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Chapter 53.1 Yi Cheng Ge

Yuan Suo felt a chill no reason. When he raised his head, he saw Mo Yi Cheng standing not far away. When the girl saw Mo Yi Cheng she tensed, but didn’t let go of her grip on Yuan Suo’s hand, tightening it a little instead.

Mo Yi Cheng frowned, his eyes falling on their hands, “How did you get here?”

“Ah, I helped the props team move some things, and then…” Thinking of the girl’s embarrassed look just now, Yuan Suo just said: “This sister’s leg is injured, so I’m helping her go back.”

Sister? The way he called her was quite close. Mo Yi Cheng’s face darkened again as he strode forward. Yuan Suo thought that he was also coming to help, but suddenly felt a tug on his arm then he staggered and was pulled close to Mo Yi Cheng’s side.

“Are you… Qing Wan?” Mo Yi Cheng called the girl by the name she used in the movie.

The girl was a little surprised, then said quickly, “Senior Mo, yes… yes, I’m Fang Ya who plays Qing Wan.”

It turned out that the young lady’s name was Fang Ya. Yuan Suo, following the principle of being courteous, called out with a glutinous voice, “Sister Fang Ya.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s eyebrows jumped sharply, and his hand that was holding his wrist tightened a little.

“Uhm…” The grip on Yuan Suo’s wrist was a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t dare resist.

“Miss Fang is injured?”

“Ah… no… no.” Afraid that Mo Yi Cheng would ask what had happened, Fang Ya stammered. Fortunately, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t ask for the details.

Mo Yi Cheng looked around, saw a crew member, said hello then asked him to take Fang Ya to be treated and left with Yuan Suo.

Back in the lounge, Yuan Suo felt that Mo Yi Cheng was weird. He didn’t say a word along the way as he pulled his wrist, not even letting go when others saw them.

As soon as the door to the lounge closed, he pulled up a chair and motioned for Yuan Suo to sit down and then sat on the opposite side, quite like the first time the two of them had a ‘negotiation’.

Yuan Suo looked at the rather serious expression on Mo Yi Cheng’s face and squeezed the sides of his pants quite nervously, “…Mo Yi Cheng?”

Mo Yi Cheng hummed.

Yuan Suo’s little brain that wasn’t very nimble spun at the fastest speed then finally came to a conclusion, “I… I didn’t run around, I just helped to get something and was about to come back quickly but I met Sister Fang Ya who was being harassed by a drunk, so I… just went to help her.”

When Mo Yi Cheng heard the glutinous ‘Sister Fang Ya’ again, his brows tightened again, but when he heard the word ‘help’, his originally relaxed back tensed up immediately as he sat up straight, “Did he hurt you?”

When Yuan Suo saw that Mo Yi Cheng was worried, he explained quickly, “It’s okay, I’m strong. I was able to push the drunk man away with just one push, but he wanted to blackmail….” As he was talking, he stretched out his small arm to show off his strength.

After hearing what Yuan Suo went through, cold sweat dripped in Mo Yi Cheng’s heart, the tone of his voice becoming more serious as he spoke, “Don’t be try to be brave when you encounter this kind of thing next time, just come straight to me or ask someone for help, understand?”

“En, okay.” Knowing that Mo Yi Cheng was concerned about him, even though he was fierce, it was as if there was a glass of apple-flavored sparkling water bubbling sweetly in Yuan Suo’s heart.

Mo Yi Cheng silently noted Fang Ya’s affairs, but he wasn’t ready to intervene in other people’s family affairs for the time being. However the problem of how this small thing called him should be corrected.

He moved towards him suddenly with a biting cold expression on his face, making Yuan Suo was too scared to move. He couldn’t help but shrink as he was trapped in the chair by Mo Yi Cheng’s arms.

“Mo…. Mo Yi Cheng.”

Mo Yi Cheng narrowed his eyes, “You aren’t calling me the right way.”


“Do you plan to call my name like this all the time?”

Yuan Suo’s eyes dodged his, “Then… then what should I call you?” Wasn’t… wasn’t it a little to early to call him husband? And he was still not sure how two men who were dating called each other…

Mo Yi Cheng pressed closer more and more tightly, his perfectly lined lips almost pressing against the tip of his ears, his voice low and hoarse, “Call me Yi Cheng Ge.”

Don’t know if it was because of the hot air from Mo Yi Cheng’s breath spraying on his neck or what but Yuan Suo shuddered suddenly, his breathing became difficult. Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo’s tiny earlobe that was a little red and looked like it was almost bleeding and suddenly opened his mouth and bit down.

“Hmm…” Although it didn’t hurt, it felt being hit by an electric current. He wanted to hide but found that there was no room to dodge. He could only say in a determined voice that sounded just like a kitten’s as he shrunk his neck in, “Mo… um… Yi Cheng… Yi Cheng Ge.” His glutinous voice was like a mosquito’s.

Mo Yi Cheng’s chest almost seized by Yuan Suo’s cry of Yi Cheng Ge, but he didn’t seem to want to let go of the pitiful little thing in his arms.

“I didn’t hear it well.” After he said this, he pressed up against him again.

Yuan Suo was so frightened that he called out again, “Yi Cheng Ge!”

Mo Yi Cheng moved as if he was about to bite him again and Yuan Suo shouted Yi Cheng Ge in a loud voice anxiously

A doting smile appeared on Mo Yi Cheng’s lips and seeing that the little thing would cry if he bullied him again, he kissed the tip of his nose lightly and said softly, “Hmm, I heard you this time.”

He kissed from the tip of his nose to his forehead gently, making Yuan Suo’s nervousness ease slightly and his confused thoughts cleared up gradually…. Mo Yi Cheng wanted him to call him Yi Cheng Ge because… he was jealous?

“Mo… uh… Yi Cheng Ge, are you… jealous?” He asked carefully.

The originally calm expression on Mo Yi Cheng’s face changed, then he dodged in embarrassment, “Cough, cough.”

“Yi Cheng Ge is jealous.” Yuan Suo was just stating the facts, but the offensive and defensive positions between the two of them switched unknowingly.

“It… it doesn’t matter, Du Du was also jealous.” His fingers twisted together and as he thought of his previous performance, he lowered his head.

“Hmm.” Mo Yi Cheng took his hand, smoothed the entangled hands like he was undoing buttons, then wrapped them in his big hands, “Hmm, we are jealous because we like each other too much.”

It turns out, they were jealous because they liked each other too much.

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