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Chapter 57.2 Mo Yi Yan who fainted!

After breakfast.

The four of them went downstairs together and Chen Jiao started the car.

“Let’s go to the set first, then send this kid home.” Mo Yi Cheng arranged.

“Okay, Mo Ge.” Chen Jiao drove very steadily.

Mo Yixu who was in the passenger’s seat couldn’t help but continue the conversation they had started at breakfast, “Brother Chen, you sing so well, you’ll definitely enter the music business in the future, right?”

Chen Jiao was silent for a while, “I… I don’t know yet.”

Yuan Suo had also listened to his songs, liked it, and had become a fan just like Mo Yixu, “Brother Chen, you’re so good, you’ll definitely be able to make it! Du Du supports you!”

Mo Yixu wanted to say something else when Mo Yi Cheng’s phone rang suddenly.

When Mo Yi Cheng looked at the screen, he said: “It’s Mom, I guess she’s waiting for you.” Then tapped the answer button, but the voice that sounded from the other end was the housekeeper’s voice.

“Second young man, Madam wants you and small young master to come to the hospital immediately.” The housekeeper’s voice was urgent.

Mo Yi Cheng was alarmed, “What’s wrong?”

Seeing the nervous expression on Mo Yi Cheng’s face, the nerves of the other people in the car tensed up.

Hanging up, he said to Chen Jiao: “Drive to XX hospital immediately.”

Chen Jiao didn’t hesitate, stepping on the brake, he turned in another direction.

Mo Yixu asked, “Second brother, what’s wrong? Did something happen to mom?”

Mo Yi Cheng’s face darkened, “It’s big brother.”

The car jerked, causing Yuan Suo to almost crash into the front seat as he became unsteady in his seat. Mo Yi Cheng took him into his arms, “Are you okay?”

Yuan Suo nodded hurriedly.

Chen Jiao’s hand holding the steering wheel shook, “So… sorry.”

Mo Yi Cheng replied, “It’s okay.”

Mo Yixu asked again, “Big brother has fainted again?”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “This time the situation is a bit serious, I heard he was found by his secretary in the office in the morning and he seems to have already been unconscious for some time.”

The blood on Chen Jiao’s face faded. Was Mo Yi Yan’s health very bad? How come it was fainted ‘again’? His mind was a bit confused and he felt a burst of suffocation in his heart, as if something wanted to gush out, but was blocked by a door..

Rushing anxiously all the way, the four arrived at the hospital.

Before getting out of the car, Chen Jiao contacted the person in charge of the commercial, explained the situation and changed the time scheduled for the shoot.

The nurse who had just finished accepting the change in shift and was standing at her post saw four very handsome men with different temperaments and styles… and one of them, turned out to be Mo Yi Cheng!

Mo Yixu who was walking in front said, “We’re looking for a patient surnamed Mo who was admitted this morning.”

The nurse calmed herself, “Is… is it Mr. Mo Yi Yan?”

Just as she asked this question, they heard the voice of the housekeeper a distance away. The four of them turned their heads and the well-dressed housekeeper with gray hair came up to meet them.

Mo Yi Yan had already come out of the rescue room and just like before they couldn’t find the specific cause of his illness. He had simply fainted, however just as he was admitted to the hospital, he begun to show signs of going into cardiac arrest. If they had been just a few seconds late, then the consequences would have been unimaginable.

When mother Mo received this news she had been terrified, then went to stand guard in his ward. Seeing her two sons coming over, tears almost fell from her red eyes. Mo Yixu went forward to hug his mother, comforting her as he whispered softly. Mo Yi Cheng was a little restrained as he stayed on the side. He watched him for a while to make sure he was really okay, then turned around to ask the doctor how his big brother now and whether he could go into the ward.

Chen Jiao walked out of the gathered crowd and went to the door of the ward where Mo Yi Yan was. There was only a small rectangular glass window, making it so that he was able to see the person lying on the hospital bed inside.

He couldn’t help but lean forward. This time he was able to see the side of Mo Yi Yan’s face with eyes tightly closed clearly. He was handsome in a bitingly cold manner, this appearance the one he had dreamed of countless times.

But he knew that this man was a luxury for him. Sometimes the more he hoped, the more disappointed he would become, so over the years he had learned to lower his expectations, just burying his love at the bottom of his heart.

“For the time being, there shouldn’t be too many people in the ward at once, and if you want to visit it shouldn’t be more than two people at a time. We’ve performed a brain scan on the patient but still didn’t find any abnormalities. We stand by our opinions that this onset of his illness and the series of obstacles are primarily psychological in nature.” The doctor’s conclusion this time was no different from the one’s given before, but this was what caused them to give up hope, because no one knew what the so-called psychological cause actually was.

“Second brother, I’ll go in with mom first to take a look.” Mo Yixu hugged Mother Mo’s shoulders.

“Alright.” Mo Yi Cheng’s gaze fell on Chen Jiao who was pale as he stood by the door, his mouth open but not saying a word.

Chen Jiao was still daze, causing Mo Yixu and Mother Mo to be taken aback for a moment when they walked over but then he stepped aside quickly and they opened and closed the door in just a few seconds. He was once again shut out, while Mo Yixu’s tall back blocked Mo Yi Yan on the bed.

“Chen Jiao.” Mo Yi Cheng called out.

Chen Jiao wiped his face quickly when he suddenly realized that he had forgotten himself, “Mo Ge.”

“The housekeeper said just now that when they found big brother, his phone was playing the single ‘Galaxy’, so he should like this song a lot.” Mo Yi Cheng had a principle not to interfere with anyone’s feelings, but somehow today, he wanted to comfort Chen Jiao at this moment.

For a moment there was shock and panic in Chen Jiao’s eyes, then finally he only said, “I… I understand.”

Mo Yi Cheng said again, “I’m afraid big brother would be staying in the hospital for some days this time, but my schedule is relatively busy. I might need you to come here more often.”

Chen Jiao’s hand that had shrunk into his sleeves clenched all of a sudden, his voice shaking slightly, “Ok… okay.”

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