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Chapter 45.1 Profound bookO(∩_∩)O~

“…” Mo Yi Cheng was stunned for a moment, then smiled, “It’s okay, I’m thinking about something, I don’t want to sleep yet.”

“Is it because Du Du is occupying the bed?” Yuan Suo originally wanted to say, otherwise I can go back to the game, but Mo Yi Cheng’s bed was too warm and his eyes were too gentle, making him unable to say it. In the end, he blushed. “There’s… there’s still more than half of the space left.” You have to go to work tomorrow. If you don’t have a good rest, an accident can happen easily when you hang on the wire.

Mo Yi Cheng hesitated for a while. He really wasn’t sleepy at the moment, but looking at the little guy, it seemed like he wouldn’t sleep if he didn’t accompany him so he had no choice but to go around to the other side and climb into the bed.

The quilt was big enough for the two.

As soon as Mo Yi Cheng got under the quilt, Yuan Suo curled up a little tighter immediately, the roots of his ears turning red. Fortunately the lights weren’t too bright, otherwise it would be too embarrassing if Mo Yi Cheng saw it…

He buried his face in the quilt, his back facing Mo Yi Cheng as he breathed carefully.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw the little guy curled up like a small shrimp, he shook his head helplessly, covered him with the quilt properly and tucked the corners of the quilt in as well. He picked up the tablet next to him, clicked it and browsed through it casually.

When thunder and lightning fell again, Yuan Suo who was in the quilt still cowered, but he no longer feared falling into the abyss in his heart anymore, because Mo Yi Cheng was by his side, so he wasn’t afraid of anything.

Mo Yi Cheng watched over Yuan Suo until he fell asleep again, read some documents for a while, before falling asleep….

The rain stopped and the sky cleared.

Although he had tossed and turned during the night, Yuan Suo still felt that this was the sweetest sleep he had ever had since coming to the game.

“Mhmm…” He opened his hazy eyes. The electronic clock on the bedside table showed that it was exactly five o’clock. It was about 12 o’clock in the morning when he came out, so it was almost five hours now.

Turning his head slightly, he was startled. Mo Yi Cheng’s handsome face by the pillow was magnified several times because he was too close to the lens. His long eyelashes trembled lightly, his nose long and straight lips curved perfectly…..

Yuan Suo went a little closer curiously to have a look, dazed.

Mo Yi Cheng moved.

Yuan Suo was so scared that he flinched back quickly, but when he saw that he wasn’t awake, moved forward boldly to take another look.

He had drawn a lot of portraits of Mo Yi Cheng and had sketched every angle and curve of his face stroke by stroke and memorized it in his heart, but seeing it so close today, Yuan Suo still felt that it was novel, which inspired him and stirred up his emotions.

He stretched out an index finger carefully then hesitated, hand hanging in the air then he moved his fingertips gently, tracing from the eyelashes to the nose to the mouth…

When Mo Yi Cheng opened his eyes, he saw a pair of focused and clear eyes. The two of them stared at each other quietly for a few seconds and Yuan Suo, as if he had been electrocuted and then as an afterthought, dodged backwards suddenly, but who would have expected that his movements was too big, making him fall off the bed when his back hit empty space? Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes were fast, his hands even faster as his long arms stretched out to catch him. Yuan Suo hugged him subconsciously like a life saving straw, his whole body wrapped around Mo Yi Cheng like an octopus. As their chests pressed together tightly, their violent heartbeats were so clear…

After his shock, Yuan Suo’s hands and feet stiffened instantly, his whole body red like he had been through a fire. Mo Yi Cheng kept holding him in his arms, but his complexion wasn’t as calm as it usually was, his breathing becoming obviously heavy. Just when the air was about to freeze, Yuan Suo who had been outside for five hours was suddenly ‘recovered’ by the system.

Mo Yi Cheng’s hands became empty, the person in his arms was gone…..

For the first time, he didn’t look at the phone immediately. He rubbed his eyes, corrected his expression, before turning his phone on again.

Yuan Suo was also a little embarrassed because of the scene just now. He pretended to tease Marshmallow as he squatted down, but the roots of his ears were still red.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

“Ye… Yes.”

Mo Yi Cheng paused, then asked, “I didn’t knock you down just now, did I?”

“No!” Yuan Suo replied quickly, but didn’t dare to look up. The place where Mo Yi Cheng had hugged just now was still burning.

“That’s good. Pay more attention to the weather forecast in the future, but I’ll be by your side if there’s a thunderstorm.”

“…. En.” Yang Suo’s head was still lowered, making it impossible to see his expression, but his voice was pleasant.

“Bark!” Marshmallow jumped onto Yuan Suo’s body and whimpered with his tongue out, indicating that he was hungry and wanted breakfast! He didn’t want to eat their ‘dog food’ oh!

“I… I’m going to prepare breakfast for Marshmallow.” Yuan Suo hurried to the living room holding Marshmallow.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the little thing’s flustered back and smiled helplessly. For some reason, his hand touched his chest subconsciously. It was as if something was about to jump out.


After practicing with Mo Yi Cheng, Yuan Suo’s acting was completed successfully, which received the unanimous approval of his teacher and classmates.

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4 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. Yay! They’re becoming increasingly aware of each other, so happy!! 😀

    And I just want to ask: do the raws really say the roots of his ears? Because usually novels say that the tips of someone’s ears are red. Or if their whole face is blushing they say blushing to the roots of their hair, or something.I’m asking just in case, because it’s the first time reading this expression.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. You’re welcome!

      In the raws it says ‘耳根’ literally — ‘ear roots’ not the tip of the ears that is why I translated it as – ‘the roots of his ears were still red’.

      When one’s whole ear flushes and the redness goes down after a while, the base of the ear can still be a little red.

      Thank you.

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