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Chapter 46.2 President’s kiss!

Yuan Suo was in a particularly good mood these days. First, Mo Yi Cheng said he was going to take him to a very interesting dance party, then he found several other novels by Su Yi online and bought them one after another. After that, his comic was reposted by a very good comic artist who gave it a very high rating. For a time, the attention on his comic had increased greatly and the number of likes had reached 3 digits within 24 hours.

Seeing Yuan Suo’s growth and achievements, Mo Yi Cheng was also very proud. Actually, concerning his comic, if Mo Yi Cheng was willing, he had the power to use all kinds of means to help but he didn’t. This was because of his trust and respect for his elf, moreover Yuan Suo also wanted to rely on himself to use his efforts to prove a point.

At the same time, the publisher had also approved the final review of his illustration manuscript. One of his old drawings would be published in the subsequent monthly magazine. The editor also said that a sample issue would be mailed to him at that time and that the manuscript fee would also be credited to his account in the month following the publication.

Although Mo Yi Cheng had relaxed the restrictions on the space and time for the small stuff’s activities, Yuan Suo was also very considerate, otherwise Mo Yi Cheng would be overly worried. He kept the time that he used to go to the park within three hours every time and not more than twice a week.

This day, he took advantage of Mo Yi Cheng’s working hours to go to the park again.

Grandpa Abel seemed to be waiting for him with wooden carving tools on the table, greeting him as soon as he saw him. The two worked side by side enthusiastically on the wooden carvings like a grandfather and his grandchild. Anie was also absorbed in the original Wuthering Heights novel she was holding.

In between breaks, Yuan Suo thought of something and asked Abel: “Grandpa, can elves stay in the game forever?”

Abel paused, “Why do you ask?”

Actually, he himself didn’t know why. The interstellar world was his world and he missed it, but this world had Mo Yi Cheng. He had been conflicted many times and worried about the day when he would leave after reaching the highest level, especially after Abel said that he knew an elf who had left the game after reaching the highest level and had his memory erased because he was from the same world as his player.

Abel put the carving knife in his hand down, the look in his eyes suddenly becoming deep, “Little guy, do you have… feelings for your player?”

Yuan Suo froze, not knowing how to answer. He knew that he liked Mo Yi Cheng, but he didn’t know how to place that kind of feeling. It was a kind of dependence and attachment that was different from all previous feelings.

At this time, Anie put the book in her hand down and said, “Du Du, if you want to stay in the game forever, the price you will pay is very huge.”


Time flew by.

December 7th, the day of the masquerade party.

Yuan Suo’s costume had been prepared long ago. It was a custom-made suit from the same collection as Mo Yi Cheng’s. Mo Yi Cheng’s suit was black, with a clean-cut shirt and a black tie, looking very trim, luxurious and awe-inspiring, which made people admire him but not dare get close. Yuan Suo’s style was more casual, the neckline on his white suit was embellished uniquely with black edges and the navy blue bow tie added a touch of agility to his delicate appearance.

He stood in front of the mirror, looking at his strange self. His clothes in the interstellar world were mostly royal uniforms, but after coming to Earth, they were mostly school uniforms and simple casual clothes. This was the first time he was wearing this kind of suit today.

“How….. how do I look? Is it weird?” Yuan Suo asked.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo who was inside the game and froze for a moment, “No, it suits you well.”

“That’s, that’s good.” Yuan Suo moved his bow tie again, obviously still a little nervous.

Mo Yi Cheng could imagine that although the small stuff had been in and out of the game freely for a while, the number of people he had come into contact with was very limited and he had not had any close conversations or dealings.

“Don’t be nervous, Chen Sheng and Long Bow will also be there, and I’ll always be by your side.”


“And there will be a lot of delicious food, you can pick whatever you want.”

“Really?” Yuan Suo’s eyes lit up.

Mo Yi Cheng laughed. As expected, the allure of food was still the most attractive thing to this little guy.

Because of Yuan Suo’s time limit outside the game, in order to ensure that he would have enough time before and after the dance, Yuan Suo stayed in the cell phone on the way to the party. Seeing the private club that Chen Sheng was holding the party at from a distance, Mo Yi Cheng asked him to come out.

Chen Jiao had asked for leave for a few days and Mo Yi Cheng was a little worried about asking another driver to take them, so he asked Kan Ming to come with him.

After parking the car, Kan Ming watched Yuan Suo appear out of thin air in the back seat. Although he had already experienced it before through the baptism of Long Bow’s incident, he was still incredibly surprised.

“Second young master, I’ll wait for you outside.” He wasn’t ready to go in.

“Let’s go together, you’ve dealt with Chen Sheng and Jiang Ge before.” Mo Yi Cheng said.

Kan Ming hesitated, then nodded.

Chen Sheng went out to answer a call and just happened to see Mo Yi Cheng’s car, so he simply went over to welcome him.

When the door opened and one of Mo Yi Cheng’s leg came out, a girl who was outside screamed in a low voice. He buttoned the button of his suit with one hand, stopped Kan Ming and went around to the other side to open the door for Yuan Suo.

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  1. I feel like a certain unknown cutie is gonna get a lot of attention.

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  2. i knew it! Big brother Mo Yi Yan and assistant Chen are a pair. Also when grandpa Abel said that sentence,i knew that the elf his describing is big brother MO Yi Yan and the player was assistant Chen, they do not remember each other because they’re in the same world hahahahhaha, im so happy for them just gonna wait when will they remember each other again.

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