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Chapter 47.1 A dance party and a banquet!

“No way right, Mo Yi Cheng brought someone here?”

“Wasn’t it said that he doesn’t have a female companion?” They were disappointed voices amidst the discussions. But when they saw the person Mo Yi Cheng helped down out of the car, they froze for a moment. It was a…. man, and he had already put on his mask. The silver retro mask covered half of his face, but one could still see his delicate and small chin and moist lips. His temperament was sunny and both soft and cute. They could see that the teenager was a little nervous as he leaned close to Mo Yi Cheng’s side, seeming to want to grasp his sleeves but then held back.

“Yi Cheng, you’re on time.” Chen Sheng said as he greeted, but the smile on the corners of his lips were a bit forced.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded his head in greeting.

Chen Sheng glanced at Yuan Suo again. He had been surprised by the young man’s appearance when he had gotten out of the car just now, but seeing him up close, he saw that he was even more stunning. Even if half of his face was covered, people still couldn’t move their eyes away. “Is this is… Du Du?”

Yuan Suo recognized Chen Sheng and greeted him quickly, “Hello Chen Sheng.”

Chen Sheng led Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo inside. People kept throwing glances at Yuan Suo along the way and sensing his nervousness, Mo Yi Cheng put his hand on the back of his waist gently and smiled softly. “Don’t be nervous.”

Yuan Suo took a deep breath then nodded quickly.

Chen Sheng couldn’t help but smile, then he shook his head and sighed.

Mo Yi Cheng felt that his mood wasn’t right and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Sheng pursed his lips, “Jiang Ge has something to do, so he couldn’t make it.”

It turned out to be this…

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t comfort him, so he just patted him on the shoulder.

Chen Sheng smiled bitterly, “It’s okay, I’m used to it. Besides, it’s for work. Right, I heard that he also took your assistant.”

“Chen Jiao?”

“Yes, the one who was originally chubby but has now become as thin as a bolt of lightning.”

Mo Yi Cheng was amused by his metaphor, thinking of when Yuan Suo’s Q version was chubby, but had now become as thin as a bolt of ‘lightning’.

“Is he going to record a song?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Chen Sheng answered: “No, it seems he’s going to a party in the circle? I heard that many directors and music producers will be there.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded and stopped asking.

Several people had also entered the hall at this moment.

Mo Yi Cheng put his mask on.

Chen Sheng raised his brows, looked as if he had seen through something, and lowered his voice, “Yi Cheng, you and Du Du are wearing a couple outfit, right?”

Mo Yi Cheng, “…. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Chen Sheng wasn’t afraid, “Even a fool can see it.” After leaving that retort, he suddenly turned around and gave Yuan Suo a surprise attack, “Isn’t that, right Du Du?”

Du Du was taken aback for a moment, nodding his head subconsciously.

“Look, your little Du Du has admitted it!” Chen Sheng smiled triumphantly at Mo Yi Cheng.

It was only afrer they turned a corner that Yuan Suo realized the meaning of a ‘couple outfit’. He waved his hands quickly, “No… no, I was wrong… Let me answer it again…”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the bewildered expression on the little thing’s face, held his shoulders, pulled him into his arms, lowered his voice and said to Chen Sheng: “What can you do if I admit it?”

Chen Sheng: “….”

Yuan Suo: “….”


This wasn’t the first time Chen Jiao had appeared at this type of occasion, but it was his first time appearing as a ‘singer’.

Although Jiang Ge had gone abroad to develop for a while, he had the foundation, aura and popularity. As soon as he arrived at the party, he was surrounded immediately, with many singers coming forward to say hello.

Chen Jiao had been brought here by Jiang Ge, so although they looked at him with strange looks, they were polite.

Chen Jiao’s ‘Galaxy’ had been approved by Director Li Xilan, hence many people were very interested in this ‘newcomer’ who had come out of nowhere halfway through. Chen Jiao couldn’t handle it, so Jiang Ge helped him.

Jiang Ge instructed him, “Don’t just smile stupidly and don’t drink everything after clinking glasses, otherwise no amount of alcohol you drink would be enough for them.”

Chen Jiao nodded, “I understand, I understand.” After speaking, however, he froze suddenly.

“What’s wrong?”Jiang Ge followed his gaze. Several people were chatting with wine glasses in their hands not far away. One of them looked very familiar. Jiang Ge didn’t know much about the newcomers in the entertainment circle now, but he had some impressions of this person. It was Qian He who had finally been exposed online in the end after he bullied Chen Jiao.

“No… nothing.” Chen Jiao turned his head, his expression complicated.

Jiang Ge sighed, then comforted: “That’s how the entertainment circle is, don’t care too much.”

Chen Jiao was stunned, these words….. Mo Yi Yan had also said the same thing. And that was almost the only fond memory of his hopeless love.

Jiang Ge patted his shoulders, “There’s an acquaintance over there, I will be back later.”

“Ok!” Chen Jiao nodded.

After Jiang Ge left for a while, Chen Jiao found a seat. He looked at the people coming and going and suddenly felt a little weak. Deep in his bones, his character was a bit like Jiang Ge’s, introverted and gentle, but Jiang Ge had very strong heart and also had a smart mind to navigate through all this, but not him. Except for music and doing his job well, he wasn’t good at dealing with so many people.

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