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Chapter 53.2 Yi Cheng Ge

Mo Yi Cheng thought that the issue concerning Fang Ya had passed, but Yuan Suo kept thinking about it so much that Fang Ya’s scoundrelly looking drunk brother even appeared in his dream. In the dream, he really didn’t get the money and collided head-on into a white van. Yuan Suo woke up in a cold sweat.

At breakfast, Yuan Suo thought about it again and again before telling Mo Yi Cheng about it. Mo Yi Cheng promised to send someone to pay attention to the relevant developments, to at least to ensure Fang Ya’s personal safety, making Yuan Suo relieved. Then he noticed that Mo Yi Cheng seemed to be…. jealous again? So he called out Yi Cheng Ge twice happily to get through the crisis smoothly.

Today, Mo Yi Cheng had a night scene but had an interview with a magazine that was scheduled for the morning after which a set of pictures would be taken.

“Mr. Mo, is this your assistant?” The photographer’s level was top in the industry so at a glance he was able to locate the teenager next to Mo Yi Cheng and with his sharp eyes and judge that this face was very photogenic and a good seedling for modeling.

Mo Yi Cheng: “He’s… a friend.”

“Oh, oh, so it’s like that. It just so happens that you have a few more shots to go so you can arrange to be photographed as partners…”

Mo Yi Cheng heard the meaning behind the photographer’s words and refused decisively, “Sorry, he’s not in the entertainment circle.” Although Yuan Suo now spent half of his time outside the game, he was an elf and there was the possibility that if he appeared in front of people too much, his identity might be exposed. Long Bow was the most obvious example.

The photographer was a bit regretful, but he didn’t insist again.

Yuan Suo didn’t know that he had just missed an opportunity to become a model as he held the ice cream bought by Chen Jiao, sitting outside the studio and eating happily. The temperature of the various lights in the studio were high and the air didn’t circulate in the room well. Afraid that he would be bored, Mo Yi Cheng asked him to go get fresh air by the door and allowed him to eat ice cream.

Yuan Suo looked at the busy people coming and going, in a good mood. Suddenly, his gaze was drawn to a thin figure. The boy was struggling to carry a huge box, the transparent shirt on his body already soaked with sweat and because he was using a lot of effort, blue veins appeared on his pale face, inadvertently exposing a hideous scar on his arm that was shocking.

Po…. Po Fei.” Yuan Suo almost couldn’t hold on to the ice cream in his hand. He stood up from the chair and called out his name subconsciously.

When Po Fei turned his head and saw Yuan Suo he was startled and the box he was carrying shook. The uncle who was carrying things with him complained immediately, “Hey, what are you doing dazing there for? Move quickly! If you lazy about, your wages will be deducted.”

Po Fei nodded stiffly at Yuan Suo, but the movement was too small to see, then went back to work again immediately.

Yuan Suo stood there, staring blankly at Po Fei’s back as he moved strenuously with the heavy object in his hand. The ice cream in his mouth seemed to have lost its taste, his heart sour.

An hour later, Mo Yi Cheng’s interview came to an end. Chen Jiao sent out oranges twice in the middle of the interview just to check to see if Yuan Suo was still there. Mo Yi Cheng’s appearance when the small thing went ‘missing’ yesterday was something he never wanted to see again.

“Chen Jiao, I want to go to the bathroom.” Yuan Suo just saw Po Fei turn into the side of the corridor where there was a sign that read ‘bathroom’.

“Ah, okay, I’ll watch over your things.” Chen Jiao pointed to bag of snacks that Yuan Suo had brought in his school bag as well as the various recreational magazines and drinks on the chair.

“Thank you Chen Jiao!” Yuan Suo thanked him then rushed to the bathroom impatiently. Although he hadn’t figured out what exactly he was going to say to Po Fei, he had a faint feeling that he needed to help him. Even though Long Bow and the others said it was difficult, how would he know if he didn’t try?

When he entered the bathroom, he saw Po Fei who had just finished washing his hands.

“Hi.” Yuan Suo greeted.

When Po Fei saw Yuan Suo, he was taken aback for a moment, then a smile appeared on his gloomy face, although it looked a bit forced.

This was the first time Yuan Suo was seeing Po Fei smile, making his confidence increase immediately, “You… you were so powerful just now, carrying such a heavy thing.”

Po Fei sighed, but his tone was very flat, “Get used to it, why… are you here?”

Yuan Suo answered: “I’m accompanying… accompanying a friend to work.”



The conversation between the two came to a standstill.

After a while, Po Fei said, “I’m going out, I have to get back to work quickly.”

“Ah, okay.” Seeing that Po Fei was about to leave, Yuan Suo said hurriedly, “Wait!”

“What’s wrong?” Po Fei turned his head and there were bluish marks under his narrowed eyes, his bloodshot eyes making him look even more tired.

Yuan Suo chose his words carefully, “I… we are classmates, that is, we are friends. If something is making you unhappy, you can find a friend. Together, we are more powerful.”

Po Fei was stunned, his mouth falling open. The corners of his eyes seemed to be a little red as he responded, “Okay.”

“Hmm!” Yuan Suo smiled, revealing white teeth, the sunshine in his curved eyes, making one unable to look open their eyes.

“… I’m sorry about before.” Po Fei’s tone was very sincere.

Yuan Suo said hurriedly: “It’s okay, I forgot about it! And the steps were low at that time, so I didn’t get hurt from the fall!”

His words amused Po Fei. The melancholy in his eyes faded slightly, then he turned and left.

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