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Chapter 40.1 ‘Poo’ wood carving

Half an hour later, Yuan Suo watched in amazement from his position on the stone bench as Abel carved out a living pony from a small piece of camphor wood.

Yuan Suo gulped, “So… so powerful.” Then he looked down at the kitchen knife inside his school bag and then looked up at the professional tools laid out in front of Abel. Wood, artisanal knife, horizontal knife, and some other tools that he didn’t recognize at all…. and gulped again.

“Du Du, have some milk tea.” When Anie saw that the small cup of milk tea had bottomed out, she took the initiative to pour some for him, urging him to to try it.

But… this was already the sixth cup in half an hour. Yuan Suo didn’t know how to refuse, so he could only drink it obediently and then emphasize repeatedly that the milk tea was really delicious, making him receive a satisfied smile from Anie.

Abel saw the doubt in Yuan Suo’s eyes, but didn’t explain.

Looking at the animated little wooden horse, Yuan Suo was conquered by Abel’s unique carving skills as he gave a heartfelt praise, “…Grandpa, you are amazing.”

Abel put the little wooden horse in Yuan Suo’s hand and got up. Seeing Abel get up, Yuan Suo followed quickly, only to find that the Q version of Abel only reached his hips, but his momentum wasn’t weak at all.

Abel took a few steps out and Yuan Suo followed.

“Little thing, you’re looking for wood in this forest to make a picture frame? And you want to use your kitchen knife?”

Yuan Suo didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He hadn’t made any money and couldn’t buy the picture frame he liked, so he wanted to make one himself. He had looked up the tutorials online and had also tried drawing a plan and a three-dimensional picture, thinking that he just needed one piece of wood. But having just seen Abel’s carving skills, tools, and the dazzling array of wood, he said with some embarrassment, “I’ll try to find it, but I won’t destroy the trees.”

Abel said again: “This forest doesn’t have any wood suitable for your picture frame.”

Yuan Suo was disappointed, “Then what should I do?”

“This picture frame is very important to you?”

“En!” The things given to Mo Yi Cheng, were of course very important, “It’s a birthday present for a…. very important person.”

Abel glanced at Yuan Suo fixedly, then said: “If you promise me one thing, I can provide the materials for the frame and teach you how to make it.”

“Re… really? “Yuan Suo asked immediately, excited.


“What is it?” After his excitement died down, Yuan Suo was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to fulfil the conditions.

Abel glanced at Anie, who was still concentrating on her book with a soft and fond gaze.

Finally, with Grandpa Abel’s help, Yuan Suo was able to choose the wood for the frame and prepared the basic frame drawn on the drawing paper.

“Does Du Du want to send only a picture frame?” Anie asked.

Yuan Suo shook his head, “I’ll also add the pictures… I drew myself.”

Abel asked, “Size?”

Yuan Suo opened his school bag quickly, took out a well-kept binder from it, opened it and took out a seven-inch photo-sized sketch portrait of Mo Yi Cheng who had a gentle expression on his face as he prepared dinner for Yuan Suo.

Abel froze when he saw the picture, “This is?”

“Ah, this….. this is the person I want to give it to.” Yuan Suo suddenly found that he seemed to have exposed Mo Yi Cheng’s identity, but Abel and Anie seemed like very good people, so it shouldn’t matter, but he didn’t mention that Mo Yi Cheng was his player.

Abel frowned, seeming to be caught in a memory, “They are somewhat similar, but it’s only a similarity.”

Yuan Suo was confused, asking, “Grandpa is saying that the person in the painting is similar to someone you know?” Could it be because Grandpa had seen one of Mo Yi Cheng’s movies?

Abel nodded, “Hmm, he’s very similar to… an elf that I used to know.”

“An elf?” Yuan Suo was surprised.

“Yes, but he left the game after reaching the highest level a few years ago. His eyebrows are quite similar to the person in your drawing, but his personality is very compatible with me this old man.” Abel said with some regret.

Abel’s mentioning of an elf leaving after reaching the highest level touched the concern in Yuan Suo’s heart. He asked: “Grandpa, after an elf leaves and returns to his own world, he won’t see his player ever again, right?”

Abel nodded, “Yes”

Yuan Suo pursed his lips, looking dejected as he murmured, “But they will definitely remember each other forever.”

Abel sighed, “If the elf and the player come from the same space, then the system will let them retain their memories of each other. But if the elf and the player come from a different space, then the system will erase their memories of each other after the elf leaves the game after reaching the highest level.”

Yuan Suo was frightened by the words ‘erase their memories’, but fortunately he could comfort himself with the fact that he and Mo Yi Cheng didn’t come from the same space.

“Grandpa, how do you know so much?” Yuan Suo asked, thinking he had missed some introductions made by the system.

Abel said: “Kid, you will know when you reach a certain level.”

“Oh!” Yuan Suo responded, but doubted vaguely in his heart, because Grandpa was still a Q version, so his level shouldn’t be that high, right?

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3 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. Maybe grandpa chose to stay in the virtual world. Curious about the connection with MYC though.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

  2. Maybe movie emperor Mo is also an elf like grandpa Abel said and the player is Yuan Suo when his still alive in his world. You know hehhehehe.

    1. I think it’s the older bro who has been contacting neurologists. I think the assistant may have been the one to raise him. I suspect the positive and negative about who remembers what is meant to be reversed due to the little cutie being ‘relieved’ that he and movie emperor mo are from different spaces. It doesn’t make sense that he would be relieved that they would forget about each other immediately after being scared of that exact thing otherwise.

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