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Chapter 52.2 Jealous Du Du+ Mo Yi Cheng!

The next day, Yuan Suo really hid in the game and didn’t come out.

Many people in the crew, especially some of the young ladies were quite sad when they didn’t see the cutie, but they didn’t dare ask Movie Emperor Mo.

It was very rare that after the director called for them to start, Mo Yi Cheng was slow to enter the scene. Looking at the female co-star opposite him, his mood went through ups and downs. After a few NGs, he was able to complete the passionate scene.

Back in the artist’s van, Yuan Suo was in the game was watching TV with Marshmallow in his arms, his eyes constantly sweeping over to the screen on the wall. When he saw Mo Yi Cheng appear and that the background was the artist’s van, he came out immediately.

“Watching TV all morning?” Mo Yi Cheng smiled as he raised his hand to wipe off the potato chip crumbs from his mouth.


“How many snacks did you eat?”

Yuan Suo answered honestly, “Two boxes of cumin flavored potato chips.” He paused for a moment then plucked up the courage to ask: “Are you… are you Mo Yi Cheng now?”

Mo Yi Cheng froze for a moment, then reacted quickly, squeezing his soft face, “Yes, I’m Mo Yi Cheng, your Mo Yi Cheng.”

“En.” Suddenly, Yuan Suo was a little embarrassed. He lowered his head and pulled Mo Yi Cheng’s sleeve carefully.

Mo Yi Cheng tilted Yuan Suo’s head to look into his eyes and saw a twinkling smile in them.

As a result, the ladies in the crew saw the little cutie again when the movie emperor appeared in the afternoon.

Yuan Suo’s mouth was swollen, but he was in a good mood. When Mo Yi Cheng was filming, he took the initiative to help the props lady who was carrying a lot of things.

After they put the things in the car, the lady wanted to stay behind to tidy up, but Yuan Suo hurried back, afraid that Mo Yi Cheng wouldn’t find him after he was done.

After taking a few steps, he stopped suddenly. There seemed to be a female whimper coming from the back of the van nearby. After hesitating for a moment, he walked around the van cautiously to see if anyone was in trouble and needed help. Just as he passed the front of the van, he heard a man’s voice.

“If you don’t get the money today, I’ll be dead. Instead of being beaten to death, I’ll rather die in your crew. Maybe then you’ll be an instant hit!” The man’s voice was hoarse with a trace of drunkenness in it.

“Brother, I really don’t have any money anymore. I used the advance on the credit card a few days ago.” The girl’s voice trembled.

“Then you can really bear to see your brother die in front of you?!” The man leaned against the car as if he was mud. He pulled the girl’s arm with one hand tightly, his body unshaven and smelling of alcohol, wearing clothes that he hadn’t changed for many days as he roared hoarsely, but paused when he noticed a young man from the corner of his eye, “What are you looking at?!”

The girl was taken aback. When she turned her head hurriedly and saw Yuan Suo, the panic in her eyes increased. Yuan Suo recognized her as well. She was an actor in the crew who acted as a maid next to the female lead, with almost no lines, often standing behind the female lead like a backdrop, so Yuan Suo had some impression of her.

“Brother, I’ll… call you and we’ll talk, okay….. I….” It was obvious that the girl didn’t want the crew to see her being embarrassed as she begged in a crying voice.

However, the man seemed to have found an opportunity in that instant, raising his voice as he applied more strength to his hand that was clutching her tightly, “I won’t leave today if I don’t get the money. If it’s a big deal I’ll f**king cross the streets and enter your crew. We’ll see if you’ll have a glorious image then!”

He used too much force, making the girl struggle violently from the pain, tears streaming down her cheeks and ruining her makeup. Yuan Suo was very angry when he saw this. Although he didn’t know the entire story, seeing the big man bullying a girl like this was too much for him!

Filled with anger, he frowned, a trace of unconcealable nervousness in his eyes, but he rushed forward quickly without hesitating and pushed the drunk man away.

“If…. if you have something to say then say it properly, you can’t… can’t bully a girl.” He didn’t expect that the drunk man would fall so easily from the push, but he kept the girl behind him.

The man was already too drunk to stand so he just sat on the ground from the push, grimacing in pain, “Okay, you now know to look for help to beat your brother, good for you! Go ahead, beat me! I’m injured now and need to be taken to the hospital!”

Seeing the man spread himself out on the ground looking like he was about to make a scene, Yuan Suo felt a little helpless.

Probably afraid of getting Yuan Suo involved in her mess, the girl said quickly: “Hurry up and get up, I’ll….. I’ll try to give you the money, ok?”

The man’s ‘twitching’ movement on the ground stopped for a while, as if he was thinking about it, then he said: “I want the money by this time tomorrow at the latest.”

“….Mhmm, I’ll, I’ll try my best.” When the girl saw her brother stagger up from the ground, she hid behind Yuan Suo subconsciously.

The man glared at Yuan Suo fiercely, spat on the ground and not caring about the dust on his body, turned around and left.

As soon as he left, the tense string in Yuan Suo loosened suddenly and he let out a long sigh of relief, only to realize that his back was covered in cold sweat.

He asked when he noticed that the girl’s arm was scratched and bruised, “Do you want to go and see a doctor?”

“No, no, it’s okay. I really appreciate your help just now.” The girl thanked him as she took a step to the side, but cried out in pain. It turned out that her brother broke her ankle when he pulled her long before Yuan Suo appeared.

“You’re welcome, let… let me help you.” Yuan Suo helped her walk.

When Mo Yi Cheng finished filming the scene, he didn’t see Yuan Suo or Chen Jiao.

Yuan Suo would walk around casually, so even though he was anxious, he didn’t alarm a lot of people. He only asked Chen Jiao to look for him in one direction while he went the other.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t find him in the artist’s car. After going around twice, he finally saw Yuan Suo’s figure behind a van. The little thing was holding a girl as he walked forward step by step, concern on his face as he asked occasionally, ‘does it hurt’?

Mo Yi Cheng gritted his teeth unconsciously, his face that was originally pale because he was anxious turning blue instantly.

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