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Chapter 56.2 Mo Yixu’s sister-in-law!

“Second brother, you’re really an authentic old fashioned person, even mom has shifted her focus in the emotional direction.” Mo Yixu sat on the sofa with a big grin, picked up a lollipop on the table and was about to stuff it into his mouth. Who would have thought that his second brother would stop him, “Change the color.” That was the only pink one left and the little thing liked it very much.

The corners of Mo Yixu’s mouth twitched, knowing the reason without having to ask why. He shook his head helplessly then reached for the green apple flavor. Mo Yi Cheng handed the pink strawberry flavored lollipop to Yuan Suo unapologetically. Yuan Suo was a little embarrassed, but he took and put it in his mouth carefully… so sweet.

Mo Yixu felt that what was in his mouth wasn’t an apple flavored lollipop, but an authentic dog food flavored one!

Mo Yi Cheng continued with the topic he had just raised, “Mom will pay extra attention to your emotional state, I just need to know about your studies.”

Mo Yi Cheng placed emphasis on the ‘extra’, causing Mo Yixu to almost bite the lollipop in agitation, “Second brother, I studied my books well, I’ve sent my report card to your mailbox, and, I always take second brother as an example.” Thinking about his pocket money for the next semester, he decided to put aside his dignity to flatter to the extreme, “I remember that back then second brother concentrated on his studies and career wholeheartedly like they were sage books to be studied and minded his own business, that is why he was able to meet little…. sister-in-law, the right person at the right time!”

“Hmm.” Mo Yi Cheng open his mailbox on his cell phone and went through it. Although the response was low, he was obviously very satisfied. The pleasant curve of the corners of his lips was already a foreshadow to plenty of pocket money he would receive.

Mo Yixu continued, “Sister-in-law, you don’t know, my second brother was a domineering boss when he was in school. He was handsome and good-looking and the girls who pursued him… there were also boys could circle S City three times.”

“Er…” Yuan Suo’s mouth opened wide in surprise.

“Really! But my second brother remained completely unmoved….” Although what he was saying was true, because of the vivid and colorful way he was describing it, it sounded like a one-person comic sketch, “Afterwards everyone gave second brother the nickname ‘cold-hearted and indifferent’ a person who isn’t concerned with the mundane affairs of the world!”

“Cough!” Mo Yi Cheng felt that it was time to stop him, fearing that things would turn counterproductive if he continued, “Have you had dinner?”

“… Not yet.” Mo Yixu closed his mouth.

“Hmm, it just so happens that we haven’t eaten too, so stay.”

“Ah, okay!” Mo Yixu thought it would be Yuan Suo who would be cooking so he said attentively, “Sister-in-law’s cooking must be very good, I’ll eat until I’m satisfied today!”

Yuan Suo was a little embarrassed, whispering, “I, I don’t know how to cook.”

“Ah…. take, take-out is fine.”

“But Mo Yi Cheng can.” Yuan Suo stressed seriously.

“What?” Mo Yixu shocked.

Mo Yi Cheng got up, pulling up the sleeves of his white housecoat, “Is it hard to comprehend? Come and help me.” Usually he would prepare the food in the game through the system then take it out with gold coins, saving time and effort. But since Mo Yixu was around today, it wasn’t convenient to use the game. However he had been cooking in the game for so long and was familiar with the relevant procedures, moreover after having operated the game several times, his cooking skills were no longer what they used to be.

Mo Yixu’s worldview nearly collapsed as he followed his brother into the kitchen. He could only watch as Mo Yi Cheng put on an apron skillfully, open the fridge to take the ingredients out and deal with them, his actions flowing smoothly like a skilled professional.

“What are you standing there dazed for? Peel two cloves of garlic.”

He peeled the garlic obediently, then stretched his neck to look at Yuan Suo who was sitting cross-legged in the living room on the sofa watching cartoons, “Brother, are you really my brother?”

A white onion hit him on the forehead, making his neck shrink in from the pain, “Brother!”

Mo Yi Cheng, “You’ve answered yourself.”

He rolled his eyes as he rubbed his forehead, aggrieved, “Cherishing your love over your younger brother.”

As the closing film of the North X Film Festival, director Li Xilan’s ‘Drunk’ premiered its end credits song, ‘Galaxy’ which immediately topped the charts as soon as it went online on major music websites. However the singer’s name was very unfamiliar and they couldn’t find even a bit of information about him online.

A lot of people who liked the song left comments below, all of which included the phrase ‘reluctant to part with’. When the song ended, they were very reluctant to let go, not sure if it was because they couldn’t let go of the story in the song or all that had passed away.

“The clothes are cold and thin, the long nights hard to sleep, trudging through the thorns on the other side of the galaxy, roses blooming out of your eyebrows.

At the bottom of the soul, there your appearance lies, the mountains are high and the years are always unpredictable, but the stars won’t forget your eyebrows.”

As if, there was someone he wanted to remember desperately…

Such a hit song naturally became the darling of major radio stations.

In the car, the driver was sitting upright, immaculately clean white gloves on his hand.

The man sitting in the back had a cold face, the oppressive aura between his eyebrows unusually obvious even when his eyes were closed.

“Turn on the radio.” Mo Yi Yan suddenly found the surrounding silence distracting.

“Yes.” The driver turned the radio on.

“Dear listeners, the song we’re recommending to you today is the latest masterpiece of director Li Xilan….” After the sweet voice of the radio host fell, there was the soothing intro of ‘Galaxy’, then Chen Jiao’s warm and clear voice sounded. Mo Yi Yan’s eyes that had been closed tightly snapped open.

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  1. Why doesn’t Yuan Suo know how to cook, doesn’t he attend cooking classes? He should at least know to cook a few dishes if he passed the cooking class with excellent grades. Plus he baked a cake for Mo Yi Cheng for his birthday. So why can’t he cook???

    1. Maybe the cooking class only include baking 🤔. Then it should be name baking class instead 😁

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