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Chapter 45.2 Profound bookO(∩_∩)O~

On the way back home on the school bus, Long Bow still looked sleepy.

Su Yi asked: “Did you stay up all night to do a live broadcast?”

Long Bow sighed, incomparably exasperated, “Yes, okay? Chen Sheng dragged me yesterday to form a team for a game and also insisted that I find a few professionals otherwise it won’t be able to show his ability.”

Hearing Chen Sheng’s name, Yuan Suo asked with interest: “Then is he very good?”

Long Bow rolled his eyes, “That rookie! Because of him, for the first time in my life, I didn’t even see a feather in more than a dozen games! I even lost face in front of those teammates!”

Yuan Suo stretched out his fingers to scratch his nose. He didn’t quite understand, but seeing Long Bow’s angry face, he didn’t dare ask.

Su Yi laughed very loudly in the back, without any scruples and said after she finished laughing, “Just don’t take him next time.”

Long Bow gritted his teeth, “The rookie said that if I dare not take him, he won’t charge his phone!”

“Puff… so cruel! I appreciate it, it has provided material for my next book, ha ha ha…” Su Yi slapped Long Bow’s shoulder, laughing uproariously.

The ‘Elf Rebirth’ game could be in standby mode in the background, but the device needed to at least have some power in it before being turned off. If the phone shut down because it run out of power, the game will enter self-protection and standby mode, but the elf in the game would be limited to the narrowest area of activity and except for eating, drinking and taking care of his needs, there would be no space for other activities, which was similar to the game’s original state.

Seeing that Su Yi had no sympathy for him, Long Bow began to counterattack, “If you have time, read more famous books. Don’t expect your editor to take a fancy to those few H articles that attract even thunder from the sky.”

Su Yi’s laughter stopped abruptly, narrowing her eyes as if she were about to rush up to squeeze Long Bow’s neck.

Yuan Suo, however, suddenly thought of something and interrupted, “Sister Su Yi, can I read your book?”

Su Yi’s claws stopped mid-air, “Uh….”

“I’ve seen the name on your Weibo certification, it’s called ‘Domineering president and his peerless stunning bunny’.” Yuan Suo’s thinking was still stuck on the idea that reading should either be on paper, or on a direct projection through implanted chips like in the interstellar world, not knowing that there things called online novels.

As soon as Yuan Suo said this name, almost everyone in the car laughed.

Su Yi gritted her teeth, “It’s not that I want to! It’s called conforming to the market! Conforming to the market!”

“Then can I read it?” Yuan Suo continued to ask sincerely.

Long Bow sighed and patted his shoulder, “Little thing, curiosity killed the cat, what she has written isn’t suitable for you.”

Su Yi was bitter, but although she wanted to refute it, as she looked at Yuan Suo’s innocent face and thought about all the kinds of things in the latest masterpiece… Uh… forget it, “Yuan Suo, sister’s book is too profound and not suitable for you, I recommend that you read a few popular works first to improve the underlying basics first.”

“Ah… so it’s like that.” Yuan Suo was a little regretful.

When he got home, he mentioned suddenly that he wanted to read more famous books. Although Mo Yi Cheng didn’t know why the little thing suddenly wanted to read books, he still agreed readily, then personally found the list of famous books online and purchased them in the system’s mall. After thinking about it, he bought an e-book reader with a dark screen which allowed the little thing to update his books at any time, and could be linked to some knowledge-based websites.

“E-book reader?” Yuan Suo held the e-book reader that was a circle smaller than a tablet with a surprised expression on his face. After clicking it, he found that although there was still a difference between it and a paper book, it wasn’t as harsh on the eyes as a tablet was.

So, as a new door was opened to Yuan Suo, he clicked on the e-book reader to search for Su Yi’s novel. Although Su Yi said it was too profound and that he may not be able to understand it now, he was still a little curious.

Soon, the interface of the e-book reader showed the search results: ‘Domineering president and his stunningly beautiful bunny’ by ‘don’t worry about not eating radish’ Price: 1°99 (limited time 10% off)

Mo Yi Cheng had already recharged his e-book account attentively, but Yuan Suo still followed the principle of diligence and thrift, and was ready to take a look at the sample chapters first before buying it.

He clicked on the sample first and three sample chapters were sent to the bookshelf.

Yuan Suo opened it. After reading a few pages, he didn’t find anything that was too profound. It was about a very cute little assistant who was ‘walled’ by a president in the elevator. Ah, there was indeed something that he didn’t understand — this ‘walled’, so he hurried to Baidu to search for the meaning, nodded when he understood it, then continued to read…

Wow, this overbearing president was a bit like Mo Yi Cheng oh. He told his little assistant that he would raise him and took him to see the fireworks….. huh… there was no more?!

He finished reading the sample chapters quickly and saw that the rest needed to be purchased. Sister Su Yi’s writing was great! Enchanted, Yuan Suo didn’t hesitate to click to buy.

When Mo Yi Cheng clicked into the game, he saw Yuan Suo blushing like a small lantern as he held the e-book reader, reading attentively.

“Du Du?” He called out.

“Mo Mo Mo Mo Yi Cheng!”

Yuan Suo was so frightened that he almost jumped up, the e-book reader in his hand falling on to the carpet as he wasn’t holding it firmly. He moved to pick it up hurriedly, but as his feet had become numb because of his sitting posture, his legs refused to listen him, causing him to sit down on the thick carpet in embarrassment.

“Um…” He didn’t feel any pain from the fall, but his feet were so numb that it felt as if there were small needles stuck in them after not moving them for a long period of time.

Mo Yi Cheng thought it was strange, but he still asked the little thing in concern first, “Are your feet numb?”

“… En.” Two red clouds were still floating on Yuan Suo’s cheeks so he didn’t dare look up.

“Are you hurt?”

“No….. no.”

Mo Yi Cheng asked again: “What were you reading just now?”

Yuan Suo answered with a guilty conscience, “No… nothing, nothing.” As he spoke, he hid the e-book reader behind him, as if he was afraid that Mo Yi Cheng would ask him take it out for him to have a look.

Mo Yi Cheng raised his eyebrows, “Alright, then go and take a shower.”

“Ah? Ok!” He walked toward the bedroom while rubbing his thighs which were gradually regaining consciousness, not forgetting to take the e-book reader with him quietly.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw that Yuan Suo had entered the bathroom, he quit the game, turned on his laptop, and logged into the computer side of the e-book management interface. He found the list of recently read books easily and noticed that only one e-book had been purchased. His eyelids jumped a few times when he saw the title of the book.

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