming out of the game.

Mo Yi Cheng came up from behind, hugged the little thing and put his chin on his shoulder, “Du Du, have you seen a snow scene before?”

Yuan Suo shook his head, “The temperature in the ninth region of the interstellar space is high all year round so there’s no snowfall, however the third region is located in the ice area where snow falls in all seasons, but we’re not at peace with them so I’ve never been there.”

“If you want, we can go to Switzerland to see the snow.” Mo Yi Cheng had long wanted to plan a vacation.

Before Yuan Suo could respond, a ‘tsk tsk’ sound suddenly came from behind them. Both of them were startled, before remembering that Mo Yixu had stayed over after dinner last night and ended up hogging the guest room.

“Feeding dog food intuitively on a hungry stomach early in the morning hurts the stomach.” Mo Yixu’s hair was disheveled, eyes drowsy as he complained.

Yuan Suo broke away from Mo Yi Cheng’s arms hurriedly, “I’m… I’m going to prepare breakfast.”

Mo Yi Cheng glared at his brother then stopped him, “Go take a shower, I have a commercial to shoot this morning so Chen Jiao is coming over right now. He’ll bring breakfast as well.”

“Oh, oh!” Yuan Suo nodded then went back to the bedroom quickly.

Mo Yixu looked at Yuan Suo’s back as he hurried away, smiled teasingly then went up to Mo Yi Cheng, “Brother, last night…”


“So much noise, it woke me up with a fright.” He pointed to his black eyes.

Mo Yi Cheng frowned. It seems last night’s clinking of the glasses during business discussions was too loud, but seeing his foolish face full of gossip and the hidden smile on it, he was afraid that even if he explained he wouldn’t believe, but rather smear it even more.

“Keep your mouth shut, and when he comes out don’t talk nonsense.”

Mo Yixu zipped his mouth, nodding repeatedly, “Yes!”

“Hmm, go and clean up as well. Mom called yesterday, she wants you to go back today to accompany her.” Mo Yi Cheng said.

“Ah, got it.” Mo Yixu turned to go into the bathroom, then paused suddenly and turned around, “Eh, second brother, you just said your assistant is called… Chen Jiao?”


“The ‘Jiao’ in ‘Jiao Zheng’?”

“Mhmm. What’s wrong?”

“Ah…. nothing, it’s just that the hottest song came on right now and the singer was also called Chen Jiao. I remember it because it’s quite special, it’s probably a coincidence.” Mo Yixu liked the song ‘Galaxy’ very much and yesterday on the way to second brother’s house, the driver played that song on repeat.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “It’s not a coincidence.”

“Ah?” Mo Yixu was stunned.

Just at that moment, the doorbell rang.

Mo Yi Cheng lifted his chin, “It’s Chen Jiao.”

Mo Yixu asked, “The one who sang ‘Galaxy’?”


The expression on Mo Yixu’s face turned incredulous, “Second brother you’re really surrounded by crouching tigers and hidden dragons!” After saying that, he couldn’t wait to open the door.

Chen Jiao was holding double breakfast in his hand and when the door opened, he called out ‘Mo Ge’ subconsciously, but then saw an unfamiliar face.

“He… hello.” He greeted.

Mo Yixu rubbed his hands as if he was seeing an idol, “Hello, come in!”

Receiving such a warm welcome, Chen Jiao was a little uncomfortable. Seeing Mo Yi Cheng when he entered the house, he greeted him.

Mo Yi Cheng introduced, “This is my younger brother, Mo Yixu. He just came back from abroad.”

It turns out it was the third young master of the Mo family. Chen Jiao introduced himself, “Hello, I’m Chen Jiao, Mo Ge’s assistant.”

Mo Yixu took the bag in Chen Jiao’s hand hurriedly, “Brother Chen, hello, hello, have you had breakfast yet? Let’s eat together.”

Chen Jiao wanted to say that he’d only brought two breakfasts, but he swallowed the words, “I have eaten.”

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