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Chapter 56.1 Mo Yixu’s sister-in-law!

Everyone was relieved when they heard the news that Po Fei was now with Kan Ming. Mo Yi Cheng gave him a vacation and it was said that the next day, special assistant Kan took a flight to the famous tourist attraction site Maldives, and it was also said that there was no entourage around…

Yuan Suo’s level increased again, reaching level 30 in one academic year which was extremely rare in the elf campus.

“I’m just lucky ( ω ),” Yuan Suo replied to congratulatory messages everyone sent.

Long Bow typed quickly, “We’re the ones who are lucky to have met you.”

Yuan Suo, who was sitting on the sofa and leaning into Mo Yi Cheng’s arms, paused as he replied to the message. Yes, lucky to have met, just like he and Mo Yi Cheng.

Feeling a change in the emotions of the little thing curled up in his arms, Mo Yi Cheng lowered his head and kissed the hair in front of Yuan Suo’s forehead gently, “What’s wrong?”

“No… nothing.” Even if Mo Yi Cheng had done this many times, Yuan Suo was still shy, “I… I just feel that I upgraded… so fast.”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled and asked, “Happy?”

Yuan Suo froze for a moment then nodded.

“Then…. how do you want to thank me?” The tail end of Mo Yi Cheng’s words trailed of ambiguously, his hands suddenly became a little restless.

“Um… that… it tickles… ha ha…” Yuan Suo dodged left and right, tears almost coming out from laughing.

Mo Yi Cheng: “…”

The ambiguous atmosphere disappeared.

“Alright.” Mo Yi Cheng struggled to restrain himself.

Yuan Suo rubbed his stomach, “Oh oh.”

“Now, look at me seriously.” Mo Yi Cheng’s arms propped up at his sides, circling the person underneath him.

Mo Yi Cheng’s gaze blazed, seemingly… quite different from it usually was. Gulping, Yuan Suo suddenly became a little nervous.

Light kisses fell softly, as if taking care of a very precious item, falling on his fine lips, then spreading out little by little.

“Mo….” Yuan Suo raised his hand subconsciously to grab Mo Yi Cheng’s housecoat, the scattered kisses on his neck like a flame that set him on fire.

Mo Yi Cheng nibbled on him gently and mischievously, leaving faint teeth marks as he asked in a hoarse voice, “What did you call me?”

“Uhm…” At this kind of time, he was… he was very embarrassed, “Don’t…. Don’t bite…. Yi Cheng.”

When the soft pleading voice entered his ears, Mo Yi Cheng shuddered slightly, as if he had been electrocuted.

“Ooo…. Mo Yi Cheng…. liar…. liar…. um….” Yuan Suo’s words were swallowed by a kiss as if they were gold. His hand clutched his lapels, green veins appearing under his fair skin.

The room was already filled with charm.

Mo Yi Cheng got up and picked the little thing who was too shy to open his eyes up, ready to take him back to his room.

But just at this moment, an untimely knock sounded on the door.

“Someone is here!” Yuan Suo’s eyes widened in fright like a bunny as he struggled to jump down.

Mo Yi Cheng frowned then simply carried him in his arms as he walked towards the door, reluctant to put him down.

He clicked on the video screen.

A handsome and sunny face appeared, revealing two rows of white teeth as he smiled.

“Second brother, it’s me!” Mo Yixu waved at the camera, “I’m back! Open the door quickly!”

This time Yuan Suo really couldn’t stay. If Mo Yi Cheng’s brother saw them…

Mo Yi Cheng could only put him down, but the fire in his body hadn’t gone down yet hence he could only slow down a few seconds before gritting his teeth as he opened the door. Yuan Suo stood behind him obediently.

Mo Yixu was in a sports suit, tall and handsome as he held two oversized convenient bags in his hands. The moment he saw Mo Yi Cheng, he was about to jump on him but Mo Yi Cheng pressed his forehead back.

“Why are you back all of a sudden?”

Mo Yixu didn’t expect to receive such a cold and disgusted attitude from his second brother. He immediately put on an aggrieved expression, “Second brother, I came to you immediately after I returned, you’re really too heartless!” Then he put his hand around his second brother’s shoulder and saw a soft and sticky adorable teenager whose beauty was simply off the charts. He slapped his forehead immediately and exclaimed in a way that said he understood it all, “Second brother, I was wrong!”

“Hmm.” Mo Yi Cheng hummed then let him in.

As soon as he entered the room, he greeted Yuan Suo immediately, “Hello little sister-in-law! I’m Mo Yixu, we’ve met before on video!”

When Yuan Suo heard the words ‘little sister-in-law’, the blush that had just faded came back in full force. He waved his hands quickly, “I… I’m not… I’m not.” They couldn’t let others know that he and Mo Yi Cheng were dating. A man and a man dating would not only affect Mo Yi Cheng’s career, his family would also oppose it. This was the determined conclusion Yuan Suo had come to after looking it up online when he and Mo Yi Cheng affirmed their relationship.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the small thing who was at a loss as to what to do, frowned then said: “There’s no need to hide it from Yixu.”

“Ah?” Yuan Suo froze, there was no need to hide it?

Mo Yixu’s eyes that were already burning with a fire for gossip blazed as if a lot dry wood had been added, “So… second brother, is this really my little sister-in-law?”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded then corrected him, slightly dissatisfied, “Just call him sister-in-law.”

“Ah! Yes!” Mo Yixu stood up straight, posture solemn like he was in the military, “Sister-in-law!”

Yuan Suo stammered, not knowing how to reply, fortunately Mo Yi Cheng helped relieve the situation. He instructed Mo Yixu to take all the things he had brought to the kitchen and to put them away, then told him to go to the living room to report on his studies for this semester.

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