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Chapter 44.2 Song in his dreams!

In the middle of the night, Mo Yi Cheng received a WeChat message from Jiang Ge: Chen Jiao is your brother’s person?

Mo Yi Cheng was stunned, wondering why he said this: Why do you say that?

Jiang Ge: I went through his moments and didn’t see any photos of him, so I looked up your assistant online and saw two recent pictures.

With that, he sent him the two pictures. They had all been taken by fans when they were at the airport and were all recent photos when he was with Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng was stunned again. It took a long time before he came back to his senses but he also understood why Jiang Ge asked this.

At this time, Jiang Ge sent another message: Brother Yi Yan moves around repeatedly, but his eyebrows are a bit like this, maybe it’s probably….. my illusion.

Mo Yi Cheng paused, then replied after a long time: Hmm, it’s an illusion. He’s just my assistant. How was your chat with him?

Jiang Ge: Not bad, he’s not all that talented, but he has his own unique style. If he chooses the correct route, it’s not possible that he won’t be popular.

Mo Yi Cheng: Alright.

After finishing the conversation with Jiang Ge, Mo Yi Cheng became sleepy. He got up and stood by the window for a while, his handsome eyebrows furrowed, as if there was something that had condensed and wouldn’t melt away.

Suddenly, lightning cut through the night like a sharp blade and thunder blasted overhead, followed by heavy rain.

The charging light of the cell phone on the bedside table showed that it was full, so he walked over with his long legs and unplugged the charger from the phone.


Thunder sounded again and raindrops hit the floor-to-ceiling windows with crackling sounds.

Mo Yi Cheng knew that the weather in the game was linked to the player’s real world, so he clicked into the game to see how Yuan Suo was doing.

After he entered the game, he hesitated then chose stealth mode because he was afraid that his sudden appearance would scare Yuan Suo who was sleeping.

The night light was on in Yuan Suo’s bedroom.

But Yuan Suo, who was supposed to be asleep in the middle of the bed, was curled up in a corner, the quilt and pillows in his arms as he trembled in the dim light. Mo Yi Cheng frowned. Was Du Du, afraid of thunder?

Marshmallow however wasn’t afraid, sleeping much more peacefully than Yuan Suo.

Thunder sounded again, and the rain fell more sharply outside the window, the whistling wind breaking the saplings that were only thick as wrists. Dark clouds rolled, and bolts of thunder and lightning struck down with great momentum that seemed as if they were about to split the earth. Yuan Suo’s eyes were red. Although he had tried his best to restrain himself, when the thunder sounded, he still felt as if there was an invisible giant beast with teeth and claws that devoured approaching, forcing him into the corner of the cold battleship as he retreated, only able to struggle in despair…

“Du Du.” Mo Yi Cheng unlocked the stealth mode called Yuan Suo’s name softly.

Yuan Suo froze for a moment, then looked over with some uncertainty. It was really Mo Yi Cheng!

Mo Yi Cheng turned the light on in the bedroom and looked at him with concern. He should have probably been awake up for a while as his eyes and nose were red and his lips were a little pale.

“Mo Yi Cheng.” Yuan Suo called out, helpless and frightened.

“Mhmm, it’s okay, don’t be afraid.” Mo Yi Cheng comforted in a warm voice.

Yuan Suo’s body was drenched with cold sweat and the hair on his smooth and full forehead was also wet.

It was after twelve o’clock, which meant that Yuan Suo was allowed to enter and exit the game again, so Mo Yi Cheng asked him to come out, only to find out that his body was drenched with sweat and his pajamas was already wet.

“I… I’ll go back and change.” Perhaps because he had just had a nightmare, his voice was a little timid when he spoke.

“There’s no need to.” Mo Yi Cheng said, then took a pair of pajamas from his closet and asked him to change into it. Mo Yi Cheng’s pajamas was large and worn on Yuan Suo’s body it made him look thinner.

“Now go to bed, don’t be afraid, I’m just on the other side.” Mo Yi Cheng said warmly.

After hesitating for a while, Yuan Suo crawled into Mo Yi Cheng’s quilt, leaving only his head out. The bed under him was warm and the quilt also had the fragrance of sunshine in it and although it was still windy outside, he felt a warmth like never before.

Mo Yi Cheng got up, boiled a cup of milk, tested the temperature, and asked him to take a few sips.

“Drink a little and go to sleep.” Mo Yi Cheng’s voice was very low, but it overwhelmed the roaring outside the window.

Yuan Suo finished drinking the milk obediently, a small ring forming around his mouth. Mo Yi Cheng smiled and wiped it away with a tissue.

“Go to sleep.”

Yuan Suo lay down again, but Mo Yi Cheng was still sitting on the edge of the bed. He blinked, his voice muffled as he asked, “Um….. Mo Yi Cheng, won’t you sleep?”

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