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Chapter 47.2 A dance party and a banquet!

“Hi there.” A nice voice sounded, a shadow falling over his face at the same time. Chen Jiao looked up to see a tall man in an iron gray suit and a casual shirt with a rounded neck, giving a sense of casualness to his a handsome temperament.

“Hi.” Chen Jiao searched in his mind for a while but was sure that he didn’t know him.

The man saw the confusion in Chen Jiao’s eyes, smiled slightly, and introduced himself: “Kid, let me introduce myself, my name is Qin Tian Min.”

Chen Jiao was stunned by this ‘kid’. “Hello, my name is Chen Jiao, but I’m not a kid anymore.”

Qin Tian Min’s peach blossom eyes narrowed as he scanned Chen Jiao’s face unbridledly, as if he didn’t believe it, “Is that so? Little…. kid…”

“Hmm, I… I’m 30 years old.” Chen Jiao felt the strangeness in the other party’s eyes, but he looked to be only 23 or 24 years old. His age should scare him away.

When Qin Tian Min heard the number 30, there was a flash of surprise in his eyes, then he raised his eyebrows, “Then, your face is too deceptive— big uncle.”

Although Chen Jiao didn’t have a baby-faced, he somehow looked much younger than his peers. This was also the reason why he called Mo Yi Cheng ‘Mo Ge’ by mistake, so even though he had reached the age 30, no one had ever called him uncle, or… big uncle.

Seeing that Chen Jiao didn’t say anything, Qin Tian Min’s lips hooked up, “Uncle, is this the first time you’ve come to this kind of occasion? You look nervous.”

Chen Jiao was forced to retreat again and again. In a panic, he suddenly remembered who this Qin Tian Min in front of him was. He had never seen him before, but he had heard of this name, the young master of the Qin family, a well-known bully in the entertainment circle. He had the three elder sisters, plus Father Qin was nearly fifty years old when he was born, so he was a treasure in the family. This kind of person… it was better to stay far away from him.

“Sorry, I have friends over there, I have to go over.” Chen Jiao lowered his head nervously before walking to the side.

Qin Tian Min turned and blocked Chen Jiao’s way as soon as he moved. His thin lips curled up, revealing a well-fitted and good natured smile, but there was a hunting gaze in his eyes that couldn’t be concealed, “Give me your number, we can become friends if we get to know each other well.”

“There’s….. there’s no need to.” Chen Jiao refused.

Qin Tian Min observed keenly that when Chen Jiao refused, he placed one hand on the left pocket of his trousers, so he took the cell phone from Chen Jiao’s pocket with dexterity. Chen Jiao couldn’t stop him.

“Uncle, give me your number before leaving.”

Looking at his phone that was taken away, and the piercing gazes that seemed have been cast on him, Chen Jiao had no choice but to say his number out loud.

Qin Tian Min smiled, took his cell phone out and dialed the number. When Chen Jiao’s phone rang, he smiled with accomplishment then returned the phone.

“Uncle, I’ll see you later.”

“… Ok.” Chen Jiao was eager to get rid of him, so he took his phone and walked to the side quickly.

Don’t know if it was because of Qin Tian Min, or because of the two glasses of wine he had drank before that he walked a little too fast. His temples throbbed repeatedly, and the suit and tie that he rarely wore also made him feel as if he couldn’t breath.

After asking a waiter, he walked towards the bathroom, ready to wash his face to sober himself up.

But he was a little bit of a road idiot. He went off course but as he passed by the corner of the porch, he suddenly heard a familiar voice filled with contempt and disdain, “Heh heh, want to upset me? His Mo family doesn’t run the entertainment circle. Once the next two shows are aired, I’ll find a good PR team to handle it. What happened previously can be whitewashed.”

Chen Jiao’s feet paused when he heard the voice… it was Qian He. He wanted to turn around and leave, but the other side seemed to be talking about the Mo family.

Another voice rang, a woman’s, and one could hear that she was very young, “That’s right, people forget things very quickly nowadays, so those things will fade away after a while. However, you’re too lucky. You just lost Mo Yi Yan and picked up such a backer. Although his age isn’t as good as that of the Mo family guy, the resources he has aren’t inferior.”

Qian He’s voice went up a little, “What’s the use of being handsome, if I expose his messy things, I’ll make sure that his entire Mo family will be disgraced.”

“What is it?” The girl lowered her voice, deep curiosity in her voice.

Qian He drank the wine in the glass and gritted his teeth, “Damn it, Mo Yi Yan is an eunuch, I’ve been with him for half a year, but I didn’t seen him get f**king hard!”

“Puff…” The girl almost choked from shock, “Re… really?”

“Heh….. I almost stripped naked and jumped on him.” When Qian He said this, his face was very ugly. He seemed to think of all the things that had happened before and gritted his teeth unwillingly. “If he hadn’t dumped me, I would have dumped him sooner or later. Once, I had makeup on from a scene I had just finished, his thing didn’t even stand up for me. Not only is he impotent, he’s sick in the head.”

Chen Jiao’s palm sweated and he couldn’t help but shake slightly as he listened from his hiding place. He wasn’t sure if it was because of nervousness, or because he knew Mo Yi Yan’s ‘secret’.

“Alright, that’s enough, let’s go back first.” Qian He said as he went out. The girl extinguished the cigarette in her hand and followed.

Hearing the footsteps, Chen Jiao retreated nervously to the other side, hiding himself in the corner as much as possible. As long as Qian He walked straight past, he wouldn’t see him. Sure enough, Qian He and the girl didn’t notice his presence as they left.

Chen Jiao, who returned to the party, was paler than before, a little dazed. He wanted to get a glass of water to drink but accidentally bumped into someone. He raised his head, then turned speechless with horror. It was Qian He!

Qian He was very irritated as he was bumped into as he held the glass of wine in his hand, but he couldn’t show it in front of others, so he only cast a cold glance at Chen Jiao, snorted and left.

Chen Jiao stood there, frozen in place as he stared blankly. Qian He…he, he didn’t even recognize him.

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  1. Aww shy baby is cute. Time for some preemptive face slapping.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

  2. Mi pregunta es, ¿Por que viviendo varios año en entorno del entretenimiento todavía es tan….ugh no se, tonto? Porque nuestro Dudu es de nacimiento incluso si fue rey, su inteligencia siempre fue limitada y bien; pero el otro es asistente, en teoria un adulto normal…entonces ¿Por que!!?

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