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Chapter 39.2 Celebrate our birthdays together!

“Can I?” If he could celebrate his birthday with Mo Yi Cheng, he would be the happiest.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “Alright, let’s celebrate our birthday together.” Seeing Yuan Suo smiling happily, Mo Yi Cheng seemed to have thought of something. After a pause, he asked: “Du Du, you already knew about my birthday, didn’t you?”

“En.” Mo Yi Cheng’s birthday was coming up in a month, and some fans online had already started planning for it.

“Then you wanted to make money, to buy something for me?” Mo Yi Cheng had already guessed half of it.

Yuan Suo hesitated for a while, but he couldn’t lie, so he nodded.

“…. I’m sorry.” And he had scolded Du Du because of this. Mo Yi Cheng’s heart seemed to have been hit by something, the feeling so unpleasant.

Hearing the trembling in Mo Yi Cheng’s voice, Yuan Suo said hurriedly: “No…. no need to say sorry. It, it was Du Du who caused trouble first, Mo Yi Cheng forbade me from getting a part-time job.”

Mo Yi Cheng continued: “I was too impulsive. I didn’t take the time to understand the whole story well, neither did I believe in or understand Du Du, but I can guarantee that this kind of thing won’t happen again, and I will never get angry with you again. Can Du Du forgive me?”

Mo Yi Cheng said it so sincerely, and for someone with such a cold temperament, the guilt and distress in his eyes at this moment made it unbearable to look at.

“En, Du Du…. Du Du believes Mo Yi Cheng.”

Mo Yi Cheng stretched out a finger and tapped the screen of the phone gently.

Yuan Suo froze for a moment, a little confused.

*”This is an agreement.” Mo Yi Cheng said.

Understanding what Mo Yi Cheng meant this time, Yuan Suo put his hands behind him nervously, wiped the sweat from his palms and raised his arm that was trembling slightly.

His slender index finger touched the screen.

The screen was cold, but Yuan Suo felt a fire-like heat burst out the moment the two fingers met on the screen.

The next day at school, Yuan Suo gave Long Bow a birthday gift. It was a sketch that Yuan Suo had drawn throughout the night. The drawing was of a sunny afternoon. On the balcony of the tube building, there was a pot of greenery, a pot of herbal tea, a big yellow dog and a white-haired old man in a rocking chair holding a fan. The picture was warm, as if it could pull one into it at any time and the smiles of the people in the painting was as warm as ever.

“Long Bow, happy birthday.”

Long Bow’s hand that was holding the drawing trembled slightly, his eyes hot, “Thank you.” Grandpa disliked having his picture taken, and after four years together, Long Bow didn’t have a picture with him up until the end.

“You’re welcome!” Seeing that Long Bow liked it, all the exhaustion Yuan Suo felt from staying up in the middle of the night vanished.


Mo Yi Cheng extended Yuan Suo’s park time from an hour to a whole afternoon because of his guilt over the previous incident and because he couldn’t say no to the pleading look in Yuan Suo’s eyes when he said he wanted to stay in the park for a while.

When Yuan Suo entered the park again, he saw Abel and Anie drinking afternoon tea in the pavilion on the side of the bridge. Anie had a blanket draped over her lap as she read a book with a pair of reading glasses while Abel had his eyes closed, relaxing, but his complexion didn’t appear to be as good as it had been the last time he saw him, a slightly grayish tinge spread over his rigid face.

Yuan Suo hesitated, but still took the initiative to go over and say hello and because he was worried that they wouldn’t recognize him due to the change in his appearance. He introduced himself: “Grandma Anie, good afternoon, I’m Du Du, I came here last time, just… just the one who was very fat.” As he said this, he filled his mouth with air, trying to make his cheeks bulge, then gestured around his waist. I was about this tall!

Anie’s gaze left the book, her eyes sweeping over the young man standing in front of her. There was a trace of confusion in her eyes at first, then she said: “Yes… it’s Du Du, you’ve upgraded so quickly!”

Yuan Suo nodded, “Hmm. Du Du reached level 18 a few days ago!”

Abel opened his eyes, glanced at the upgraded Yuan Suo, then glanced at Anie who was next to him with a little surprise, sitting up slightly, “Anie, you still remember this kid?”

Anie said in rebuke: “Why won’t I remember? Isn’t it the little thing that came here a few days ago? You even praised him for his cuteness when we returned home.”

Abel blushed, coughing in embarrassment. “Ahem…” He turned to Yuan Suo, “Sit… Sit down.”

“Um…. thank you grandpa, but that, I won’t be sitting down today. I have a more important task to take care of.” Yuan Suo held up his schoolbag, which contained the kitchen knife he had taken from the kitchen.

Clang! Yuan Suo’s movements were too big, making the kitchen knife fall out of the school bag. It gleamed coldly in the sun!

Anie was taken aback, the book in her hand almost falling down. Abel frowned, “Why, are you going to commit a robbery?”

Yuan Suo was embarrassed as he waved his hand over and over again, indicating that he didn’t have any evil intentions, “I…. I’m not going to steal, I just want to pick a little branch in the forest over there, preferably a thicker one and then make a picture frame by myself.”

“A picture frame? With a kitchen knife?” The corners of Abel’s mouth twitched.

Yuan Suo nodded, “I read the tutorial online, I even downloaded it. I will follow the instructions later.” Then give it to Mo Yi Cheng as a birthday present.

Abel: “….”

*TL: I think it’s like a pinky promise.

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